Thursday, December 22, 2016

Homework for the Break - A Day Students - 22 December

Happy Break!  I'm so excited to sleep in tomorrow and have a real breakfast!  That's how I know break has begun.  Here is what you need to accomplish over the time away from school.

Advanced Russian

Soon after we return we will have our semester exam.  The exam will cover everything that we've learned in the first semester including the one-stem verb system, review of case declensions, and vocabulary from Chapters One through Four for all students.  Beyond that, Russian 2 students will have information related to counting, numbers, and time expressions in Russian.  Russian 3 students will see elements related to modal expressions, imperatives, elements of vagueness and sentence combining.  Russian 4 will need to be skilled about the new information related to verbs of placement, the interrogative particle, and other information from Chapter Twelve.

Spend this time over the break preparing and studying daily.  I've been doing a lot in these last classes to point out a lot of the gaps you have in your knowledge.  Now that you have the time, it's important to focus on these gaps.

Also, if you are missing your writing project or any other grades (other than the viewing on Night Swallows) then make sure that's ready for me when we return.

Use these resources to help you study and prepare over break:

UCLA Online Russian Class with Exercises and Review

Overview of Russian Grammar - Lessons and Vocabulary

Russian I

Over the break you should focus on finalizing your learning of verb conjugations and case declensions.  This is so important to the rest of your learning in Russian.  Use the online resources above to help you study and review.  There's some great stuff up there to help you review.

You should be able to complete the declension chart I'd given you today in class as well as any of the exercises left.  We'll also have our exam on Unit Two after we return from break.

English II

Over the break if you would like to work on your hero narratives or on the extra credit project for Persepolis then please do.  We'll be finishing the hero narratives and the larger unit on Persepolis soon after we return from the break.

Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Homework for the Break - B Day Edition - 21 December 2016

Happy Solstice Everyone!  It's the longest night of the year tonight.  From here on out winter is only ending.  Here are your reminders as we are going into the break.

AP English III

Make sure that you have completed your reading and annotating of The Crucible by this point.  You should spend time over the break reviewing your notes and your reading to prepare for our final unit exam on this play.  That assessment will happen not too long after we return from break.

The major priority that you have over break is to work on your drama projects.  You should decide on your play (don't forget to make your post in the previous post to answer that question), read your play thoroughly, and select a monologue to study.  With your monologue, you will need to memorize, annotate, and analyze.  Put forward all of the skills you have learned with analysis as you do this work.

Ms. McCormick and I will be available when we return to review your work and give you feedback.

English II

Over the break if you would like to there is some extra credit that you can complete.  We have not read many chapters of Persepolis.  Over the break you can read these chapters and complete a writing assignment for extra credit.  For the extra credit you'll be either doing a pamphlet on Persepolis or writing a letter to the author, Marjane Satrapi.  Follow the instructions for this assignment and have it ready the day you return.

You can also spend time over break working on your hero narratives.  We'll finish these when we return from the holiday, but it may be a good idea to finish your rough draft of your comic now.

Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Homework for A Day Students - 20 December

Advanced Russian:

Tonight I want you to get ready for our final class of the year.  Prepare your exercises on new grammar for Thursday's class.  For Russian II, this is exercise five, filling in the blanks.  Think about the types of verbal action that you've learned today.  For Russian III and IV this is a translation activity.  Make sure that if you need to look up a word that you make a vocabulary card for those words.

On Thursday we'll finish collecting projects, watch some holiday movies, and work on our New Year tree!

Russian I:

Tonight you have case work to do which reviews all of the cases.  Work through the words and fill in the blanks for the proper cases.  Be able to translate the sentences that you create.  Hopefully on Thursday we'll finish Doctor Zhivago and make some ornaments for our tree.

English II:

A lot of you got some good work done in class.  Keep going.  If you want to, keep working on your narratives.  Plan and write!  These will be due after break!

Monday, December 19, 2016

Homework for B Day Students - 19 December

AP English III

Happy Monday!  Tonight you have two things to do, and one of them is right here.  First, read Act IV of The Crucible.  As you read, finish the tracking of your character and consider the end of the play. Is it satisfying?  How does it finish the allegory?  In what ways is symbolism used at the end?

Also, please post a comment to this post which states which play you've chosen for your project as well as a reason why.  Your comment may not show up immediately, but that's okay.  You should start reading for your Drama Project.

English II

For homework tonight you should do one of the following tasks.  First, you can choose to work on your hero narrative.  Keep putting together your rough draft and make sure that you've finished the planning sheet as well as the paragraph in your journals.  You should finish the rough draft so that we can start putting together the final draft soon.

The second thing that you can work on is your essay revisions.  You received back your final drafts with feedback.  If you would like to, you can work on these further in order to earn back points and make your writing even stronger.

Saturday, December 17, 2016

Olympiada of Spoken Russian 2017

Russian Students:

In the spring Duke University will be hosting the Carolinas Olympiada of Spoken Russian.  There will be students from Enloe High School in Raleigh, Lexington High School in South Carolina, and Jordan.  There are four competitions:

  1. Poetry recitation.  You memorize and present a poem to the judges.  Increasing levels of Russian must memorize poems of increasing length.
  2. Speaking about yourself.  You prepare a short speech about yourself, your family, your interests, your hobbies.  Speech length and complexity increases with increasing levels of Russian.
  3. Reading and answering questions.  You will read a text and then answer questions about it.
  4. Cultural Competency.  You will be asked to discuss elements of Russian culture in Russian including but not limited to geography, politics, literature and music.
On the day of the competition there will be a Russian cooking demonstration as well as several different Russian language activities.  You'll also get the chance to meet professors and students from Duke and other Russian language students from around the region.

This is a great thing to work for and to begin preparing for over the winter break.  We'll talk more about it this week!

Friday, December 16, 2016

Homework for the Weekend - All Students - 16 December

With my early departure for last night's swim meet I forgot to make this post.  Sorry.  All classes can see their announcements and reminders for the weekend ahead.

B Day - AP English III

Over the weekend you should focus on reading and annotating Act III.  There is a lot that happens in this act to many of our characters.  I would think that your annotations on your character as well as within the text will be highly productive and thorough.  This is also a good chance to check in with your back cover annotations to collect ideas about themes, motifs, symbols, settings, and the allegory.

Additionally, if you didn't finish your Puritan tabloid assignment, have that ready for Monday.  If you missed class due to theater, your assignment for make-up credit is in Google Classroom.

B Day and A Day - English II

The next chapter of Persepolis that we are going to read is called "The Trip."  If you'd like to earn some extra rubles, read the chapters leading up to "The Trip".  We'll review these chapters on Monday and Tuesday before we begin on this chapter.

Also, make sure that you've completed your essay as well as your hero planning and paragraphs.

A Day - Advanced Russian

Over the weekend you have different things to do based on your different classes.  See the notes below:

  • Russian II - You have the new work on aspect to do.  Study the list of imperfective and perfective verbs in Chapter Five.  Then complete exercise two where you analyze the verbs for their tense and aspect.  Also, you should study your quizzes and review your feedback for reassessment of the time quiz as well as for your writing projects.  Writing is due next week.
  • Russian III - Writing is due next week.  We can do the performance of the dialogue before school.  You have exercises 15, 16, and 19 focusing on the new information/grammar.
  • Russian IV - Please finish reading "Prisoner of the Caucuses" and studying for new vocabulary and roots.  Additionally, complete exercise 16 about using the particle ли in Russian.
I enjoyed our talk today about Russia and learning Russian.  Remember, it's a journey for a lifetime.

Russian I

Over the weekend I want you to read in your textbooks about the new three cases - Genitive, Dative, and Instrumental.  Think about how these cases are different from the ones we've already learned.  We'll go over them on Tuesday.  Also, if you need to keep studying to reassess based on today's quiz, make sure that you do that.  You have to know how to count before you can add.  The same principle works in foreign language.

Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Homework for A Day Students - 14 December 2016

Advanced Russian

Your writing projects are due on Friday.  Make sure that you are prepared to meet this goal.  Additionally, we will work through a lot of the new grammar on Friday to clarify any confusions.  If you need to finish the exercises on the new grammar, make sure that those are done so that you can ask questions on Friday.

Russian I

I hope you enjoyed the watching of Zhivago today - we'll stay rolling through Siberia for a few more classes.  On Friday we will have our quiz on the nominative, accusative, and prepositional cases.  Make sure that you know your declensions and your grammar.  Also, verbs will be on the quiz since it's hard to do much without a verb.

English II

Great day today, guys.  Very productive.  If you need to finish your essay, be sure to get that work done for Friday.

Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Homework for B-Day Students - 13 December 2016

AP English III

For tonight you are reading one of my favorite pieces from the Colonial period - "A Brief Narrative on the Captivity of Mary Rowlandson."  Read the piece carefully and annotate.  It's a good one for shedding light on the ins and outs of Puritan culture and their views on morality.

