Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Homework for Tuesday - A Day - 25 April 2017

Advanced Russian:

Tomorrow morning at 9:00 you'll be taking your AP Examination. Good luck! Watch your spelling as you type and think carefully! Use the questions as a guide!

Russian II - Make sure that you have submitted and practiced for your presentations on Thursday on the weather in Durham and in your Russian city. You'll be presenting on one day in Durham and in your Russian city. Your work should be turned in on Google Classroom.

Russian III - Continue practicing with participles and verbal adverbs by completing the reading tasks I gave you today. Read the texts and work through the tasks. Feel free to annotate, underline, or mark up the texts to find your needed vocabulary.

Russian IV - Finish and submit the final draft of your essay on character arcs and Dostoevsky.

Russian I:

We've started on one of our last projects of our year - the family writing project. For tonight's homework you should write two paragraphs as a rough draft. Use the vocabulary we've reviewed and found in class as well as the writing outline. Do not use online translators for this work. Only write using your own skills. If you need help, ask me. Remember that this is one of the main ways that we will be preparing for our final exam.

English II:

No homework today since we had our major vocabulary assessment today in class. Next class we will keep watching Spirited Away and we will begin to transition to literature and culture from India.

Monday, April 24, 2017

Rainy Monday Homework - 24 April - B Day Classes

English II

There's no official homework for tonight since we had our major vocabulary assessment today in class. Next class we will continue watching Spirited Away and transition to India.

AP English III

Today because of the multiple choice we did not really have the chance to begin the work on the analysis of the US Constitution the way that I wanted. That's okay though - there's always tomorrow.

For our next class, make sure that you have thoroughly read and annotated Article One and Article Two with the main questions in mind. These questions again are:

  1. What are the powers outlined within each section?
  2. Who gets to exercise those powers?
  3. How does the organization of the section as well as of the article as a whole allow us to understand the priorities of the Founders?
  4. How does the article as a whole present an argument and evidence? How does this relate to the argument presented by the Preamble?
  5. What relationships are emphasized in this section?
You'll also want to take a look at the Amendment as an Argument project and the Amendments themselves. You'll either have one or a small group that go together. It may be worth your while to go through and familiarize yourself with these pieces so that you can make an informed choice next class.

Friday, April 21, 2017

Homework for the Weekend - A Day - 21 April 2017

English II

The homework for the weekend is to study and prepare for your vocabulary quiz on Tuesday. You should know not only the meaning of the words and their part of speech but also the important information about how the words are put together (word parts, prefixes, suffixes). I'll be giving you some words on this test which are not from this unit, but you should be able to navigate them with your skills.

I'll also have a new DVD player next week so that we can watch our film after the quiz.

Russian I

You also have a quiz on Tuesday that you need to prepare for. The quiz will cover singular/plural declensions for all genders with nouns, adjectives, and possessive pronouns. Make sure that you have studied in order to review. There will also be a reassessment section on identifying and translating adverbs in Russian (you have your previous quiz back, so you know what to study there).

Advanced Russian

Students in Russian II will want to work this weekend to complete weather reports on Google Classroom. Given the struggles we had today with technology we will go back one more time (Tuesday) to work on these. You should have a fair amount of the work done so that I can give you feedback on Tuesday before our presentations on Thursday.

Students in Russian III will want to complete exercises 11.13 and 11.14 which focus on using and translating phrases with gerunds. We'll review this as the way that we will cover this information.

Russian IV will want to continue working through the essay on White Nights with the expectation of having one additional session to complete it.

Keep in mind that we will have a quiz on new grammar on Monday, May 1st.

Thursday, April 20, 2017

Homework for the Weekend - B Day - 20 April 2017

English II:

Remember that on Monday you're going to have a quiz on your vocabulary words from the Zen Parables - it's going to test your knowledge of the definitions, parts of speech, and your word analysis skills. Make sure that you've not just studied the meaning of the words, but also the prefixes and the roots that we've been learning.

AP English III:

If you were absent from class today because of the matinee production of Legally Blonde then know that you missed a full lesson today on historical context of the US Constitution, a review of rhetorical analysis skills, and a practice analysis of the Declaration of Independence. I would speak to a classmate or to me about the notes you've missed.

Over the weekend you need to read and annotate Article One - the roles and responsibilities of the legislative branch. Also, you'll have your full-length multiple choice practice on Monday. It'll be timed. Review your skills and AP vocabulary in order to prepare for this.

Also, for any of you who missed the Invisible Man timed writing, there will be a chance to make-up the assessment on Monday morning, before school. Remember to bring your book to this make-up assessment since I'll also be checking annotations.

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Homework for A-Day Students: 19 April 2017

Advanced Russian:

Tonight you should all continue to work on the assignments which have been created for you in Google Classroom. On Friday we will return to the library in order to finish these.

Keep in mind that you also have quizzes coming up soon. For Russian IV the quiz will focus on White Nights, for Russian III the quiz will focus on который phrases and participles, for Russian II the quiz will focus on weather vocabulary and the use of the double negative.

If you have exercises related to these topics (III and II) I would recommend trying to complete those as a way to review before our class.

Russian I:

Very good presentations today everyone. For those of you who didn't present today, you will need to be ready for presenting on Friday. You have your quizzes back to you as well as your writing assignments. Remember that you can correct and resubmit your writing assignment. It is a good idea to study and review your quiz so that you are ready for the reassessment/quiz next week.

English II:

Now that you have your vocabulary study aides it's important to practice and study with your dominoes daily. We'll have a vocabulary test next week!

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Homework for B-Day - 18 April 2017

AP English III

Good day in class today everyone. I'm going to cover a few things in this post regarding our wrap-up of Invisible Man and our beginning of our US Constitution unit.

  1. If you were absent today you must schedule a retake of your exam. I would like for you to come ASAP before school or on Thursday after school. Bring your book for your annotation check. You will have a different prompt.
  2. If you forgot your book today then it is due to me Thursday, the 19th, before school begins in order for you to get credit.
  3. For tonight you are reading and annotating the Declaration of Independence by Thomas Jefferson. It's important to understand this document as a means to understand the framework and goals the Framers had when considering the Constitution.
  4. You also need to read and annotate the Preamble to the US Constitution with these questions in mind:
    1. Is this the argument of the Constitution? If so, what is its meaning?
    2. What does the Preamble represent about our values as a people?
Don't forget that we will have a guest lecturer in class to start our day on Thursday.

English II:

Using your vocabulary resources you should begin to study and prepare for a quiz on vocabulary and word structure. The quiz will be on Monday of next week!

Monday, April 17, 2017

Homework for A-Day Students: 17 April 2017

And after a wonderful break, we're back to it! Keep pushing hard to the end of the year. We've only got 14 A days left.

Advanced Russian: Don't miss your scheduled Oral Proficiency Interview with Mrs. Sudderth, Dr. Oyediran, or Ms. Verdone. Be early! Speak clearly and understand.

Russian IV - Complete the reading of White Nights and continue tracking the relationship between the characters through quotations. Make sure to record one quotation from/about each for each section (this takes you to seven for each of them). Try to interpret and analyze as you work through them. We'll finish the story on Wednesday.

Russian III - In your textbooks, read the information on GERUNDS (pages 475-477) and take notes as you read. Understand how they are translated and how they are formed. Don't forget to complete the earlier exercises on participles (long and short form).

Russian II - After today's workshop you should be able to finish your drafts on the weather in Durham and in your Russian city. Type or finish writing these sentences so that on Wednesday we can pull together our final drafts. Also, work through more of your plural declensions.

Russian I:

You have a quiz on Friday which will focus on forming plurals as well as vocabulary (reassessment). Make sure that you are studying and reviewing nightly in order to learn this content. On Wednesday we will be learning about Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Azerbaijan, and Tajikistan. On Friday we will learn about Ukraine, Moldova, Belarus, Armenia, Turkmenistan, and Kyrgyzstan. Be prepared to present. Make sure that your PowerPoint has been submitted through Google Classroom.

English II:

Very good class today - I'm about to sit down and read your paragraphs. Make sure that you're reviewing the new vocabulary; you'll see it on Wednesday when we read some Zen parables.

Friday, April 7, 2017

Spring Break Begins Today

AP English III:

Good work on the mural project today everyone. For those of you on the band trip or who opted to complete the individual project, then know that your work is due on the Tuesday that we return. It is also worth noting that on Tuesday we will have the final assessment on Invisible Man. I will collect and check your text annotations as well as give you the in-class essay. Remember that you have the five options for the essay - it will be one of these five. Prepare for all of them and try to find the commonalities between the prompts.

We will begin our unit on the US Constitution as well after Spring Break. Enjoy your holiday.

For any of you who have not yet submitted research papers I will remind you that time is ticking away. I'll be handing back papers on Tuesday and you'll only have one resubmission available. It's imperative that you turn in your work ASAP.

English II:

No work for you to complete over the break. Try meditation and mindfulness out for a test drive while you're on break. It's a great way to deal with any stress.

Thursday, April 6, 2017

Homework for Russian Classes - A Day - 6 April

What an exciting A Day to take us in to Spring Break. Keep in mind that I won't see you again until after break. English II Students - I didn't have you today, so we'll have our class planned for today when we return from Spring Break.

Russian Students:

You have a great vocabulary resource in your hands - the most common 205 words in the Russian language. Focus on studying and learning these words. Don't worry about ones that look too difficult, but the more common ones should be something that you recognize.

Russian I:

Additionally, please read the text I gave you today in class and answer the questions on the back. This is a great text for you to recognize plurals.

Russian II:

Over break, please write the rough draft for your Russian city weather report - you can put this in Google Classroom with your other work. Additionally, make sure that you are practicing your plural declensions in all cases (maybe with the exception of genitive).

Russian III/IV:

We've got participles. Complete the worksheet where you turn the participial phrase into a который clause and also the translation of the short form participles.

Russian IV:

Finish reading White Nights over break. This will allow us to quickly finish our work on it when we return.

Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Homework for B-Day Students: 5 April 2017

Friday is our last class before Spring Break! Huzzah!!!!

AP English III:

On Friday you'll have your mural construction and presentation day. On this day you'll have forty-five minutes to work as a group to construct your mural and then we will go around and you will explain your mural to the class in a gallery walk. Each member of the group should be able to own the explanation of one aspect of the mural.

I would recommend bringing your quotes and images with you so that these are ready to go. Your group should use your blog as well as your motif chart to bring this together.

For those of you who won't be here on Friday due to trips - I have an individual version of this assignment for you to complete.

Remember that when we return from break we will have our final exam on Invisible Man - this will consist of your timed-writing on Invisible Man (the prompts were given to you today) as well as a final annotation check. Be sure that you use the break to reread, reannotate, and prepare for this test.

English II:

Now that we have begun our study of Asian culture it's important that you stay focused on learning and studying your vocabulary words. Be sure that you are reviewing them daily. Next class we will start in on our study of Japanese culture through the Zen Parables.

Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Homework for A Day Students - 4 April

Advanced Russian:

Russian IV - Tonight focus on your survey for Russian language skills and competencies. Make sure to evaluate yourself honestly and thoroughly so that we can decide on a plan of action for the last classes before your AP Exam. Also, try to start getting into "Night Four" of White Nights - I'd recommend reading the first two or three sections and tracking your vocabulary.

Russian III - Tonight, now that you better understand how to use который, you will be able to understand the idea of participles. Read through your textbooks in Chapter Eleven and focus on the information around participles. Just read and take notes on your own - we will go over them a bit on Thursday.

Russian II - Tonight you also have reading in your textbooks. Go through the rules on forming plurals in all cases (they're pretty easy with the exception of genitive case). You may want to develop a declension chart or just take notes. We'll start practicing and using the plurals next class. Also, make sure that you've finished the first exercise all the way on your plural review sheet. Lastly, if you have a quiz to make-up or project work to upload, be sure that this is done ASAP.

Russian I:

Tonight to continue your reinforcement of regular plural formation in the nominative case, complete exercise 2A. Rewrite the sentences changing the boldfaced words from singular into plural.

English II:

Your homework is the same as 4B below - bring in an item that represents your personal culture (or a photo of it) for your homework. We'll have show and tell next class. You'll also be doing a bit of writing too.

Ms. Barber's Evaluation

English II and AP English III Students:

Ms. Barber is asking for your anonymous feedback on her teaching and lessons with you this past quarter. If you would like to give her feedback for her teaching portfolio, she asks that you use the link below on Google Forms.

Ms. Barber's Survey

Monday, April 3, 2017

Homework for Monday - 3 April 2017 - B Day

English II:

Today in class you all had a test - so the homework tonight is pretty light. Next class we'll be having cultural show and tell. Your instructions are as follows:

  1. Bring in an item (or a photo of the item) that represents your personal culture.
  2. Explain how the item represents your culture.
We'll start with our show and tell before we go forward into our study of Asian cultures to end our year.

AP English III:

Tonight you have some Invisible Man work to do as well as a quick writing assignment to finish our work on George Orwell's "Shooting an Elephant."
  • Read/Analyze/Annotate Chapter Twenty Five in Invisible Man. It really is the end of the book - we will deal with the Epilogue together as a group.
  • Make sure that your BLOG is in good shape. You have to post on Chapter Twenty-Five. This is the last required post. All of this work is key to your murals which we will construct on Friday. You should - as a group - decide on the purpose of your motif within the text by this point. You should also find your quotations and images now; it'll make your work on Friday that much more efficient.
  • Complete a quick analysis outline of "Shooting an Elephant" as if you were going to write a rhetorical analysis of it. For the outline identify the authors argument, and then three distinct rhetorical/literary devices he uses to advance that argument. Be able to have at least two examples of each device with commentary. This should only take you about five to eight minutes - it's an important skill for you to get for the timed writings on the AP Exam.

Friday, March 31, 2017

Homework for the Weekend - A Day Edition: 31 March

Advanced Russian:

Russian II and III - I gave you exercises to review the new grammar that you're learning, which was not assessed on today's quiz. Please complete the exercises as well as you can. We will review them on Tuesday in order to review the content. For Russian III - these exercises/concepts are particularly important as they'll help a lot with the next grammar point - participles.

Russian IV - Please try to finish reading White Nights this weekend. Keep looking for new and useful vocabulary as well as interesting sentences, especially those that challenge you and show where you need to spend time preparing for the AP Examination.

Russian I:

Please spend the weekend studying your vocabulary for Chapter Three - this will be useful if you want to reassess on the vocabulary section of today's quiz. We will review verb conjugation next class as well before we dip our feet into the new grammar content - forming plurals in Russian.

English II:

Use the study guides that you completed today in order to prepare for your test on Tuesday. Remember that you'll have an essay question on this test as well as sentence answers. There will be questions about: characters, plot events, literary terms (irony, climax, conflict, etc.), Greek culture, and themes.

Thursday, March 30, 2017

Homework for the Weekend - B Day - 30 March 2017

AP English III:

Very good work today everyone on your symbol posters and analysis of the ideas throughout the text. I also think that many of you did a great job discussing Chapter Twenty Four. This weekend we have a few things to work through.

  1. Your research papers are due on Monday. For the paper I expect a checklist form, cover sheet, and rubric. All of these forms were provided in class. I will give you an envelope and you will submit your final draft and checklist in the envelope. I will only accept hard copies of the paper. Do not share it with me. I will not answer questions about the paper this weekend. You have until 4:30 Friday, the 31st to ask your question. After that, you'll have to ask each other or the Purdue OWL. Here is a link to the perfect formatting paper.
  2. Your reading of Invisible Man is not due until Wednesday. You should read, annotate, and blog on Chapter Twenty Five. We will discuss it on Wednesday and also finish with the Epilogue then too. 
  3. Your mural day will be Friday next week - it's important that you start to prepare now for this assessment.
English II:

After today's review you should be in good shape for the final assessment on Oedipus the King. Make sure that you study and review your notes as well as your study guides.

Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Homework for A-Day Classes: 29 March

Advanced Russian:  Remember that you all have quizzes on Friday. I've got the topics for your quizzes listed below. Outside of this, Russian II students should have their rough drafts ready for their weather reports about Durham, NC. We'll have a small writing and speaking conference on Friday as well.

Russian 2: vocabulary and grammar related to weather, uses of the dative case, no negation! lots of vocabulary!

Russian 3: short forms versus long forms, vocabulary (forming / using adjectives), vocabulary around countries and cultures

Russian 4: interpretive reading - multiple choice for Night Two and Three, vocabulary skills - roots

Russian I:  You also have a quiz on Friday. Your quiz will focus on using adverbs in Russian and forming them. Make sure that you study and review your notes and homework assignments. Also, make sure to know your major conjunctions in Russian.

English II: Next class we will have our review day and then we will move on to our test on Oedipus the King next week.

Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Homework for B-Day Students: 28 March 2017

AP English III:

Good discussion today in class to understand the importance of Rinehart and his symbolism throughout the whole text. I was happy to see so many of you annotating and developing your notes in the text as we read. Tonight, continue on to Chapter Twenty-Four when he attempts to rinehart his way to some information. Pay attention to vision/dreams/sex/power in terms of your motif charts. There's a lot of strange stuff going on in the chapter - generate questions and be prepared for Thursday. Also remember to complete your blogs for Chapter Twenty-Four.

As a final reminder, I will collect final drafts of your research paper on Monday, April 3rd. Next class we'll go over formatting issues and I'll release the rubric to you so that you have it for final edits. I'm available all week in the morning (8:00-9:00), at C-Lunch, and quickly after school (until about 4:15-4:20) to meet and discuss your papers with you.