For Monday we have Act III - continue following the trends that you've been discovering in the text and keep annotating and reading.  If you're in 3B then read extra carefully since your luck is really crappy.

English II

No real homework tonight.  If you've missed earlier chapters on Persepolis then make sure that you're all caught up.  If you haven't yet turned in your essay, it's due on Thursday.

Monday, December 12, 2016

Homework for A Day Students - 12 December 2016

I just realized that it's 12/12.  Is there a special thing for this?  I don't know.

Advanced Russian

I hope that all of you felt prepared for your quiz today.  I'll have the grades posted to PowerSchool as soon as I can.  If you want to reassess, we will settle that next week.  Also, if you want to do ruble exchange for extra credit, we can take care of that next class.

For homework tonight you should be reading from your textbook (or from your textbook as well as your short story [Russian IV]).  Take notes and generate questions as you go through the new content.  It's my hope that next class we will have a chance to finish our work on the recent episodes of Night Swallows as well as begin on the final portions of this unit.

Russian I

You all did very well today during our review work on grammar.  Tonight, make sure that you have finished your sentences about yourself and generated images that pair with those images.  Develop the sentences further if you want by adding more details (locations, et cetera).  You have a major quiz on Friday on the grammar we've been learning, prepare yourself accordingly.

English II

Your final drafts of your essays will be collected on Friday.  Make sure that you have a finished draft from today's class with some feedback so that you can meet your final deadline.

Friday, December 9, 2016

Homework for the Weekend - B Day Edition - 9 December

AP English III

We had a lot of fun today acting out that final scene from Act One.  Special congratulations to the actors who earned one hundred rubles.  Next class we'll move on to looking at Act II - make sure that you have thoroughly read and annotated.  Also, check in with back covers and your character list.  You have your one character to cover thoroughly as well as general annotations on the rest.

Next class we'll also spend time in our portfolios reflecting on writing.

English II

Some of you were able to finish your final drafts of your essays today.  This is great.  If you were editing today then you'll be finishing next week.  There's no real homework for you this weekend, but next week we'll be starting on our next writing project.  Think about your heroes.  Brainstorm about them.  Also, be sure that you're getting caught up if you've missed class recently. 

Thursday, December 8, 2016

Homework for the Weekend - A Day Edition - 8 December

Advanced Russian

We have a quiz on Monday which will focus on the new grammar and vocabulary in the unit.  Here are some reminders for what to study over the weekend:

Russian II - numbers (spelling and counting rules), time expressions and prepositions with time
Russian III - forming imperatives in Russian from verbs
Russian IV - forming superlatives and comparisons in Russian from adjectives

Additionally, you have your writing assignments.  I was happy to see so many of you working diligently in the lab today.  These projects will be collected on Friday.  We will have a bit of time in class on Monday and Wednesday to keep working.  We will also be going on to the next piece of these chapters on Monday.

Russian I

You will have a grammar quiz on Wednesday which will focus on the three cases (Nominative, Accusative and Prepositional) as well as verb conjugation.  Make sure that you use the exercises that we have now completed to prepare.  We will play a lot of review games on Monday to prepare us for the quiz.  We'll also get back to Zhivago.  Please be actively studying and reviewing this weekend.

English II

Over the weekend you have your writing to complete about your personal hero.  Make sure to write a one-paragraph response which uses a topic sentence, clear example, explanation of the example and a brief conclusion.  Your writing should reflect what you know now about effective writing.

Also, our essays will be due next week.  For those of you who finished today, we'll be looking at draft workshops next week for you.  For those of you who have yet to finish, please work with me outside of class to get this done.

Advanced Russian - Word Parts

Advanced Russian Students - 

Use this online resource for your Russian root work.

It doesn't have everything, but it is very extensive.

This list focuses solely on prefixes.

Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Homework for B Day Students - 7 December

AP English III

Congratulations on completing your third timed writing.  From here on out it's just forty minutes for the timed writing because that's what you'll have on the actual exam.

For tonight, delve in to The Crucible - make sure that you have read Act One and thoroughly annotated.  Don't forget to follow your character thoroughly as you read and annotate.

Also, keep an eye out for vocabulary.

English II

Tonight you have a one paragraph response which answers the question - Who is your hero and why?  The hero you have does not need to be a person that you have met, nor does it even need to be an actual person (Batman, perhaps?).  No matter whom you choose, make sure that you have a clear topic sentence, clear examples, explanation of those examples and a conclusion.

Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Homework for A-Day Students: 6 December

Advanced Russian

We will have our quiz on new grammar and vocabulary on MONDAY.  Not Thursday.  I want to make sure that all of you have some more time to work on your grammar and vocabulary writing projects first as these are supposed to help get you ready for the quiz.  For Thursday's class make sure that you have moved forward from your first rough draft.  You should have corrected any/all mistakes and expanded upon your writing.

We will also finish working on the newest episode of Night Swallows next class.  Do not do the writing/culture work for homework.

Russian I

You have grammar exercises due for me on Thursday.  You'll be working with accusative, prepositional, and nominative cases as well as reviewing verb conjugation.  Make sure that you've done all that you can with the exercises.

English II

No homework officially tonight, but some of you may want to take this time to get caught up on your essays - especially if you missed a previous class.  Next class we will be working on revising our essays to create our final drafts.

Monday, December 5, 2016

Homework for B-Day Students: 5 December

AP English III

Sorry to put the fear into you this morning, but it had a purpose.  Hopefully you'll be able to recognize this same type of fear as we get into the work on The Crucible.  There are a few other things for you to pay attention to as we start moving through the month.  Remember that you will have a timed writing next class - it's a rhetorical analysis.  In these last few classes we've done a lot of work on this writing goal.  Ms. McCormick and I want to see improvement from the last time.

Also, make sure that you are reading The Crucible.  You need to complete the reading of Act I this week.  Don't read the introduction, but do read everything at the beginning of Act I.

English II

No homework tonight.  If you need to work on your essays more thoroughly then do that so that you are ready for our draft workshop which is coming next class.

Friday, December 2, 2016

Homework for the Weekend - A Day - 12/2/2016

Advanced Russian

Over the weekend you should be working on the revisions/productions of your written work which focuses on the new grammar in this unit (time expressions/imperatives/comparisons).  As you write, you should use the vocabulary in your textbook or a dictionary to help develop words that you need.  Make sure that you are using all of your new grammar in this assignment as it is meant to be a way to prepare for your quiz on Thursday.

Russian I

You have exercises which focus on Accusative and Prepositional Cases as well as verb conjugation.  Make sure that all of these exercises are as complete as you can make them by Thursday.  We will go over them then.  On Tuesday, we will finish presentations and see what happens with that gun that Lara has.

English II

If you finished your rough draft today, congratulations for working so hard.  If not, do try to finish working on it over the weekend if you can.  I also can help you on Monday.  Additionally, if you have missed any of the chapters we've read in Persepolis ("The Veil", "Persepolis", and "The Letter") then make sure that you get caught up on that reading.

Thursday, December 1, 2016

Homework for B Day Students - 1 December 2016

AP English III

Over the weekend you need to read and annotate Oluadah Equiano's narrative on his captivity and travel across the Atlantic on a slave ship.  As you read, annotate heavily.  You get a good sense of the language in this time period.  There are also several key appeals that Equiano makes to his audience.  Specifically, look at how he is able to craft an anti-slavery argument in his piece.

Also, make sure that you have your copy of The Crucible - we will begin our study of that piece this week coming up.

English II

Tonight in Persepolis you have the chapter called "The Heroes" to read.  As you read, keep working on vocabulary and inferences.  Find important panels and draw out their meaning from the details.

Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Homework for A Day Students - 11/30

Russian II-IV

Tonight you should be working on the rough draft (черновик) of your new writing assignment.  Follow the directions on your sheet.  Remember that in some cases (Russian III) you will need to do some research to know what to write for your dialogue.

I expect to see a good faith effort at a draft on Friday so that I can conference with each of you.  Remember that these assignments are meant for you to get your final practice with these concepts before your quiz next week.

If you have any missing quizzes or work then you need to settle that soon.

Russian I

Tonight you have two texts that use the prepositional case so that you can get more practice with this case in Russian.  Read the stories.  Use the vocabulary to help you understand what is going on.  Then, answer the questions as best you can and fill in the blanks.  We'll go over this soon.

Next class we have half of our city presentations.  Those of you presenting, make sure that you have submitted your final project on Google Classroom.

Russian Students - Keep Singing!

English II

Next class will be our last class in the computer lab to work on essays.  Hopefully you will be able to finish a complete rough draft of your work by then.  Tonight, you need to do some reading in Persepolis.  Read the chapter called "The Party" and look at the whole-page panel.  Like we did in class, try to draw out at least four inferences from this panel.  What do they help you to understand about the story?