English II:

Today we finished our reading of Oedipus the King. Next class we'll do some writing, play a final review game to prepare for our exam, and do more work with vocabulary. Make sure that you are reviewing your notes in order to prepare for your exam.

Monday, March 27, 2017

Homework for A-Day Students: 27 March 2017

There are only about twenty classes between the beginning and end of this nine weeks. It is very important that you maximize your time in this twenty class stretch to fully prepare yourself for the end of the year.

Advanced Russian:  All of you will have a quiz on Friday which will cover vocabulary and new grammar concepts in this unit. This week is meant to be our review/reinforcement week before the quiz.

Russian IV: Finish reading "Night Three". Translate and answer in English the six questions at the end. With each boldfaced word in the reading, work the word back to its original form (nominative case or infinitive) and then determine the meaning and significant word parts.

Russian III: Continue researching and writing using long-form, short-form, nationalities and sentences using который about your Former Soviet Republics. You should write a brief paragraph for each nationality.

Russian II: Work on your weather reports focused on Durham, NC for yesterday, today, and tomorrow. We'll spend time later to research the weather in the Russian city of your choosing. Remember that you can easily accomplish the goals outlined on your project sheet. Then, we'll do the same type of descriptions related to the Russian city.

Russian I: You also have a quiz on Friday focused on adjectives becoming adverbs and your vocabulary. To prepare for this, complete the two exercises today. In the first one you are filling in the blank or combining sentences using the words for "also" in Russian. In the second, you are activating your vocabulary to answer questions using adverbs. Review your vocabulary to finish this.

English II:  We will quickly finish with Oedipus and have our unit exam next week. You should begin to prepare for this by studying your vocabulary today and learning some of the key definitions for terms within this play.

Friday, March 24, 2017

Homework for the Weekend - B Day - 24 March

If you have any missing assignments for Ms. Barber it is important to email her directly about those assignments. Her deadline for late work is Sunday. You can contact her at mary _ barber @ dpsnc (dot) net.

AP English III

Over the weekend you have a few things to do with Invisible Man.  First, read Chapter Twenty-Three. This is a lengthy chapter in which a lot happens. The Invisible Man starts to realize his own power. Look for your motifs as well as the new character of Rineheart. He's important. Also, start to pull your blogs together. Make sure that all of your posts are there and that you have completed your second synthesis post (covering Chapters 10-23). In the synthesis post you should start to determine what Ellison's argument is related to the motif you are studying.

Lastly, remember that next week is your final week to receive feedback on your papers.

English II

Study your vocabulary words! We'll finish Oedipus the King next class and then have our final test on it before going on to our Asian Literature and Culture unit.

Thursday, March 23, 2017

Homework for the Weekend - 23 March 2017 - A Day

It's the last A-Day of the quarter. Your grades are basically finalized. Please make sure if there's anything else to do that it is done tomorrow morning.

Advanced Russian:

Russian IV:  This weekend I want you to keep working through the reading of "Night Three" in White Nights. Complete sections 28, 29, and 30. From each section, find two sentences that are interesting to you in terms of the grammar and structure. We'll work through them together on Monday.

Russian III: Today in class you learned a bit about the word который and the myriad of ways it's used in Russian. To keep working on this new information, complete exercise eight. As you complete the exercise, fill in the blank with the proper form of который and then identify the referent for который. On Monday I will spend time to take you through the concept more thoroughly.

Russian II:  We have discussed today the usage of the double negative in Russian versus the single negative and also versus the construction in English. Keep in mind that the double negative in Russian is completely opposite to the double negative in English. As a practice for this, complete exercise twelve. Answer the questions using a double negative construction and translate the answer into English.

Russian I:

Today in class we learned about Russian conjunctions and how they are used. Also, we practiced combining sentences using conjunctions. Remember that you want to eliminate repeated words as they aren't needed in Russian. To continue to work on this concept, please complete the final set of sentences and combine them. You will turn in this work on Monday - so make sure that it is as complete as you can make it.

Russian Students - Don't forget that the Olympiada will be held at Duke University this Saturday at 10:00. 

English II:

We'll be finishing up our unit on Oedipus the King pretty quickly next week. Keep in mind that the work you did today will count as part of your grade for the fourth nine weeks.

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Homework for B-Day Students: 22 March 2017

AP English III:

Always question your reality, children. Always look for the fire within the cave. For tonight, you have one thing to complete to turn in and reading to complete.

First, please write a one paragraph response to each of the following questions. You may draw on your experience reading Invisible Man, "Allegory of the Cave", and the reading on addiction. The questions are as follows:

1.  According to the article, do people in "the cave" make healthy decisions?
2.  According to the article, do people naturally want to remain in "the cave"? What does this say about human nature?
3.  In what other ways might a person be in "the cave"? Think about other parts of our society (fashion, careers, lifestyle choices, etc.)

Second, you have reading in Invisible Man - Chapters Twenty through Twenty-Two. Remember to complete your motif blog post and annotate heavily. There's a lot of "Allegory of the Cave" going on in this section. It'll be productive for you to think about.

Lastly, continue working on your research papers. The final drafts will be due very soon!

English II:

This is the final call for any missing or make-up work. It should be in our hands by the end of the day tomorrow!

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Homework for A-Day Students: 21 March 2016

Advanced Russian:

Russian II: Tonight I want you to do some reading in your textbooks for the next grammar point we're going to study - the double negative. In your textbook, read pages 282-285. Be able to answer the following questions:

  1. When do you use a double negative in Russian? When a single negative?
  2. How is genitive case used with negation?
  3. How are the words nobody and nothing declined in all cases.
Once you've done the reading, try the translation assignment. We'll review that on Thursday.

Russian III:  To finish your study of long and short-form adjectives, complete exercise five. Fill in the blanks with a long or short form. Be able to translate the sentence.

Russian IV:  Complete the reading of "Night Two" in White Nights. Once you've finished, answer the following question in a mixture of Russian and English:  What do we as readers better understand about the narrator and Nastenka at the end of the second night? Give five facts about each character (in English) and the textual support for that fact (in Russian).

Russian I:

Tonight for homework you have two exercises on using adverbs. In the first exercise you are rewriting the question or sentence and adding in the adverb in a logical space (the word is given to you in the exercise in the adjective form). In the second, you are studying your vocabulary to fill in the blanks. Be able to translate the sentences that you fill in the blanks with.

English II:

Today we took our test on Oedipus the King and began our final research projects on Greek Culture. It is very important that you check PowerSchool and complete any missing work. 

If there is anything that you would like to turn in or resubmit it needs to be done by Thursday!

Monday, March 20, 2017

Registration Links - AP Review Sessions

AP English III:

If you are interested in attending the DPS review sessions for AP Exams, use the links below.

April 22
April 29 (I'm leading the AP Language Review session for this date.)

Homework for B-Day Students: 20 March 2017

We are now in the final week of the quarter. It's important that you work to meet your deadlines this week as I will finalize all grades on Friday afternoon. Also, Ms. Barber's last day with us is Thursday. So any work to her needs to be submitted on Wednesday.

AP English III:

Tonight for homework you have a really fun piece to read - "The Allegory of the Cave" by Plato. Like Cher or Madonna, Plato is so famous he only needs one name. The piece is written as a philosophical dialogue between a teacher and a student - this structure is a key means by which you should navigate the text, notice the paragraph breaks. Everything in the piece is meant to be symbolic; it's important that you think critically as you read to connect the dots from the allegory to the real world. Remember that Plato was most concerned with what things really are, the truth of them.

I've also found visuals to be helpful with working through Plato. This animation from YouTube really helps. I'd read and watch the cartoon at the same time.

Read and annotate fully. Ask questions and prepare for a meaty seminar on Wednesday. This reading sets us up clearly for the next section of Invisible Man which is due on Friday (Chapters Twenty to Twenty-Two). Make sure that your blogs are updated by the end of the day on Friday.

Lastly, it is highly important that you make your writing conference this week and finalize all of your research paper documents. Please check your PowerSchool account regularly to make sure that your grade is reflective of the work that you have updated and submitted.

English II:

Today in class we started our final mini-research project as part of our Greek Theatre and Culture unit. The assignment and workspace can be found on Google Classroom. We also took our test on the first half of Oedipus the King

It is highly important that you make sure that all of your work is turned in. Especially make sure you've completed the:
  • Greek Gods and Monsters Project (on Google Classroom)
  • The paragraph about the purpose of irony or blindness in Oedipus the King
  • The Character Mask Assignment
  • The Dinner Party Assignment
If you are unsure what these are or need instructions, please let me or Ms. Barber know ASAP.

Friday, March 17, 2017

Homework for the Weekend - A Day Edition - 17 March

Today I remembered to do this before leaving work. Yay for me. Go Heels!