Also, please return your permission slips.

Sorry for the oversight - B-Day Homework - 11/29

Apologies for not posting this last night before I went home.  Then I got home and visited with my Russian friends and went to bowling and then it was bedtime...anyway...

AP English III

We'll be starting our study of The Crucible by Arthur Miller next week.  This week we're focusing on some necessary skill development and getting some context for Puritan America.  Read Jonathan Edwards's "Sinners in the Hands of an Angry G-d" and annotate it heavily.  Look especially at how he is able to use rhetorical devices to suit his purpose.  Identify these and comment on them.  When you've finished, construct two rhetorical triangles for two different audiences.  Remember that he has a specific audience as he is giving his sermon:  How would they respond? How does he appeal to them?  What's another audience?  How does he appeal to them?

Please also secure a copy of The Crucible.  If you don't have one next week we can issue one to you.  We would prefer you buy the Penguin Edition.

English II

Please read "The Party" from Persepolis and draw inferences from the whole-page panel in this chapter.  What is going on in this panel?  Why are these details important?  How do they help Satrapi (the author) accomplish a purpose and send a message?

Next class will be our last class to work on our rough drafts.  You've been doing very well with this work!

Monday, November 28, 2016

Homework for A-Day Students: Welcome Back - 28 November

Russian II-IV

Tonight you should focus on summarizing what you've been learning so far this unit into a simple to read study guide.  Make sure to account for your grammar units so far in this section as well as useful vocabulary related to that grammar.  Additionally, if you did not complete the writing assignment over Thanksgiving Break then you should complete that work for me so that I can see how your writing is doing in Russian.

Russian I

Tonight for homework you have two exercises focused on reviewing the grammar you already know.  In the first exercise on Accusative Case you can only do three of the questions.  Answer the question and state the item in the Accusative Case.  In the second exercise you're working with verbs.  Read carefully, understand, and fill in the blank with a logical verb.

English II

We are going to continue working on our essays over the next few classes.  Keep doing that work.  For tonight, remember to bring back your permission slips for Mr. Miller and to read from Persepolis.  You should read the chapter called "The Letter" and find one panel to record your observations and inferences.

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Homework for B-Day: Thanksgiving Break Edition: 22 November

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving Break everyone!  Don't forget to do your assignments!!!

AP English III:

Make sure that you buy your copy of The Crucible by Arthur Miller over the holiday break (maybe not on Friday though).  Get the edition by Penguin which shows a Puritan woman on the front cover.  We will start the book in December.

Also, make sure that you have spent time with the rhetorical devices and your tone vocabulary.  This will be a focus for us when we return from break.

Lastly, if there are any finishing touches to be made on your websites, make sure that they are made tonight because the grading will start tomorrow!

English II:

Over the break read two chapters of Persepolis - "The Letter" and "The Party".  You could also go back and read what we've skipped over if you want to.  As you read these chapters, pick what you think is the most important panel and do inferences on that panel.  What can you learn from it by just focusing on all of the details.  Take notes, and write out your inferences.

Also, if you want to work on your papers you can - next class we'll spend more time on those.

Lastly, please fill out and return my permission slip so that I can get started on my professional project!

Monday, November 21, 2016

Homework for Thanksgiving Break - A Day - 21 November

English II:

There's no real homework for you to complete over the break but you should keep reading and writing and thinking.  There's an online version of Persepolis if you're interested in that.  You can find it at this link.

Advanced Russian:

Over the break you need to write a brief story using the new grammar (time expressions, imperatives, comparisons), but don't forget what you've already learned.  There's a length requirement based on the different levels.  Twos should write eight to ten sentences.  Threes should write twelve to fifteen sentences.  Four should write twenty (or more) sentences.  Feel free to write about anything that you want, but make it logical.

I'd recommend planning in English first.  Remember to keep it simple.  No translators.

Russian I:

This break I want you to write ten sentences using the nominative and accusative cases.  Use exercise six as a jumping off point.  Use a variety of verbs and items, but be able to understand everything that you write and say.

No translators.  Use the vocabulary that you know.

Friday, November 18, 2016

Homework for the Weekend - B Day - 18 November

AP English III

This weekend you should be putting all of your energies into finishing your website projects and preparing to present on Tuesday.  Make sure to share your websites to Ms. McCormick so that she can give help and prepare for the presentations.

In terms of the presentation you will need to be able to discuss your own piece and your analysis of it.  You will also want to contribute to your group's explanation of their argument for the synthesis assignment.

Make sure that you have uploaded all citations for all of your information.  If you need help, you need to ask.

English II

Based on what we completed in class today you should move forward with the planning and writing of your essays.  Start to take your ideas and weave them together into complete thoughts, sentences, and paragraphs.  Don't worry too much right now about having the writing perfect - we'll go through an editing step.  Try to edit what you've already done to make it stronger, then add more.

Also, everyone, don't forget your permission slips for Ms. McCormick.

Thursday, November 17, 2016

Homework for A Day Students - 17 November

Advanced Russian

On Monday we have the reassessment on our previous quiz as well as our writing projects.  For the projects, make sure that you have a written artifact to use for your presentation.  Everyone will be speaking aloud - make sure that you've practiced.  You have your rubric, use it to prepare your final drafts.

In terms of other homework, make sure that you are working with the exercises on our new grammar topics.  You should do either the odds or the evens in the exercises to prepare for Monday.  I'd like for us to work through some of the more difficult ones.

Russian I

We now know how to work with two cases - the accusative case and the nominative case.  The exercises will have you practice with these cases.  You should complete exercise one, three, and six.  In exercise one you should translate and identify the subject and the direct object.  In exercise three you should complete the sentences using verbs.  In exercise six, you are given the beginning of a sentence and then items - put those items in the right form to complete the sentence.

Write out your work.

On Monday you will also be reassessing on your verb work.  Hopefully what we've been doing the last few classes has been helpful with that.

English II

If you have permission slips for Ms. McCormick please turn those in to her as soon as you can.

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Homework for B-Day Students - 16 November 2016

English II

A few of you were absent on the day we started Persepolis.  Today might not have made too much sense, but the book we're starting is from this country, Iran.  Tonight there's no homework to complete.  If you still have your copy of The Boy Who Dared bring that back.  If you have Ms. McCormick's permission slip, get it signed and bring it back.

For those of you who missed it - see us to get your work from the first chapter of Persepolis.

AP English III

You have your major exam on The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn on Friday as well as a novel annotation check.  Be sure that you are prepared.  The exam's sections have been revealed to you and you've practiced and received feedback on all of these types of thinking.  Use that feedback to prepare yourselves.  Do not forget your books or any annotations you have made on Friday.  That would negatively impact your grade.

On Tuesday (day before break) we'll have the presentations of the website projects.  A lot of good discussion was going on today in class - make sure that you follow through on your plans and hold each other accountable.

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Homework for 15 November - A Day

Russian II-IV:

Tonight you should be working on the revision of your writing assignment.  I saw some great things today in terms of your grammar and vocabulary.  Make sure that you type, check your spelling, and mark stresses in complicated words to make your reading go better.  Practice reading aloud.  Practice your intonation patterns.  We'll present our work on Monday next week.  Monday will also be our day for any reassessments from the previous quizzes.

Additionally, you will want to review the information in your textbook related to the next grammar unit in your chapter.

  • Russian II Students - Look over the information on the accusative case when using time expressions.  This is covered on pages 205-209.
  • Russian III Students - Look over the information on imperative mood.  This is covered on pages 369-374.
  • Russian IV Student - Look over the information on forming comparisons.  This is covered on pages 504-510.

Lots of fun new grammar for us to be learning!

Russian I

I hope that you enjoyed the film about Russia and the different cities in Russia.  Go forward with tonight's homework.  You have a list of cities and a blank map of Russia.  Using Yandex or Google Maps - find these cities and mark them on the map.  Be sure to label your map.  You should be able to read, write, and locate the city.

We'll be doing research with these cities next class - think about which one you would like to study.

Also, we'll be reassessing on grammar and verb conjugation next week.

English II

Please bring back the permission forms for Ms. McCormick so that she can move forward with her project.

Monday, November 14, 2016

Homework for B-Day - 14 November 2016

It's kinda strange that we have a full week ahead of us.  Is anyone else feeling that?

English II

Today we began our reading of our next major book, Persepolis by Marjane Satrapi.  We'll continue reading daily and you will have some reading at home to do once we get more comfortable with the book.  For tonight, your homework is to complete your permission slip for Ms. McCormick.  Have your parent sign it and bring it back to us.