Advanced Russian:

We are quickly approaching the end of the quarter. If you have yet to submit your project or take/finish your Verbs of Motion exam, the time is drawing quickly to a close. Finish and settle these assignments ASAP. See me if you need help or assistance.

Russian II - Over the weekend, continue your work with new vocabulary as well as with the dative case. Complete the exercises using the dative case and weather vocabulary. This is also a good review of your counting rules as you talk about ages and temperatures. You only have to do the evens or the odds from each exercise; you do not have to do all.

Russian III - Today we started to learn about short-form adjectives which look a lot like nationalities, but are not. Practice by taking the list of adjectives I gave you and turn them into their short forms. Not all of them can create short forms, remember to draw on your notes. Once you've made your short forms, make some sentences using the adjectives in short and long form. Make sure that you can explain the difference in meaning.

Russian IV - This weekend keep reading "White Nights". Try to finish this section of the story to the conclusion of Night Two. Also, as you read, keep up with any new vocabulary you encounter - especially words that use your new word part.

Russian I:

Today in class we began to learn about adverbs and how they are formed from adjectives. Take the vocabulary sheet that I gave you and complete the front side. Then, on the back, practice writing. Take an adjective and write a sentence with the word in its adjective form and then in the adverb form. Explain the difference.

Don't forget as well, we will have a culture quiz next week on The Diamond Arm. Review your notes and feel free to rewatch the film - it's on YouTube.

English II:

Next class we will have our assessment on Oedipus the King. Make sure that you know your major characters, the plot, as well as about the different examples of irony we have seen in the story so far. You can access the play online to review portions and you can also see me on Monday for anything that you've missed.

Thursday, March 16, 2017

B-Day Homework - Weekend Edition - 16 March 2017

Sorry for the lateness in posting this - when I have to go to the grocery store after work it really throws off my normal leaving work routine.

AP English III

Please make sure that if you miss your scheduled conference that you re-schedule as quickly as possible. There are still spots for next week. After your conference, make sure that you pay the notes and comments that you're given forward as you continue to develop the draft. There is no more required feedback on these papers before the final draft. Many of you have expressed a desire for a second conference - great! We'll have these the final week of March to prepare final drafts; they'll be drop-in conferences before school all week.

In terms of other work - make sure that as you improve and edit previous research project documents that you keep me in the loop about that. I plan on updating the gradebook this weekend; if you have made changes that you feel are not reflected in your grade, please let me know. Also, please make sure to share to and message my dpsnc (dot) net email address.

For Invisible Man you have your reading and blogging up to Chapter 19. This is a good chunk of reading, but if you pace yourself, you can get it done no sweat. Keep up with the motifs with the new motif charts you were given today.

Lastly, there's a writing assignment for you to complete this weekend related to the documentary you've watched and Invisible Man. In no more than three paragraphs, synthesize the information from Invisible ManAccidental Courtesy and "Unpacking the Invisible Knapsack" - you may also refer to other texts as you develop your argument to the question. What is the most effective way to combat white privilege/systemic racism? Where in Invisible Man do we see this privilege exercised? Is the Invisible Man working to dismantle these systems? Be sure to have this as a hard copy or share it at the beginning of class.

English II

Great work today on your workshop in class today. I'm really glad that so many of you were able to accomplish so much. On Monday we're going to have an assessment on Oedipus the King. You're going to have multiple choice questions, matching, and short answers. Make sure that you look over your notes - a lot of you took photos of them to help you study this weekend!

If there's any work you didn't finish today, make sure that's in soon! The quarter ends on Friday of next week!

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

PLC Day - 15 March 2017 - A Day Homework

Advanced Russian

Today we began on our new units, so tonight you should focus on learning your new vocabulary words.

Russian II - Read the two weather reports that I gave you. Practice reading them aloud several times. Get familiar with the vocabulary, the cases, and the other grammar used when discussing the weather. Write your own weather report about Durham. Be sure to activate as much of your new vocabulary as you can.

Russian III - Using your textbooks, complete exercise one and two. Practice with your language related to geography, cultures, and nationalities.

Russian IV - Read sections seventeen through nineteen of "White Nights" and answer question 17.1 and 19.1. Answer one question in Russian and another in English. Draw on evidence form the text as you answer.

Russian I

Tonight you should all focus on studying your new vocabulary words. Look through PowerSchool - if there are any assignments you would like to reassess, please plan to take care of that next week.

English II

If you are behind in the reading of Oedipus the King I would recommend getting caught up - you'll have a test on the first act soon. Also, if you are missing any assignments in PowerSchool or Google Classroom then you will want to get those turned in ASAP.

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Homework for B-Day Students: 14 March 2017

AP English III 

Some of the things in this post are dealt with on Monday. We've got a relatively light day on Thursday.  For Thursday we'll be watching the next portion of Accidental Courtesy; please make sure that you have submitted your notes and answers for the first portion of the film. Hopefully on Thursday we'll also have a chance to finish our speech cartoons and some of the residual conversation from the section of Invisible Man which was discussed today.

For Monday, we have a large chunk of reading - Chapters Sixteen through Nineteen. By Monday you should post on your blogs for all of these chapters. You should also make sure that the synthesis post is up as well. As you read these chapters stay focused on the Brotherhood and its effects on Invisible Man. Keep note of new characters (Brother Jack, Ras, and Brother Tod Clifton) and the different ways in which these characters may link back to previous ones.  Your motif charts will be very productive through these chapters as well.

Lastly, we have our work on our research papers. Make sure that you attend your conference, update your draft, and finalize your previous documents. Remember that on Friday the 28th I'll be averaging your scores for your test grades for all of this work.

English II

Today in class we planned a dinner party for Oedipus and his friends and family. If you did not finish your "library notes" sheet, or your "dinner party" sheet, then please do so for homework! We will not have another day in class to address this content because we will continue reading the pay on Thursday.

Make sure to take your time with the worksheets, using colors, images, and symbols to connect your work to the text. This should be a relatively light night in terms of homework.

Monday, March 13, 2017

Homework for A-Day: Monday, 13 March 2017

English II:

If any of you have any missing assignments from Google Classroom (mainly research projects), then it is important that you turn in those assignments as soon as possible. This is especially important if you've missed a lot of class recently.

Russian I:

Next class we will have our exam on Units 1 and 2 - This will cover the Introduction, Chapter One, and Chapter Two. Remember to use your study guides as well as your review packets to prepare for the exam. The review packet is a great way to earn credit on previous assignments as well (as many as FIVE previous assignments). Don't miss this opportunity.

Advanced Russian:

We took tests today. Yay for that.

Russian II - Focus on studying your new vocabulary as well as finishing your projects. Don't forget to submit those assignments online as soon as you have them done.

Russian III - You also have new vocabulary and the world map in Russian. For each of the selected countries be able to state the name of the country in Russian as well as the adjective which relates to the country (language/culture). You should also read over the information on short-form adjectives. We'll focus on studying this content as the first part of Chapter 11.

Russian IV - You have your project due on Friday. Be sure that you are using language of comparisons to talk about the similarities you see (or the differences) between the life of Dostoevsky as well as that of the narrator.

Friday, March 10, 2017

Homework for B-Day Students - Weekend Edition - 10 March

AP English III:

This weekend you have a few things to take care of - I'll list them below in order of "relative" importance.

  1. Your rough drafts of your research paper are due on Tuesday. We will begin conferencing on Tuesday. Many of you have already signed up for a writing conference. For your draft, I am expecting a full introduction paragraph with argument as well as a complete topic written out. Have a hard copy of your draft in my hands on Tuesday.
  2. You have reading in Invisible Man for Chapters 13 through 15. This is an important section which starts to bring the Invisible Man into a new organization and into some important conflicts. Pay close attention to new characters but the way in which these new characters are like old characters too. Keep up with your motif charts and your annotations. Continue to draw connections!
  3. You have your first synthesis post for your motif blogs due. Your synthesis post should look at Prologue through Chapter Twelve (the posts you've completed so far) and look at synthesizing all of the information you've discovered so far to highlight what you think Ellison's purpose or meaning is behind the motif. Remember to draw ideas together and make a clear point. This may change later in your reading, but as a group you want to think about what you have noticed so far. Make sure that your synthesis and preliminary posts are up by next class so that your blogs can be graded up to this point.
Lastly, remember that I will begin to grade/re-grade synthesis sourcepacks and outlines tomorrow. Make sure that they are accessible to me.

English II:

There is no required homework this weekend. However, it would be a good idea to log in to PowerSchool and check your grades. If you have anything missing, this would be a good chance to complete that work and turn it in for credit. Let us know if you have any questions or concerns!

Thursday, March 9, 2017

Homework for A Day Students - 9 March

Advanced Russian:

We will have exams on Monday covering verbs of motion (with prefixes for Russian III and without for Russian II) and covering the first half of White Nights for Russian IV. Be sure to study and prepare for this exam by:

  • reviewing your previous assessments and reassessments
  • reviewing the examples and explanation in your textbooks
  • focusing on case rules and conjugation patterns
  • studying vocabulary
Your final projects are due on Wednesday - don't forget to submit them electronically.

Russian I:

Your final exam on Chapter Two will fall on Wednesday. Make sure that you use your study guide this weekend to prioritize your time over the weekend and into Wednesday. It is very important that you spend time with your charts to recognize the ways in which endings change to reveal cases and why these cases are used at certain points in different sentences.

Be sure to review your vocabulary in Chapter One and Chapter Two.

If you have any last assignments which you would like to resubmit, make sure that these are completed ASAP.

English II:

See the previous post for reminders about homework. Remember that the most important thing is to make sure that your Google Classroom projects are submitted and finished!

Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Homework for B-Day Students: 8 March

AP English III:

Though I wasn't here to hear everything I was very impressed with the way in which you all worked through the ideas of necropolitics and biopolitics in order to delve into the interesting and important ideas around Tyra, her life, and the lives of transgender people, in general. As you read these pieces, it is important to make connections back to Invisible Man and the ways in which race and sexuality can lead to invisibility.

For tonight, make sure that you finish the questions related to the documentary you watched in class. As you answer the questions, write paragraphs that draw on source material in order to make the point. Explain clearly and effectively. In terms of Invisible Man you have your reading of Chapters 11 and 12 for Friday. Make sure that your blog is also updated.

Lastly, there is your synthesis source pack for Friday as well. Use the template documents available in Google Classroom for this assignment. Remember that your outlines can also be resubmitted at any time. Accompany the resubmission with an explanation of what you have done to improve the piece.

English II:

Wonderful work today with Oedipus the King as well as with the characterization activity to design masks. Remember that if you have work to complete on Google Classroom that you need to log-in and submit those assignments ASAP as they are in the process of being graded.

If you have missed any reading of Oedipus the King - it may be a good idea to catch up on that reading. You can check out a textbook, or you can read the play online at this link. In this online version we have read to line 923/[770]. I don't know why there are two line numbers given.

Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Homework for A-Day Students: 7 March

Advanced Russian:

For Thursday you should be ready to present one of the stages of your Russian Amazing Race to class. If you are not ready to submit the final project, that's okay - you have until the 15th of March to finish the project. Please share it electronically or turn it in on Google Classroom.

Russian II and III Students - You have your exam on Verbs of Motion coming next Monday. We'll finish our review on Thursday. Consider your conjugations, your prepositions paired with each verb, and the different cases used for coming and going to different types of places.

Russian IV - Continue reading through sections sixteen and seventeen and developing your knowledge of Nastya's character. Remember to do the same type of analysis work where you consider her language and her reactions as insights to her character.

Russian I:

We will finish the presentations on Thursday. If you presented today, your grades have been loaded into PowerSchool. I appreciated all of the ways that the presentations were made interactive. I also liked seeing everyone try to make origami.

For tonight, continue working on the five sentences we have left on our grammar review. Remember to study and review your vocabulary and your grammar notes. You should be actively reviewing all of the information in the book through Chapters One and Two (focus on your declension charts). Your exam will fall on Wednesday of next week. These last few days should be filled with questions and review!

English II:

If any of you can work on Google Classroom to improve or finish any assignments, that is what I would recommend you do!

Monday, March 6, 2017

Homework for B-Day Students: 6 March 2017

English II:

If you still have work to do on Google Classroom it is important that you get that worked settled and submitted ASAP. There are two assignments there, which you may need to work on. One is the Latin American literature project where you are either doing creative writing or doing research on one of the various countries of Latin America. The second assignment is the more recent one on the Greek gods/goddesses/creatures. All of the instructions and assignments are in Google Classroom.

AP English III

For our next class - Wednesday - you only have to read and annotate the article which was given to you today on transgender people and queer politics. Read carefully. Remember that this was assigned to graduate students at Duke University - things will go over your head and the language will be dense - do what you can. Use the ideas of necropolitics to get you started as you deal with the text. It's also important to consider the way in which racial politics of the 1950's are similar to gender politics of today.

Additionally, for Friday, we have the reading of Chapters Eleven and Twelve as well as the submission of your source packs. The source pack instructions and template documents are on Google Classroom for you to use. Remember that this is a relatively easy assignment - you simply need to consolidate your sources and write your question. Follow the instructions. Ask for help if you need it. We will quickly move forward into rough drafts and writing conferences. It would be a good idea to start drafting your paper now. Rough drafts will likely be collected at the end of next week!

Friday, March 3, 2017

Homework for the Weekend - A Day - 3 March 2017

English II:

If you have not yet finished your Latin America Research project it is important that you finish that ASAP. They will be graded this weekend. I loved the fact that so many of you were so into the create your own god/creature project. I also loved that so many of you were able to draw on your knowledge of the Greek gods as you did that.

We'll continue reading Oedipus the King next week.

Russian I:  

You all did a great job with your translations as well as with your grocery store advertisements. This weekend, I want you working more with your grocery store ads. Answer the question that relates to meal planning. You have 1000 rubles to do your shopping - what will you eat for breakfast (на завтрак), for lunch (на обед), and for dinner (на ужин). You should try to write complete sentences using the vocabulary we've been studying.

Also, don't forget, we'll have presentations next week on the holidays. If your holiday is in the first half of the year (January to May) then you should be ready to present on Tuesday.

Advanced Russian:

On Tuesday we'll have time to go back to the computer lab and finish typing our projects. I was happy that during the workshop many of you did research, worked on your maps, and wrote your different sentences related to traveling through Russia. Keep in mind that the final due date for these projects is the 15th of March.

Russian III Students - You'll have your Chapter Ten examination on Thursday the 9th.  Russian II Students - You'll have your Chapter Six examination on Monday the 13th.  Russian II Students, you should be able to finish the rest of the exercise we began today in class.

Thursday, March 2, 2017

Homework for the Weekend - B Day Students - 2 March 2017

English II:

If you have not yet finished your research/creative writing project on Latin America, then it is really important that you finish that work ASAP. These projects will start to get graded this weekend, and we will see any work that you've completed. Your grade will be given based on what we see in the Google Classroom folder. Make sure that it shows a complete and thorough project.

I hope that you all had fun today working on the Greek gods, goddesses, and creatures. There's a lot of interesting information we can infer about Greek culture from knowing about their beliefs and their fears.

AP English III:

This weekend you'll be reading a very fantastic chapter in Invisible Man - I call it The Paint Factory. In this chapter you'll have a lot of productive annotating if you follow the color symbolism of white and black in the chapter. You'll want to read the paint as a metaphor for many things. Ellison uses this chapter to make a lot of points about the way in which American society is structured - see these ideas within the language of the text.

Read and annotate heavily. We'll work through Chapters Nine and Ten on Monday. This means that you should also complete the blogging for these chapters.

Furthermore, you should actively be completing your synthesis pack assignment as part of your larger research paper. In this assignment, you should be creating a sourcepack and question page, much like you receive for the synthesis question for the AP Exam. You can create this in Google Drive, or you can turn in a hard copy. I would suggest using Google Drive to make things easier for you.  As a starting point - create your question page and then find the most important parts of your source material. Remember that you will have to excerpt your source material, just like you get in a synthesis pack.

Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Homework for A Day Students - 1 March 2017

Advanced Russian:

Next class we'll have the time to sit and look at your written work for your projects. All of you should have some sort of writing to share with me next class, in Russian, to show how you are preparing for your project presentations. We'll have a day in the computer lab next week (Tuesday) to finish things up. Friday is more of a check-in day.

Russian III Students - Be reminded that you will have your Chapter Ten exam soon, likely at the end of next week.

Russian I:

We are quickly coming to the end of our unit. Today, by learning the pronouns in all of the cases, we have really finished much of the work in Chapter Two. Next you'll have a unit exam. We'll start to review for this next class.

Tonight, your priority should be to finish and prepare for your presentations next week on Russian holidays. I like that so many of you are going to be creative with your presentations; remember that if you need to get any supplies, you'll have the weekend to pull those things together.

English II:

Good work today determining elements of dramatic irony in Oedipus the King as well as working through Scene 1. Now that we've worked through the introductory pieces, the rest of the play will move pretty fast.

Make sure that if you have not completed your research/creative writing project on Google Classroom that you submit that ASAP. We will soon begin to grade these things.

Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Homework/Reminders - 28 February 2017 - B Day

Today was a bit of the day that wasn't. I hope that all of you who tested today felt prepared, especially for the English, reading, and writing sections.