AP English III

There are several things on the horizon that you need to start to prepare for.  Here they are in order of nearest to latest.  First, there's your unit test on The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn on Friday.  After today's class you have a good understanding of what will be on the test.  You have identifications, quote explanations, short answers and rhetorical analysis.  After Wednesday's class you should be feeling much stronger with completing the rhetorical analysis process.

Next week we have our websites.  As a group you should be finishing your synthesis assignment, editing each other's rhetorical analyses, and putting final touches on your sites.  Make sure to check the mock-up and account for all of the moving parts.  Your presentations will be on Tuesday.  In advance, make sure to share your websites with me (daniel_miller (at) dpsnc (dot) net) and with Ms. McCormick (samanthagmcc (at) gmail (dot) com).  Let us know if you need help with your sites.

Lastly, don't forget about Ms. McCormick's form.  Get it signed and bring it back.

Thursday, November 10, 2016

Homework for the Weekend - A Day - 10 November 2016

English II

Today you had your unit exam on genocides and conformity.  Since we had a test today, there's no homework this weekend.  Next week we're going to start working on your first essay assignment of the year and then go on to our new book, a comic book.

Russian I

Continue studying your verbs and nouns from this chapter.  We will be having a reassessment on verb conjugation next class.  Look over your notes and your first quiz and aim to improve.  You'll need to be able to conjugate first and second conjugation verbs.  You also will want to know how to conjugate a verb like "to write" - remember that it does have a mutation.

Secondly, keep practicing the reading of your poems.  Here are links to youtube videos of the different poems so that you can listen and practice.

Poem One
Poem Two
Poem Three
Poem Four
Poem Five

Advanced Russian

Over the weekend you should work on the rough drafts of your presentations.  Remember that you each have different tasks to complete on this assignment.

For Russian II - You need to make a list of items in the dorm room that would be provided to you to live your life.  Then, a bit of research about the university.  The research questions about the university should be answered in complete sentences in Russian.  Remember, no numbers - all numbers must be written as words.

For Russian III - You need to come up with rules and needs for life on campus.  Three areas on campus need to be accounted for - the dorm, a common area (cafeteria/library), and a classroom.  What's possible or impossible?  What should we do?  What do we need?  Use your modal expressions!

For Russian IV - You need to use your verbs of positioning to tell us what to do with our things in different areas.  Make signs and use commands to tell us what to do.  You need to come up with at least five different rules for each area!

We will conference about your work on Tuesday and do a final presentation the class before Thanksgiving Break.  Make sure to use websites related to Moscow State University as you are researching!

Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Homework for B Day Students - 9 November 2016

We live to fight another day and move forward together.  Always.

AP English III

Today's class was really focused in on your website projects which are going to be presented by all of you to the class on the 22nd of this month.  Today we began work on the group synthesis assignment.  Now that you know the prompt and the focus of the assignment, it's time to start working.  As a group, decide on your argument - Do you all think that satire has a role in changing a society?  What is that role?  What change is created?

Remember that each of you will write about how your own piece of satire helps to support and develop your team's argument.  In order to do this, you have to have your personal rhetorical analysis done.

You should spend a lot of time with your groups in developing your websites.  The other main goal that you have is to finish your reading of The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn - we'll go over the final sections of the novel next week in advance of our unit examination on the book.

English II

Today we had our test on the Holocaust and Conformity.  You have no homework tonight.  If you did not return your copy of The Boy Who Dared then please have that for me soon.

Monday, November 7, 2016

Homework for 7 November - A Day

Remember that with tomorrow being Election Day there is no school.  Our next A Day will be on Thursday.  Also, remember to remind your parents (and anyone else you know over 18) to vote.  You can all volunteer to get out the vote!

Advanced Russian

On Thursday you'll be having a vocabulary quiz.  It won't focus at all on grammar, just the spelling and meaning of your new words.  Be prepared for this!

Russian I

You have five poems to begin reading and studying.  Practice regularly and develop your fluency.  All of the poems can be found on YouTube which will definitely help your speaking go up!  Also, remember to prepare for your reassessment on verb conjugation.  Play with your dominoes!!!

English II

Next class we will have our unit examination on Holocaust narratives and conformity.  Make sure that you are studying your notes and your study guides to prepare.  Also, you'll need to bring in your copy of The Boy Who Dared - I'll be collecting those next class.

Friday, November 4, 2016

Homework for the Weekend - B Day - 4 November 2016

AP English III

We have so much going on in the rest of November to finish up our unit on Satire and The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn.  Here are your reminders below:

  1. Rhetorical analysis timed writing will happen on Wednesday - this is your next class day.  Be ready!  You will also start working on the final portion of your websites - the group essay.  Make sure that you have posted and revised your own rhetorical analysis in advance of Wednesday.
  2. You must finish reading and annotating The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn by November 14.
  3. Your unit exam on The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn is on November 18.
  4. Your Satire Websites will be presented on November 22.
Lots of major grades are coming up!  Make sure that you are moving forward on your websites and in your reading.  You need to support your groupmates as they are working to make you all successful.  This weekend, we will check on the progress of your websites.

Don't forget your moral journey assignments - those are due on Wednesday if you didn't turn it in today.

English II

On Wednesday you will have your Holocaust and Genocide Unit Exam.  Use the study guide that we created today in class as well as your notes and books to help you prepare.  Remember that there will be a short answer question which requires you to write a one paragraph response.

Thursday, November 3, 2016

Homework for the Weekend - A Day - 3 November

Advanced Russian

You will have a vocabulary quiz next week focusing on the new nouns that you are learning in this unit.  For Russian IV this deals with body parts and health vocabulary, Russian III has food items and Russian II has words related to time and counting.  Learn your new words!

Additionally, spend time tonight reviewing the new grammar that we are learning.  Russian IV and III have exercises to complete related to the new topics.  Make sure that as you complete the exercises you are using your notes and your notebooks.  Russian II - you have writing to practice to finish your learning on the Genitive Plural.  Remember that you are writing about five times of the day and what you do at that time.  Write out all numbers as words, don't forget your counting rules.

Russian I

If after today's quiz you feel like you need to reassess on this content, then make sure that you are actively practicing so that you are ready to reassess next week.  Today, we started learning the real meat of the Russian language - cases.  The textbook does a good job of reviewing this information - you may find it helpful to read over pages twenty six through to thirty seven for an overview of cases.

There is also this video taught by a Russian lady named Nadya to overview what we did in class today.  She has some funny examples to help you understand.

English II

As I discussed today we will have our unit exam next week!  It'll cover Hotel Rwanda, The Diary of Anne Frank, The Boy Who Dared, and The Wave.  Start studying now to prepare yourself.  Next class we will have our review game, start on our final essay for the unit, and work on our reading project!  Big days ahead!

Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Homework for B-Day Students: 2 November 2016

AP English III

In order to prepare for Friday's class there are two things that you need to be working on.  First, you need to continue reading and annotating The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn.  You will need to be to the end of Chapter Twenty-Eight (the Wilkes episode).  Be sure to focus on the characters of the Duke and the King as well as Huck's moral development in this section.

In terms of your websites you should be working on your individual portion of the site - your analysis of your source material.  In advance of Friday you should upload your rhetorical analysis of your satirical material.  This way your partners will be able to read and give you feedback on your work.  Remember that you are focusing on explaining an author's argument and how the author makes that argument clear to you.  These websites will be presented on the 22nd of November.

English II

For Friday's class make sure that you have finished reading  The Boy Who Dared  and answering the final comprehension questions.  We will be playing our end of unit review game on Friday and preparing for our unit exam which will happen on Wednesday the 9th of November.

Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Homework for A Day Students - 1 November 2016

Advanced Russian:

Tonight read over the section of the textbook that covers your new grammar for the beginning of the unit.  For Russian II this really just covers page 209.  Remember that you want to be reviewing and studying your nominative case and genitive case endings.  Don't forget your vocabulary.

For Russian III we have the information on modal expressions which is covered on pages 364-369.  You should focus on the usage of the dative and nominative cases in this section as well as the use of the verb "to be".  You also have vocabulary.

For Russian IV there's the information on verbs of positioning.  This is covered on 501-504.  Remember to study your conjugations of the new verbs - there are some weird stems there.  Did I mention your vocabulary work?

Russian I:

You have a quiz next class on verbs and conjugation.  Remember our study guide that we created.  Focus on your chapter one verbs and notes.  Hopefully the constant practice has helped you to determine what to do with a verb and how to do it to form the present tense in Russian.

English II:

You need to finish reading The Boy Who Dared and complete your questions to prepare for our final exam on this first unit.  Make sure that you are ready for your exam which will be happening next week.

Advanced Russian - New Unit Vocabulary

Advanced Russian:

Here are the vocabulary files for your new unit.  Please listen and repeat.  A good practice is listening to the word, spelling it, and then checking yourself as to your accuracy.