AP English III:

Since we didn't have class you know that your reading is due for Thursday. Don't forget as well that we will hold another review session for the Quest on Thursday morning. The Quest will cover Prologue through Chapter Seven. It would be a good idea to come and review.

Also, when you complete your outline revision/resubmission, please email me to let me know that it is ready to be graded. It would also be helpful for you to tell me what changes you have made. That will speed my process along.

English II:

Good work today with Oedipus the King. I enjoyed seeing you act, draw, and then find language related to our major devices and themes. We'll keep this going next class. The most important thing is to make sure that you have completed your research/creative writing project on Google Classroom. Ms. Barber and I will start grading these soon!

Monday, February 27, 2017

Invisible Man Quest Review Session

AP Students!

Ms. Barber and I will be holding a review session for the Prologue to Chapter Seven Quest tomorrow and on Thursday morning. Tomorrow morning it will begin at 8:15 am. It'd be a good warm-up for the ACT, get your brain thinking.

We'll go over important passages, the format of the quest, and the important elements to have annotated.

AP English III - Outlines (Revisions/Resubmissions)

AP English III Students:

As you are working through your outlines to revise and resubmit them please make sure that you clearly indicate to me which changes you have made to your outline. You can highlight them in the document or send me a separate email where you list the changes.

This will help to make sure that you get any points that you need/want to earn.

Also, there are still a few of you who have not yet shared a document. This needs to be fixed ASAP.

We will not have class tomorrow because of the ACT. Make sure that you take the time you need to take in order to be prepared with your outline as well as your assessment on Thursday (Prologue to Chapter Seven) and the reading/blogging (Chapters Seven, Eight, and Nine).

Homework for A-Day Students: 27 February 2017

Advanced Russian:

Russian II - Next class you'll have your reassessment on verbs of motion. Make sure that you have studied your conjugation patterns for these verbs as well as the way in which they work with the various cases (accusative/dative) to create meaning. Reviewing and studying your previous quiz would be very helpful.

Russian III & IV - Next class we'll have time to work together and review the various things floating over us right now. You'll have an exam coming up next week. Be sure that you've read Dostoevsky up to the beginning of Nastya's Story (section seventeen). For Russian III, be sure you've completed your translations and worked through the airline article as much as you can.

Russian I:

It looks like almost all of you completed the various holiday information slideshows. Good work. Now you'll need to spend some time getting ready for your reassessment on cases. The reassessment is going to focus on nominative, accusative, and prepositional cases.

English II:

Hopefully by this pint you have finished up your projects. Ms. Barber and I will work through the week to get them graded and updated. Make sure that you understand what is happening in Oedipus the King up to the end of the first chorus. Study and review your notes so that you are able to explain what is happening in the play.

Friday, February 24, 2017

Homework for the Weekend - B Day - 24 Februrary

AP English III:

Make sure that your priority this weekend is revising/resubmitting your outlines for your research paper! I will regrade them on Monday. PowerSchool is down this weekend.

Remember that we will not see you on Tuesday - you have the ACT. So for Thursday, make sure you've read Chapters Seven, Eight and Nine. Also, be ready for a quest on Prologue through Chapter Seven. Your blogs should also be updated to the end of Chapter Nine.

English II:

If you did not finish the project today in class, make sure that you finish it over the weekend if you can. If you cannot, then you will need to get a library pass and finish it during one of your lunch periods.

Thursday, February 23, 2017

Homework for the Weekend - A Day - 23 February 2017

Russian Classes:  I hope you all enjoyed celebrating a bit of Day of the Defenders of the Fatherland! 

Advanced Russian:

Russian IV - Continue to read "White Nights" through to the end of section sixteen. As you read, look at Nastya's reactions and her observations while the narrator tells his story. Use these reactions to understand her character. Interpret them.  Also continue to look for useful vocabulary and interesting sentence/language constructions for us to discuss.

Russian III - Please complete the translation exercise A in Chapter Ten. Do the translations in your journals. Remember to review any necessary vocabulary from the textbook first, and then from a dictionary or translator.

Russian II - Continue to work on building your sentences around your different modes of transportation. Remember that one sentence with each means of transit should use a transitive verb and one should use an intransitive verb. Also, remember, only humans can "carry" items.

Russian I:

You should continue studying your new grammar and your old grammar to review all six cases. You have exercises around case identification and writing with the different cases that you should use to practice and review your grammar skills.

We'll continue to work on our projects on Monday.

English II:

I like that fact that a few of you were able to finish your projects today in class. If you didn't finish them today then you will need to take time outside of class to finish as I am not sure we will be able to find more time in class for them.

Homework for B-Day Students: 22 February

AP English III:

Apologies for not getting this posted sooner. I left early yesterday, Ms. Barber has class, and I didn't remember until this morning.  You've got a few deadlines coming up on Friday.

  1. Make sure that you have read and annotated up to the end of Chapter Six in Invisible Man. Pay close attention to the long oratory in Chapter Five given by Homer Barbee about The Founder. There's a lot of rich symbolism there. In Chapter Six we have a lot to deal with concerning Dr. Bledsoe.  You also have to email Ms. Barber with your discussion topics from these chapters. Email her directly at (mary dot barber @ duke dot edu) - Make sure that she has your email before 6:00 TODAY in order to receive credit.
  2. You also have your blogging posts due for these chapters.
  3. You have your formal outlines due to me on Google Docs. I will be reading, scoring, and providing feedback this weekend to all of you. Make sure that you have shared with me (daniel _ miller (at) dpsnc (dot) net ), that you have used the rubric to craft your outline and that you have at least four clear topics for consideration.
English II:

I hope that you all were productive and enjoyed the reading and the beginning of the film. We'll follow up with everything on Friday! Friday will also be our day to finish our research/creative writing projects!

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Homework for A-Day Students: 21 February

Russian I:

Kids - do your homework. Practice daily with the language. If you're not, then you won't be learning as much as you should.  

Now we're operating in all six cases with nouns and adjectives. Soon we'll have another quiz going over endings and changes, FYI. Tonight, make sure that you finish the interpretive reading questions about the story I gave you last class. Additionally, complete exercise seven where you identify the case of the boldface word and tell why the word is in that case.

Also, we'll be doing some research on Russian holidays soon. You may find it useful to do a bit of pre-research so you know which holiday you would want to study for your project.

Advanced Russian:

All of you should continue working on your projects that you started today. Remember that if you want me to spend time giving you notes and corrections, please let me know. Russian IV - Continue reading Dostoevsky and developing a full picture of Nastya and her character. Work on the graphic organizer I gave you today in class.  Russian III - Complete the work on hypothetical statements I gave you today. Remember how you use verb tenses when creating hypothetical situations. Russian II - You will find it very helpful to study and correct your quiz today. Understand why your answer was wrong and what the right answer is. This will also be very helpful when dealing with your projects!

English II:

A lot of you got great work done on your projects today. Keep that going tonight and continue building your presentations/documents if you can. We'll only have one more class in the computer lab to finish these.


Monday, February 20, 2017

Homework for B-Day Students: 20 February

AP English III:

All of the work that you have to do is due on Friday. Make sure that you have thoroughly read and annotated Chapters Five and Six in Invisible Man. Chapter Five involves a long speech (a sermon) by a blind minister named Homer Barbee. There are a lot of allusions in this speech. Pay attention carefully and think about other blind guys named Homer.  Chapter Six is dealing with the ramifications of the Invisible Man's actions in Chapters Two and Three. The discussion about Dr. Bledsoe will be really important to consider.

Since you have reading due, don't forget to do your blog posts as well. Blogs will rarely be checked coming in to class, but they will be assessed after since we often discuss the different motifs.

Also, in terms of our research papers, we have two major steps coming soon. The outlines are due on Friday. Many of you have already started them in Google Documents with me. Keep that work going. Consider what I reviewed with you today and the notes from your synthesis. Put this into your work and pay it forward.  You also have the instructions for the next major milestone - the synthesis pack.

English II

Today was a lot of fun, starting the acting and dramatizing of Oedipus the King. We'll be reading and studying the play every day in class so know that if you miss a day, you're missing the study of the play and you'll want to make-up what you miss.  We'll finish our projects this week if you are not already done.  If you can spend some time working on them outside of class, great. If not, we'll deal with that on Wednesday.

Sunday, February 19, 2017

A-Day Homework - 19 February 2017

Many apologies for posting this so late. I got struck down with a nasty bug and found myself sleeping most of Friday afternoon and Saturday. Much better today.

Advanced Russian:

All of you should be focused on developing your projects for Tuesday's class. I'm going to try to get us time in the library on Tuesday to do research and to go over your writing with all of you. Take the feedback I've given you so far and apply it moving forward.

Don't forget as well that your textbook is a wealth of examples and explanations.  We'll quickly move through completing this project.