Unit 5

Unit 9

Unit 12

Friday, October 28, 2016

Homework for the Weekend - 28 October - B Day

English II

We almost finished Hotel Rwanda today.  There's only a few minutes left, so we'll finish that up on Wednesday.  Also, don't forget that you have your reading in The Boy Who Dared.  Please read the pages on your comprehension questions (to the end of the book) and answer your questions as notes.  These will be very helpful for you as we prepare for our final exam on this first unit.

AP English III

One of your biggest things to work on this weekend is the rhetorical analysis for your group websites.  Remember that you need to first thoroughly annotate and read your piece looking for the author's argument and the means by which they accomplish and prove that argument.  It's best to organize around rhetorical/literary devices.  Sketch out your outline and start drafting.  You and your groups should have rough drafts complete by Friday of next week!

In terms of reading The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn make sure that you have thoroughly read and annotated the section up to Chapter Twenty-Four.  We'll work through that section on Wednesday's class and deal with the section up to Chapter Twenty-Eight on Friday.  Basically, we're shifting the reading down a day - please make sure that you are caught up, or even ahead!

Lastly, remember what I said moving forward.  This is a new experience, being in AP English, if you're doing it the same way you always have; that's just not going to cut it.

Thursday, October 27, 2016

Homework for the Weekend - A Day Students - 27 October

Advanced Russian

Today we had our quarterly exam.  I'll have the grades posted as soon as I can for you so that you can see how you've ended the quarter.  Over the weekend, focus on your new vocabulary.  Learn your nouns and be ready for an upcoming vocabulary quiz!

Russian I

After today's class you now know everything there is to know about conjugating verbs (for the time being).  Keep applying this knowledge and practicing.  There are a few exercises in your textbooks on verbs that you can do for extra practice if you need it.  Over the weekend, you should study and practice your verbs in advance of a quiz on Thursday.  Here's a good online exercise with conjugations!

English II

Keep moving forward in your reading of The Boy Who Dared.  Remember that you need to finish the questions and the reading by Thursday, the 3rd of November in advance of our unit exam.

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Homework for B Day Students - 26 October 2016

AP English III

For Friday's class you should be read and annotated through to the end of Chapter Twenty-Four.  In this section you meet two important characters to put on your front covers and they will bring out a lot of satire in the next few sections of the book.  Watch them carefully!

Further, you and your partner should have finished your cartoon today and on Friday you and your partner will present it to the class.  Before your presentation, however, your cartoon will be analyzed - maybe your classmates will be able to figure it out.

Lastly, you should have finished your group contract for Friday and in it clearly state what it is that you will be analyzing in this project.  You should have that "text" with you on Friday so that we can begin to do the work of analyzing and building your individual rhetorical analyses.

English II

Keep on keepin' on with your work in The Boy Who Dared.  Next class we'll be hopefully finishing up with Anne Frank and our study of Hotel Rwanda before we start working on our first essay assignment!  Keep up with your reading so that you are ready for what is coming next (unit test).

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Homework for A-Day Students: 25 October 2016

English II

Your homework that you received today isn't actually due until next week.  Over the next few days you should finish reading The Boy Who Dared on your own.  As you read, answer the questions to take notes on your reading.  You will be having our unit exam quickly after that.

Next class we will keep moving forward with Anne Frank and we will have our presentations of our skits.

Russian I

You have your new vocabulary list to start learning and now you can work with these words.  With the exception of the verbs that end in ся and the verb писать you need to create a conjugation chart and conjugate these verbs.  Apply your knowledge!

Russian II-IV

Next class you will have your quarter exam.  Be prepared.  Feel free to ask for extra help that you may need!

Monday, October 24, 2016

Homework for B-Day Students: 24 October 2016

AP English III

If you have any questions about the website project your first step is to see if the MOCK-UP PROJECT SITE has the answer.  The link is available in Google Classroom and it's also here.  We're really trying to not have a lot of paper with this project, welcome to the twenty-first century, y'all.  By Friday your group should have the empty frames set up on your site as well as complete the group contract.  We'll start putting in content on Friday, so be ready for that.  You need to state in your contract what each person's role is, i.e. what you will be analyzing for this project (Huck Finn excerpt, modern essay from McGraw-Hill reader, static visual, and non-static visual).

For Wednesday we have the reading of David Sedaris's "Me Talk Pretty One Day".  This article is in 50 Essays and it is available at this link.  As you read, annotate heavily.  Notice how Sedaris creates humor in his writing.  He's funny; you should laugh.

For Friday you have reading in The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn.  Read and annotate to the end of Chapter Twenty Four.

English II

You have your final assignment with The Boy Who Dared.  Read to the end of the book and complete the comprehension questions while you read.  You have to finish the book by next Wednesday.  So you can average about five or six pages a day, you'll finish in no time!

Friday, October 21, 2016

Homework for the Weekend - A Day - 21 October 2016

Next week is the last week of the quarter!  Only Monday and Tuesday will be your day to submit any missing/redone assignments!  Don't be late with this!

Advanced Russian:

On Tuesday we will have our quarter one exam.  For all of you, we will have questions related to case governance with verbs and with the one-stem verb system.  Make sure that you are reviewing all of your stem knowledge as well as your verb knowledge.

Russian III will also have questions related to telling time and talking about dates in Russian.

Russian IV will also have questions related to participles, deverbal adverbs, and который phrases.

Today's readings should have helped you to review the needed ideas for Tuesday.  Remember, if you haven't turned in your profile online, you will have until Sunday to finish and submit it.

Russian I

Today we learned how to conjugate first and second conjugation verbs in Russian.  Congratulations!  Now all you need to do is memorize how to do this!  The homework this weekend will help you to do that.  Complete exercise nine as a reading and translating exercise.  Complete exercise ten as a writing exercise - using the pictures, answer with a positive sentence using Да or a negative sentence saying Нет ____ не __________.  This will help you practice your sentence structure.  Exercise one should be completed as writing - read the sentence, find the verb, fill in the blank with the appropriate pronoun.  Exercise three should be completed as a writing exercise.  Read the sentence, find the subject, and conjugate the logical verb to fill in the blank.

Also, if you haven't finished your profile yet, make sure that you submit it by Sunday to be graded.

English II

Over the weekend you should finish your vocabulary playlist activity.  Remember to state the word, the name of the song/movie that goes along with the meaning of the word, and then explain how the song matches the word.  On Tuesday we will be presenting our skits to help us start wrapping up The Boy Who Dared and our introductory unit.

Thursday, October 20, 2016

Homework for the Weekend - B Day - 20 October 2016

AP English III

If you have any assignments that you would like to resubmit for another assessment, you must have that work in to us on Monday.  No later.  Any work submitted after Monday will not be graded.  Many of you will likely want to resubmit your essays on justice, your quests on rhetoric and argumentation, or other assignments.  If you have rubles, you can also buy extra points.  You also have your bathroom pass to submit as a way to earn extra points on assignments.

You need to read Chapters Seventeen through Twenty over the weekend.  This is known as the Grangerford section.  Pay close attention to the new characters and situations in which Huck finds himself.  Annotate heavily, paying special attention to the motifs/topics and symbols.

English II

Over the weekend you should finish your vocabulary playlist assignment as well as any missing assignments.  All missing work must be turned in on Monday to be graded for this quarter.  Next class we will be presenting our scenes from The Boy Who Dared - make sure that you have practiced and prepared yourselves so that your scenes are award winning and teach the class about our book and characters.

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Homework for Russian Students - A Day - 19 October

What an exciting day!  We didn't have fourth period because of the fire.  (I bet I'll never say that again.) So, English II will meet again on Friday.  We'll keep working on our projects then.

Russian II-IV

If you haven't finished your profile for В КОНТАКТЕ make sure that it is finished and submitted by the end of the day on Friday so that I can grade it over the weekend.  Tonight, you are doing some writing for me in Russian.  With whom do you want to live in the dormitory?  С кем вы хотите жить в общежитии?  

You should use evidence from our class discussion/interview.  Russian II - Write at least three sentences in Russian.  Russian III-IV - Write at least five sentences in Russian.

Don't forget that you'll have an exam next week.  I'll go over the topics on Friday.

Russian I

Your vocabulary test is next class.  Make sure that you know the meanings of the words, their gender, and their animacy.  You will only have to spell about five of the words.

Also, if you haven't finished your profile for В КОНТАКТЕ make sure that it is finished and submitted by the end of the day on Friday so that I can grade it over the weekend. 

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Homework for B Day Students - 18 October 2016

Tomorrow we have the PLAN (for all tenth graders) test as well as the PSAT (for some juniors).  Good luck on your tests tomorrow!  Make sure you know where you're going.  If you're testing, you will only have fourth period.

AP English III

Today in class you received your timed writings as well as your justice essays.  What Ms. McCormick and I found is that many of you have difficulties in your writing which translate into both assignments.  You cannot resubmit the AP Timed Writing; however, you can resubmit the justice essay.  If you are going to continue to work on it, remember that any resubmissions are due on Monday.

For tonight, make sure that you have read and annotated to the end of Chapter Sixteen in The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn.  Also, check in with your vocabulary bookmarks.  Remember that this space is for you to record words that aren't a part of your regular vocabulary.  Anything that you would like to hold on to here is good.

English II

Next class we will be presenting our skits to review this section of the book.  Make sure that you have your scripts and that you have read through it a few times.  Know the role that you have in your group and be ready to present it.

Also, if you have any missing assignments or assignments that you would like to resubmit for the quarter, please do that ASAP.  Your last day to turn in anything to be regraded is Monday.

Monday, October 17, 2016

Homework for A Day Students - 17 October 2016

Russian II-IV

Next class we will be doing our speaking and introductions of our characters.  Be ready to talk about yourselves in Russian.  Remember that your Russian Facebook page is meant to be how you prepare for this activity.  Know your favorites.  Be able to discuss them.  Use the language that you know.

Also, remember that you have your quarterly exam next week.  This week is your final week to work on any resubmissions of any work.

Russian I

You will be having your vocabulary test on Friday, not on Wednesday.  Next class you should aim to finish your Russian Facebook pages.  You also will be speaking next class.  Be ready to introduce yourselves in Russian and listen to the introductions of others.

Like I said for Russian II-IV, this is your last week for any resubmissions of any work.

English II

Next class we will be presenting our skits.  You will want to make sure that you have read through your lines and that you are ready to act out your scenes.  The most important thing to do is to read through your lines several times to get ready.  We'll go through the scenes in order, and you'll be learning about each of the scenes.  This will get us ready to quickly move through and finish the rest of The Boy Who Dared.

Be aware that if you have any missing work or want to resubmit anything - this is your last week to do that.

Friday, October 14, 2016

Homework for the Weekend - B Day - 14 October 2016

Happy Pep Rally Day, B-Day Students.  Here are your reminders for the weekend:

AP English III

Over the weekend you should make sure that you are up to date on your reading in The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn as well as reading and annotating Malcolm X's "Learning to Read".  This article is available in 50 Essays or at this link.  As you read the piece, you may find it productive to concentrate on the ideas of learning, power, and language.  Consider the role of Jim as you read this as well as Huck - their power as well as their abilities in the society.  This is also a very good piece for you to use for your vocabulary bookmarks.

On Tuesday you'll be getting back your essays on In Cold Blood as well as your timed writings.  Timed writing assignments are not available to be resubmitted; however, your essays can be resubmitted if you are not happy with your performance.  Some of you may find it helpful to conference with us before moving forward on your resubmission.  It is important that everything be settled by Monday the 24th as we need to finish the gradebook for the first quarter within that week.

English II

Next class we will be returning to the computer lab to finish working on our skit scripts, costumes, props, and backgrounds.  You may continue to work on this over the weekend if you feel like you need to.  The main priority that you have over the weekend is to use your progress report to finish any missing assignments.  If you have been absent and there are assignments that you need to complete, those have been marked with zeroes.  Please make sure to get the assignments from us and get them turned in no later than Monday the 24th so that we can finish your grades for the quarter.

Thursday, October 13, 2016

Homework for the Weekend - A Day - 13 October 2016

English II

You have your progress reports which are updated up to today's class.  If you are missing any assignments, you have the weekend to get them done and turn them in.  Also, if you would like to use rubles to buy extra points then you can do that too.  Remember that it is 50 rubles for an extra point on a quiz grade and 10 rubles for an extra point on a homework/classwork grade.

On Monday we'll work more on our skits and our scripts before we present them on Wednesday.

Russian I

Over the weekend you should be spending time with your vocabulary.  To do this, you want to write your vocabulary words into categories.  Remember to organize them by gender and animacy and then by other logical categories.  Spend time each day with your vocabulary list so that you are prepared for next week's vocabulary quiz.

Also, spend time this weekend developing your profiles for our class assignment.

Russian II-IV

Over the weekend you should finish working on your profiles so that we can introduce ourselves to each other on Tuesday.  Also, remember that your quarter exam is coming up soon.  Be studying your new grammar concepts and reviewing your exercises so that you are prepared for the exam coming up.

Monday, October 10, 2016

Homework for B-Day Students: 10 October 2016

English II

Your homework is the same as the previous post.  Be studying your vocabulary and review The Boy Who Dared so that you are familiar on everything up to page sixty-seven (this includes everything we reviewed today).

If you didn't do the research on KRISTALLNACHT on youtube, make sure to finish that tonight and turn in your research cards next class.

AP English III

Next class you will have your first AP Timed Writing.  It will be an argumentative prompt.  There is a way to study for this type of assessment - and I'll list that for you below.  Ms. McCormick and I are really looking at how well you can construct and prove an argument.  How well have you learned all that we have taught you this quarter about writing.  To prepare you should:

  1. Review your bootcamp notes - especially related to your Rules for Good Writing and your Arguments.
  2. Take a look at the AP rubric that outlines a level 9, 8, 7 and so forth.  Make a checklist of what you need to do to get a level nine.  If you fall a bit short, you may end up at an eight.
  3. Remember how to prove and explain your argument from your evidence.  It's important to have the evidence paired with convincing explanation.
  4. Review the sample prompt we annotated as well as the student samples.
On Friday we have our next chunk of reading due.  Be prepared for that.  If you didn't do well on today's annotation check, learn from your mistakes and stop procrastinating on your reading.  Maybe next time we'll have an annotation check and a reading quiz.  Why not?

Friday, October 7, 2016

Homework for the Weekend - October 7

English II

Remember to be studying your vocabulary: parts of speech, suffixes, and definitions.  You have your vocabulary list from the coloring activity and the  mad lib activity to help you study.  We'll be testing on these soon.

Also make sure you're caught up in The Boy Who Dared.  You should have read and be familiar with at least up to page 67.

AP English III

You need to read and annotate Huck Finn chapters 7-12 for Monday.  We'll be having a graded discussion, so you'll need good annotations and thoughts about the chapters to participate and get a good grade.

Don't forget to talk to Mr. Miller or Ms. McCormick about setting up a time to do a resubmit on your Quest, if you feel so inclined. The grading period ends October 28.

Have a good weekend!

Thursday, October 6, 2016

Russian I Resources for the Weekend - 7 October 2016

Russian I Students

Below there are several resources which you may find helpful this weekend as you are finishing the viewing guides for our first film and studying your vocabulary.

First - here's the first part of Office Romance.

And here's the second part.

This file is an audio file which goes over all of your vocabulary words for Chapter One.  You'll find it helpful to listen and repeat as you study.  You should listen and repeat several times.

Link to Audio File

Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Homework for A Day Students - 5 October 2016

Russian II - IV

Today I gave all of you exercises which will review the new grammar we have been learning.  You should start to work through these exercises, aiming to complete the ones you can and develop questions for me so that we can work together next week on the ones that are confusing to you.  Next class you will have time to work on these some more, but they should show a good faith effort at completion by Tuesday the 11th when we review them.

Russian I

Today we learned more about Russian words including gender and animacy.  You may want to apply this knowledge to the words that you have already been learning.  Those of you who didn't present dialogues today will do that on Tuesday.  Remember that on Friday you will be finishing our film and working on your Russian Facebook pages.

If you are missing any work - it is time to turn that in ASAP.  Especially if it is your name poster assignment.

English II

Tonight you are going to do a bit of research on KRISTALLNACHT.  Use your notecard.  On the lined side, write the Internet address of the youtube video you watch on the top line.  Then, write five facts you learn about KRISTALLNACHT from the video on the card.  We'll collect this next class.

Also, study your mad-libs sheets.  We'll be testing with our vocabulary soon!

Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Homework for All Classes - A and B Day - 10/4/2016

I was out yesterday celebrating the New Year (5777) so I didn't post this - here you are!

Russian I, II, III, IV

Next class we have reassessments (alphabet/phonics/vocabulary OR one stem verb system) as well as dialogue presentations.  Be ready for those.  If you're in Russian III or IV, you don't have a dialogue to present, but you have to listen and understand and transcript.

English II

Make sure that if you are missing anything (mostly it's the vocabulary assignment) that you get that done and turned in ASAP because we are going to be doing a lot with vocabulary over the next few classes.  Also, bring your books to class every day!

AP English III

Your papers are due next class.  Make sure that your packet is complete and that you have all of the supporting documentation in the packet.  For Monday, you have your next section of reading in The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn - Chapters Seven through Twelve.  Take the work that we did today in class and make sure that your annotations for Chapters One through Six are complete and thorough.