Russian I:

For those of you who have submitted projects, those grades are posted in PowerSchool. I liked what I saw, there were a few small spelling and grammar errors, but for the most part your writing was clear and accomplished its goals. Please start focusing on learning your new endings for the other three cases (GEN/DAT/INST). To help you with this you have your grammar analysis and interpretive reading homework.

Read the story about the narrator. Give the main idea and three details. Then color code the assignment by cases. Focus on endings and functions!

English II:

I was happy to hear from Ms. Barber that the day was productive for most of you. Good! If you can, keep working on your research and projects. We'll be finishing these up pretty fast this week!

Thursday, February 16, 2017

Homework for the Weekend - B Day - 16 February 2017

AP English III:

Over the weekend we have some reading to do, some blogging to do, and some outlining to do. Make sure that you have read and annotated Chapters Three and Four in Invisible Man as well as settle your blog posts for those chapters.

Additionally, you will want to make sure that you have shared a Google Document with me that has the beginnings of your outline. You should include an argument statement and the beginning of one complete topic. We'll go over more of the requirements next week with the outline. I want everyone to show me where they are right now so that I know how best to structure our time to work next week.

English II:

There is no homework for you all tonight. If you need to finish your project and you can do that at home - great. If not, we will have some time next class to work on finishing those up.

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Homework for A-Day Students: 15 February 2017

English II:

Good day today guys getting into Oedipus the King and the elements of irony we'll see in that play. Someone took a box from the room by mistake - if you took it, please return it ASAP.

Remember that on Friday we will be focused on finishing our projects in the computer lab all class. You should be prepared to be focused and work hard on this assignment on Friday.

Russian I:

I was happy about the fact that many of you have made some good understandings around case declensions and meanings. Keep this work going as you keep learning and making connections. Tonight, you should work on finishing your house projects. Remember we need a floor plan of the house as well as paragraphs describing what is in each room and what happens in the room.

You'll have a reassessment next week on these three cases to go back over the work on the quiz.

Advanced Russian:

Russian II: I think that a lot of you understand what to do with your non-prefixed verbs of motion in past, present, and future. I think you also have a fair understanding of what to do with the verbs as we add the prefix по- and step into aspect issues. Put all of this together and be ready for your quiz next class.

Russian III: Next class we'll finish our review of the paragraph on American tourists traveling in Moscow. Then, we'll review the idea of the hypothetical and conditional. Make sure that you've read over the information in your textbook to help us do this work.

Russian IV: Keep reading White Nights and as you do, focus on the character of Nastenka. What do we learn about her? How? Also, be sure to finish the vocabulary analysis work I gave you today so that you can present on these ideas to the group on Friday.

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Homework for B Day Students - 14 February 2017

Happy Valentine's Day Everyone!!!!  Make me your valentine by doing your homework tonight.

AP English III:

There are many things for you all to be working on/complete over the next few days. I'll outline the specific instructions for each task below.

  1. Invisible Man reading. Your task is to read and annotate to the end of Chapter Two, the Trueblood chapter. It's a challenging piece of writing in terms of the language, the ideas, and the disgust you'll be feeling. Stay focused on the motifs to help you get through. The idea of double consciousness can also be productive. We expect you'll be coming in with a lot of questions.
  2. Invisible Man blogging. Your task is to set up and post your introduction post as well as your posts on the Prologue, Chapter One, and Chapter Two. All of the posts should be up no later than 6:00 PM on Thursday the 16th. The posts are meant to be a more thorough version of your motif charts. You should identify how the motif is seen in the chapter as well as its importance within the chapter. There is a great version of the blog project here from last year. Keep in mind that in the example students tracked two motifs and did vocabulary as well, this is not part of your task this year.
  3. Outlining for Research Papers. Your task is to create a Google Document and share with me (daniel_miller (at) dpsnc (dot) net). In the GD you should include your argument statement and outline one of your topics. You should share this no later than Sunday so that you can get feedback before the full outline is due on 24 February.
There's a lot going on in AP English III right now. Stay ahead and use your time wisely. See your teachers if you start to fall behind and need help!

English II:

Today we spent all of class working on our projects to finish our unit on Latin American Literature. If you are able, continue to work on your project at home or on your device. Remember that final projects will be graded next week!

Monday, February 13, 2017

Homework for A-Day Students: 13 February 2017

Advanced Russian:

Next class we will have one of our final classes focused on verbs of motion (II/III).  Please make sure that you have completed the verbs of motion exercises in your chapters. For Russian II this is exercise four in Chapter Six. For Russian III you'll be focusing on the exercises eight and nine in Chapter Ten.

Russian IV - Please focus on the passages that I showed you today in class. Look for important vocabulary and language structures in these passages. Also, pay close attention to the prefixing of verbs throughout those passages.

Russian I:

Next class I'll be working with each of you to review your projects. If your project is fully complete then you will turn it in. If your project needs revisions, then you will revise for homework on Wednesday and turn it in on Friday. Remember that for the project you should have a floor plan and paragraphs for five rooms in a house. The house does not need to be your actual house.

Friday, February 10, 2017

Homework for the Weekend B Day Classes 10 February

AP English III
Hey y'all! As we talked about in class, let's go ahead and wrap up our blog project contracts. Those should be filled out and signed by every person in your group by Tuesday. Also, make sure to AT LEAST do your "introduction" post (tell us who is in the group, and what motif you are tracking) so we can make sure our blogs are functioning properly. If you have problems, we'll talk Tuesday. If you do not have problems, remember your Prologue, Chapter 1, and Chapter 2 blogs are due by Thursday of next week.

You have a timed write on Tuesday! Don't be nervous, you got this.

Finally, make sure to have an ARGUMENT STATEMENT for your research project in had by Tuesday. THIS WAS NOT MENTIONED IN CLASS, BUT PLEASE TAKE TIME THIS WEEKEND TO FINALIZE YOUR PLANNING. Enjoy your weekend!

English II
You will not have any "official" homework for the weekend. We are continuing our research projects, so please come prepared with your planning sheet on Tuesday! Remember, you get to choose between a creative writing assignment or a research project. Have a great weekend!

Thursday, February 9, 2017

Homework for the Weekend - A Day Students - 9 February 2017

Happy Weekend A-Day. I'm off to DC tomorrow for an AP Russian conference, I can't wait to share everything that I learn with you all.

Advanced Russian:

Russian IV - Read the beginning of "Night Two" in White Nights. Focus on the developing relationship between the girl and the narrator. What type of character does she have? How do you know? Keep track of vocabulary and language use which marks both characters as unique.

Russian III - To sum up verbs of motion with prefixes, please complete the exercises in Chapter Ten, specifically number eight and nine. With these, read the sentences and fill in the blank. As you work through number nine, you'll want to consider the point of view of the speaker as he/she is talking.

Russian II - We've started working in earnest now on verbs of motion with prefix as well as within the past and future tenses. Keep practicing with this. Complete the exercises I gave you on paper. Fill in the blanks with past tense forms and consider which is the best choice for each situation.

We will work on our verbs of motion/Dostoevsky projects in class on Tuesday. This will count as the first full workshop day.

Russian I:

You all had a quiz today, so there is no official homework this weekend. However, you will find it useful to work on your projects this weekend so that I can review your writing and give you corrections on Monday about your work.

English II:

No homework this weekend - I hope that all of you have now either gotten caught up with your previous work and that you are all now working on the project for our Latin America unit.

Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Homework for B-Day Classes - 8 February 2017

AP English III

Tonight you should continue reading in Invisible Man to get through Chapter One. This chapter is often called "The Battle Royale" and was actually published as a stand-alone short story before the novel was published. As you read, make sure to find all of your motifs. Continue to find key ideas that relate to some of the authors we've studied previously (DuBois is really useful).

Use the link below to access Invisible Man on a .pdf if you don't have the book.

In terms of working on your research papers you should be focused on collecting sources and making your argument/topics more specific. Remember that you only have five to seven pages. You need to focus on local issues rather than international ones. Focus on one thing instead of all of the things. See what your sources give you. Your next major due date is the 22nd when your full outlines are due. We'll be doing arguments next week (Tuesday) and the outline of one topic (Thursday) to prepare for the full outline.

English II

There's no official homework tonight. Now we have read Marquez - so if you are interested in following his story for your creative writing project, you can get started with that planning. The major goal that you should be working on right now are your Latin American Literature projects - either researching or writing.

Invisible Man Online

Go here to find the book!

Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Homework for A-Day Students: 7 February 2017

Advanced Russian

Russian III and IV students should be prepared for a formal assessment next class. For Russian IV it will cover the first chapter of White Nights and for Russian III we will focus on prefixed verbs of motion in both aspects.

Russian II will have a quiz next week. To prepare for next class, spend time reviewing and taking notes on pages 237-239 in your textbooks. This should go right along with the information we reviewed in class about adding prefixes on to verbs of motion.