Special Note for AP - Remember that your argument/thesis is now DEBATABLE.  This means you have to deal with and refute the counter argument at some point in the body of your essay.  Don't forget this very important step!

Friday, September 30, 2016

Homework for the Weekend - B Day - 30 September 2016

L'shana tova!  Happy New Year!  

AP English III

Over the weekend you should be working on two things:  First, you need to read The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, chapters one through six.  As you read, annotate.  Remember to add to your covers and investigate elements of humor and satire as well as repeated ideas.  Continue to focus on characters - their development and their conflicts.  Considering our discussion today around language and identity could also be helpful.

Second, we have your final drafts to begin developing.  Use the rubric you received today as well as the feedback from your conference to revise.  If you need/would like me or Ms. McCormick to look at your paper, let us know.  Come in for a conference before Wednesday afternoon.  Once Wednesday gets here we won't be talking about these papers with you.  Your final draft and the supporting documents will be collected on Thursday.

English II

Make sure that you are to page fifty-five in The Boy Who Dared for Tuesday's class.  We'll be getting back to Helmuth.  Hopefully our discussion on Dr. King over the last few classes gives you a lot to think about to connect these two men and times in history.

Thursday, September 29, 2016

Homework for A Day Students - 29 September 2016

Russian II, III, and IV

This weekend you should all spend time reviewing your new grammar that we have been learning over the past few days and familiarizing yourself with your cases.  We'll continue to review next week.  Additionally, you should be spending time preparing yourself for your resubmission of your one stem verb quizzes next week.

Russian I

Over the weekend continue to work on your vocabulary and your dialogues.  Practice reading aloud and speaking with proper stress.  You and your team can create a Google Doc and share it between yourselves to finish your scripts if you need to.

Remember that you also have written homework to do - on the back of the dialogues we studied you should write more of your own, filling in the blanks.  Do the work on your own paper.  Use your handwriting.  Remember to explain how the one dialogue would be different if you were speaking to a different person.

English II

If you have any missing assignments that didn't get in today you need to turn those in as soon as possible - we only have a few weeks left in the first quarter.  Also, we will be getting back to The Boy Who Dared next week.  Make sure that you have read through to page fifty-five and that you have completed your reading guide for the first part of the book.

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Homework for B-Day Students: 28 September

AP English III

We've started with our unit on The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn.  Your first reading deadline for the book will be on Tuesday when you will be expected to read to the end of chapter six.  Make sure that you are thoroughly annotating and adding to your cover annotations as well as collecting vocabulary.

Tonight you should complete the drafting of your rough draft for our workshop on Friday and read Amy Tan's "Mother Tongue".  The essay by Tan is available at this link or in 50 Essays.  As you read, think about language and vernacular and how that is used to characterize a person in the view of society.  You can also collect vocabulary.

English II

Now that you have your progress reports you can move forward to complete any missing assignments that you may have.  Additionally, keep thinking about the reading from Dr. King that we completed in class today.  What do you think that Dr. King would say to Helmuth about breaking the law?

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Homework for A Day Classes - 27 September 2016

Russian II

Tonight for homework I want you working with the new knowledge around ходить/быть/гулять and our review of cases.  Write five situations in Russian using one of these verbs.  Write a full sentence using the verb and the proper case.  Then, write a sentence which is synonymous with a new verb.  You will have to change cases most likely.  Total, you'll be turning in ten sentences.

Russian III

Tonight you are focusing on dates and times in your life.  First, think about five significant dates in your life and write them out in Russian.  Only use words, no numbers.  Follow the rules in your textbook for cases to use with this.  Then, from these dates, make them more simple and tell me only about a year or month on which the event occurred.

After that, tell me about three moments of your daily routine.  Write the times both in standard format (hour/minute) and then in the Russian way.

Russian IV

Tonight you should finish the exercises on verbal adverbs and study the information in your textbook on verbal adverbs and participles (they are related concepts).  Be able to understand how they are used and the meaning that they carry.  These show up rarely in Russian, but they are good to know.

Russian II-IV:  We will resubmit on the verb quiz next week - use this time to study and review and to ask me for help.

Russian I:

Tonight you should be spending time with your greetings and introductions vocabulary to prepare for our dialogue day next class.  Additionally, you may find it helpful to view this video about the Russian alphabet and the sounds of the alphabet.

Use the video here to help you review.  Remember that you have to find the space for yourself to review and work with the language in order to get stronger.

English II:

Tonight you should take the time to finish any of your missing assignments that you didn't finish during the in-class workshop.  Additionally, we have a question to consider.  From our reading today of Dr. King's "Letter from a Birmingham City Jail" what do you think that King would say to Helmuth about his internal conflict?  Why do you think that King would say that?

Monday, September 26, 2016

Homework for B-Day Students - 26 September 2016

English II

No official homework for tonight - however if you did not finish the rewrite of your paragraph then you should finish that tonight for Wednesday.  We'll be having a workshop on Wednesday to go over missing assignments and give you a chance to finish them in class.  We will also be going on to work on some reading next class related to our main idea on conformity and breaking laws.

AP English III

This week we have a large assignment due for us at the end of the week.  This Friday we will be working on our rough drafts from our outlines.  You will all need to bring a hard copy of your rough draft to class for workshopping.  On Friday you'll get your final draft rubric and cover sheet which will help you get everything together for the final draft.  Remember that as a minimum you should have a full introduction paragraph with argument as well as a completely developed topic (you understand that this is more than just one paragraph, I hope).

For Wednesday we will have the beginning of our work on The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn.  We will need to have books in class on Wednesday.  Bring them.  If you need to check one out, we will have some.

Thursday, September 22, 2016

B Day Homework - Weekend Edition - 22 September

English II

Another great day.  I appreciated the chance to conference with you all today about your writing and your progress so far in class.  Over the weekend you should be working on the rewrite of your paragraphs based on what we went over together during the conference.  Use the example paragraph to help you out.

You'll turn in the revised paragraph and the old one on Monday to us and get a new grade on it before your progress reports.

You should also be reading in The Boy Who Dared.  Getting to page fifty-five by Wednesday is our reading goal.

AP English III

I hope that you all appreciated the time and effort that went in to getting your outlines back to you so quickly.  Also, we're hoping that today's class focused on writing and developing paragraphs (both body and introduction) was good for you as we move on to our rough drafts.  A few reminders to take you into the weekend:

  1. Your rough drafts will be checked on Friday and we will have a workshop.  Keep working in your Google Doc and let us know if you need our help with something as you are working.  This is the joy of working in Google Docs.
  2. We'll be starting our study of The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn on Wednesday.  You should bring your copy to class with you then.  If you do not purchase your own copy you can check one out from me, but you will need post-it notes or some other means to annotate
  3. Monday will be our Quest on Didion, Erickson, Capote, and Welty.  We will have one question on each of the minor pieces and then two questions on In Cold Blood.  You should be able to explain author's purpose, the use of the rhetorical triangle and the three classical appeals in order to be successful on this assessment.  One of the In Cold Blood questions is open book, so bring your copies of the text.  This will also be your final chance to resubmit annotations for In Cold Blood.
That will do it from me.  I hope you all enjoy your weekend.

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

A Day Homework - 21 September 2016

English II

We will have some time to finish up our vocabulary study on Monday.  For tonight, you should all focus on the rewrite of your paragraphs.  Take what comments I gave you and what I discussed with you during the conference to rewrite and resubmit your paragraph for a new grade.  Remember to use the statements, our class activity, and our example paragraph to help you with your rewrite.  You'll turn these in on Friday and get new grades before progress reports.

Russian I

Today we had our quiz on the alphabet.  If you need to resubmit or redo a part of it, start studying and reviewing now so that you can resubmit next week.  Keep reading and working on your vocabulary!  Next class we'll be watching a film.

Russian II - IV

You should be continuing to work on your Global Simulation character and developing him or her.  Don't forget that you will be working with new vocabulary next class and watching a Russian television show to develop your listening skills.  If you need to keep working on verbs and stems, keep up that work and see me next week to resubmit your quiz.

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

B-Day Homework: 20 September 2016

English II

Wonderful job today everyone!  Great writing!  Great thinking!  Great discussing!  Keep it going.  Tonight you should start reading in The Boy Who Dared to page fifty-five.  We will begin working on the book more next week.  This reading will be due on Wednesday.

AP English III

If you did not submit your resubmission of your outline today, please get that in ASAP so that we can get you your feedback.  On Thursday, we will begin working on rough drafts and developing introduction paragraphs.  On Monday, you will have your assessment on In Cold Blood as well as the pieces by Didion, Welty, and Erickson.  You'll want to bring your copy of In Cold Blood if you need your annotations checked or re-checked.

This assessment is going to focus on the rhetorical triangle and the rhetorical appeals (ethos, logos, pathos) with each of the texts we have studied in this introductory unit.  We will discuss more on Thursday to prepare you.

Lastly, we'll be starting Huck Finn next week - you may want to get yourself a copy sooner rather than later.

Monday, September 19, 2016

Homework for A-Day Students: 19 September 2016

English II

Next class we'll be reading a bit of Dr. Martin Luther King, Junior's "Letter from a Birmingham City Jail" - that way we can see what he thinks about breaking the law to do the right thing.  Tonight you should keep reading The Boy Who Dared.  We want you to be to the end of page fifty-five by next week.

Russian I

Next class we'll be having our quiz on the alphabet and your first vocabulary list.  You should be able to recognize and produce all of the letters of the Russian alphabet.  You should also feel comfortable with the classroom/school vocabulary and the phrases around greetings and introductions.

Also, don't forget to finish submitting your work on Google classroom.  I'll be checking everything again tomorrow morning.

Advanced Russian

You also have a quiz next class on verbs and their stems.  Remember today's warm-up as you study and prepare.  From an infinitive and conjugation you should be able to determine a stem.  We'll focus on this next class and then hopefully have time to keep working on our characters.

Don't forget to submit your work on Google classroom before midnight tonight.  That is when the assignments will close.

Friday, September 16, 2016

B-Day Homework - Weekend Edition - 16 September 2016

English II

No official homework this weekend, but do spend time thinking about our final question today related to breaking the law in order to do the right thing.  Do you know anyone who has done this?  Maybe in your social life or in history?  Why would someone do this?  Will we see Helmuth do this later?  Think and ask - and remember to keep reviewing the work we do in class every day!

AP English III

Every one should be submitting a new outline on Tuesday to me and Ms. McCormick that shows how you are already progressing as a writer.  Make sure to take our commentary into account as you are making your changes.  Many of you had great ideas and great evidence, you were just presenting it in a way that didn't go far enough or didn't connect clearly to a main idea.

If you need help, please see one of us on Monday.  Everyone should have something new to turn in on Tuesday - if you need additional time, that works, but make sure that you have something new so that we know you are working forward in good faith.

Also, we will soon be starting our study of The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn - you may want to get your copy now to give time for shipping.  You can get any edition of the text you would like, but make sure that it is unabridged and complete.

Thursday, September 15, 2016

Homework for 15 September - A Day

English II

Keep thinking this weekend about our final question - Is it ever okay to break the law?  Think about examples of people in your life or in history who have done this.  Why are they doing it?  Were they successful in getting what they wanted?

Russian I

I hope that you all enjoyed the game today with Russian celebrities and greetings.  Keep practicing your new vocabulary - the goal would be for you to learn it this weekend.

If you finished your name poster then you have no real homework for the weekend other than to keep practicing your reading and writing of Russian.  If you have not turned in your name poster, then you would need to finish that to turn in on Monday.

Your quiz on the alphabet and handwriting will be on Wednesday.

Advanced Russian

Over the weekend practice with the various verbs and stems that you have been learning in advance of our quiz on WEDNESDAY of next week.  The quiz will cover transcription, verb conjugation in past and present tense as well as stem knowledge.  You should be using the level specific stems to guide your practice.  If I were to give you a verb with that stem or a conjugation of that verb you should be able to determine what to do with that verb.

Additionally, remember your new vocabulary lists.  Work with these regularly to learn your new words.

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Homework for B-Day Students: 14 September 2016

English II

Tonight we have our next section of reading to complete.  Please read pages twenty-seven through to forty-one in The Boy Who Dared.  As you're reading, you may find it helpful to take notes about how Germany is changing as Hitler comes to power.  What is happening on the streets?  What is happening to Helmuth and his family?

Continue your reading!

AP English III

Today we have started the long and arduous process of developing our writing into college-ready writing.  Take all that you were taught today about arguments, topics, evidence, and explanation and apply it to your summer assignments.  Resubmissions of outlines will be collected on Tuesday.  You'll want to either retype and resubmit with the original, or mark changes on the original.  Make sure that your updates are clear to me and Ms. McCormick.  This will be our final step before we move on to developing these outlines into drafts.

Also, for Friday we have our vocabulary slides due (Google Classroom) and our reading of Welty (see the post below).  Make sure that you are ready for this.  If you need additional help revising your outline, please let me or Ms. McCormick know.

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Homework for A-Day: 13 September 2016

English II

Given what Ms. McCormick and I saw today about reading outside of class, I think that we're going to follow through on Thursday about making sure that everyone has read.  Tonight you need to read from page twenty-seven to forty-one.  You'll want to pay attention to how things are changing for Helmuth and for Germany as a whole.  Take notes as you read - write things down as you notice these changes.

Remember to keep drawing what you say about the characters and events by tying your ideas back to what the book actually says.

Russian I

On Thursday I'll be handing back your handwriting packets and we'll spend some time looking at a few places where we need some improvement (hooked letters are a bother).  Don't forget that we'll have our first quiz on Monday which will cover the sounds of the alphabet and handwriting.

Tonight, you should keep practicing your reading and writing with our new vocabulary words.  You have words which are useful for names and around school as well as phrases.  Write each one at least once on your handout or in your notes (or both).  Mark stresses.  Read.  Use the words with your family and friends.  Add a Russian keyboard on your phones!  Listen to Russian music on Spotify and read the titles.  Use the Russian you're learning.

Advanced Russian

We started moving on to the new topics to cover in this unit (reviewing our last unit for Russian III and IV) and getting our new vocabulary together.  Tonight, we've got a few things to do with our vocabulary and with the new grammar.

Russian IV - Read the passages and hunt for participles.  Use the ending chart to organize them by types.  Work backwards.  What are the verbs?  What are the который phrases?  What do these things mean?  Where are cases?  Also, start reading Толстой - check out the first few pages.

Russian III - Complete the exercises on reflexive pronouns.  Remember to write out the sentences to practice fully with the grammar.  Translate and understand what is being said.  What cases are being used?  You may find it helpful to diagram the sentences and find the subject when using reflexive pronouns.

Russian II - Complete the verb work we started looking at today if you did not finish it already.  Also the exercise B which we nearly finished reviewing today.

All Classes II-IV - With your new vocabulary you will see verbs and their stems identified.  Hopefully now you are able to fully make sense of what the glossary is telling you.  Work with four new verbs, try to work with four different stems.  Do what we have been doing with our examples - What's the stem?  What are the endings?  How do mutations come into effect, if at all?  What is the meaning of the verb?  What are some cases we use with this?

Monday, September 12, 2016

Homework for 12 September - B Day

English II

Tonight for homework you have the next section of our book The Boy Who Dared to read.  You'll be reading from where we stopped on page fifteen on to page twenty-seven.  As you read, take note of the reading guide and complete it.  You have work to do on the characters and then assessing the positives and negatives of Hitler's leadership in Germany.

Remember that if we have a quiz on our reading, you'll be able to use the reading guide.

AP English III

You have nothing due next class.  Everything in this post is due for Friday's class.  First, please finish the work that we began today in Google Classroom - upload the rest of your word slides and have them finalized for Friday.  Remember to use your resources - and  You should consider yourself a bit of an expert on these words by then.  Additionally, please read and annotate Eudora Welty's "Listening".  You can find it in 50 Essays or at this link.

Next class we will begin the process of revising our essay outlines for new grades.  Be ready for some heavy lifting!

Friday, September 9, 2016

Homework for the Weekend - 9 September - A Day

Russian II-IV

First things first we will have our first assessment on transcription and verb stems on Monday, September 19.  Make sure that you are preparing for this assessment.  To help you prepare and finish your learning on this concept, we have our homework this weekend.  Only complete parts A and B in the instructions.  We will continue to work on these verbs next week.  Remember that you have to complete the verbs for your level and below you.  My recommendation is to do each verb on a card, that way you have a study card for each type of verb stem.  Use your overview sheet to help you complete this.

Also, continue working on your Global Simulation work in Google Classroom.  Try to have that submitted if you can, if not, we'll have a chance to finish it in the computer lab soon.

Russian I

We also have Global Simulation work to try and finish if possible - you should be deciding on your Russian name as well as settling the debate between Moscow and St. Petersburg.  These assignments are in Google Classroom.  Beyond this, you should spend your weekend finishing your handwriting packet and practicing your reading of cognates and sounds.

I will be collecting your handwriting on Tuesday for a grade.

English II

Today we started reading our novel, The Boy Who Dared - we completed the first fifteen pages and discussed the main character (protagonist) and his family.  Over the weekend, read pages fifteen through twenty-seven and complete your reading guide as you do this.  Remember that if we have a quiz in class for our warm-up, it will cover these pages.  You may use your reading guide on the quiz if we have it.