Russian I

Hopefully after today's phonetics lesson you have a better understanding of hard and soft letters and how these are connected to the grammar we're studying. Use this information to help you prepare for your quiz next class. This quiz will focus on case endings in nominative, accusative, and prepositional cases for nouns, adjectives, and possessive pronouns.

Your projects will be collected next week - on Wednesday the 15th.

English II

Today in class we finished our Benchmark exams and began working in earnest on our projects. Next class we'll start on Marquez's short story called "Tuesday Siesta".

Monday, February 6, 2017

Homework for B-Day Students - 6 February 2017

English II:

Today we made more progress on our Benchmark exams and then began the process of researching or working on our Latin American Literature projects. Next class we'll begin our study of Gabriel Garcia Marquez; one of my personal favorite authors.

AP English III:

We went over a cavalcade of information today on how to and where to do your research for your synthesis assignments. I'll read through your topics this week and aim to get them back to you by Friday. For next class, make sure that you have a copy of Invisible Man by Ralph Ellison. If you don't have your own copy then we will have copies for you to check out. We'll start reading the book together in class on Wednesday.

Additionally, now that you've made some progress with your research topics, keep moving forward. You should find two or three additional sources tonight and start moving forward on developing your topics as well as your argument. The more you can do now, the better!

Friday, February 3, 2017

Homework for the Weekend - A Day - 3 February 2016

Advanced Russian:

We didn't really have class today because of the AP practice exam as well as the field trip for Physics - so your quiz on verbs of motion and Dostoevsky (Russian IV) will be postponed to Thursday. To prepare, please make sure that you are studying your conjugations and reviewing the basic rules for when to use either multidirectional or unidirectional verbs as well as aspectual choices (Russian III).

Russian I:

We did have class today, so your quiz will be happening on Tuesday. For the quiz, make sure that you are prepared with firm knowledge of masculine, feminine, and neuter case endings in nominative, accusative, and prepositional cases. On the quiz you will have fill in the blanks, translation, listening, reading, and multiple choice.

You should also continue working on your house writing projects. I'll review drafts of paragraphs next week before our final due date.

English II:

I was very proud of the fact that so many of you focused on your Benchmark exam today. We will finish the exam on Tuesday and then move on to working on our Latin American Literature projects.

Thursday, February 2, 2017

Homework for the Weekend - B Day Students - 2 February

AP English III:

Over the weekend you have two key things to take care of to prepare for next week.  First, there's the writing assignment based on "Just Walk On By" by Brent Staples.  For the assignment, draw on the text, and write a paragraph challenging Staples for making stereotypical assumptions about women's reactions similar to those assumptions he accuses women of making about his intentions.  Engage him in a dialogue here and use his writing as his speech.

Additionally, we have our work on our research papers to prepare for Monday. Remember that the full topic sheet won't be due until the end of class on Monday since we will have to do some research to finish it up. But, work on the first half. Determine your topic and sub-topics. Generate an idea as to what you want to learn and why it's interesting to you. Monday will invoice doing some of the refining work we need to do to finalize these.

You will need to have your copy of Invisible Man for class on Wednesday.

English II:

Today was a rough day with the Benchmark - I'm glad that so many of you shouldered that responsibility well. We'll finish it on Monday and get started working on our projects then.

Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Homework for A-Day Students: 1 February 2017

English II:

Today we had our quiz on Latin American Literature and doppelgangers. Next class we'll be working on course registration with Student Services as well as beginning on our Benchmark exam.

Russian I:

Tonight for homework you should focus on practicing with your vocabulary and grammar by working on your house projects. Remember that you have a sample about my office at home. Write five paragraphs - one about each room. Follow the outline given. Practice with your case and gender endings.  You'll have a quiz on nominative, prepositional, and accusative case endings with nouns and adjectives on Tuesday of next week!

Advanced Russian:

Russian II:  Please take the time tonight to finish working on the present tense exercises through to number thirty-eight. Remember to practice conjugating the verb for the needed present tense form as well as translating what you can.

Russian III:  Keep working through your packet on prefixes and study the next prefixes meaning to arrive and to leave. Try to keep these clear from the earlier ones that had similar meanings.

Russian IV:  Continue reading Dostoevsky to the end of the seventh section.  Continue to build your paragraph about the narrator's tone and its importance in the story.

If you are taking the AP Russian exam your practice exam session is on Friday at 3:00 in the school's media center. There is no other date for the practice examination.  Don't forget that all of you will have an assessment next week on Thursday on either verbs of motion (II/III) or Dostoevsky (IV).

Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Homework for B-Day Students: 31 January 2017

AP English III:

There are a few things that you need to take care of tonight for next class. First, we have the post below which is the three essays to analyze and score. Remember to read each essay, give a score from one to nine (highest) and justify the score. You can do this in your synthesis pack for this question or in your notebooks.

Second, we have vocabulary work. Select two words from three authors we have studied and do a vocabulary study for each word. In the study be sure to include the word, part of speech, source quotation, citation, definition, word parts and meaning, and synonyms with details as to how the meaning is different.  We'll share some of our words on Thursday.

Lastly, we have the reading of Brent Staples's "Just Walk On By" - the article is here or in 50 Essays. Take a look at the piece and consider especially the idea of the veil/double consciousness. It's highly productive here.

You should also keep moving forward on refining your research topics - more on that next class and next week!

English II:  Next class you have a Benchmark Exam! Prepare yourself!

AP English III - Synthesis Essay Samples

AP English III Students - 

Due to our copier issue your sample essays are located online. Remember that part of your homework for next class is to read and score each essay. You should develop justification for the score based on the essay itself. The essays are located at this link.

There are three essays to read and score A, B, and C. You don't have to print the essays, but you should have notes on them if you do not print them.

Monday, January 30, 2017

Homework for A Day Students - 30 January 2017

English II

Next class we have our quiz on doppelgangers in Latin American Literature and the class after will be our District Benchmark test. Be ready to be tested and to show your knowledge over the next two classes.

Russian I

Tonight you have culture homework as well as grammar homework. First, culture - take your poet and do some research tonight. Find three facts about the poet that interest you. You should have information to share for next class. Additionally, start to work on reading and practicing with your fluency. If there's not an audio recording then you will find the poem on youtube and follow along as it is read aloud.

For grammar you need to go through the exercises we started today and finish the rest. Remember to focus on making your changes for case and to double check your agreement for gender.

Advanced Russian

Tonight for homework there are a few things to take care of which mainly have you finishing up what we were working on in class. For Russian IV - go on and read the fifth section of the First Night. Answer the question that follows. Keep track of new and useful vocabulary. Find another fact about the narrator and add to your list. For Russian III - finish the translation of the first set of exercises and complete the second and third on the new prefixes. For Russian II - work through to number twenty five in our current set of exercises. Make sure that you can translate the earlier ones (1-20).

Remember Russian II/III students, the only way to get the hang of verbs of motion in Russian is to use them!

Friday, January 27, 2017

I forgot the reading!!!

Agh! I remembered though! Here's the link to Baldwin's "Notes of a Native Son".

Remember - just read Part One. In the .pdf file this takes you to page nine of nineteen. We may eventually read the whole thing as we go into Invisible Man. For right now, just focus on thoroughly completing Part One.

Homework for the Weekend - B Day - 27 January 2017

AP English III

This weekend there are three key things that you should work on. First, you have your reflection on being a Transcendentalist this week; I hope that through this experiment you learned something about yourself as well as the larger society of which you are a member. Reflect and think about this experience and express what you learned about yourself or society through this process. There are many routes that you can go with this reflection, but you should focus on showing what you learned and how you learned it.

Second, there's the beginning of the preparation for our research papers. Start by brainstorming three topics - these can be as general or as specific as you want. Remember that eventually these will be argumentative research papers, so it's important now to think about what interests you about this topic and what you want to learn more about the topic. Part of the process of developing this paper involves research, which we will begin next week.

Lastly, there's an article to read for Tuesday's class. The article is by James Baldwin and it's called "Notes of a Native Son" - it's a long piece, so only read Part One for Tuesday. Annotate heavily and consider how Baldwin uses personal examples to make a larger point about race and racism in society.

English II

Though we were cut short by the fire drill we were still able to watch our episode of The Twilight Zone, "Mirror Image". This will be the last thing that is on your quiz. For Tuesday's quiz we will have questions on "The Night Face Up" and on "Borges and I" as well as a paragraph response about the concept of doppelgangers. Make sure to study your notes and review the stories. Prepare for your quiz!

Thursday, January 26, 2017

Homework for the Weekend - A Day - 26 January

Advanced Russian:  All of you are working in your journals this weekend.

Russian II/III - You are working with the verbs ходить/идти and the verbs носить/нести. If you are in Russian III then you want to work with the в/во- prefix on those verbs. Write a brief story using these verbs. Write about 10 sentences. Practice on writing in the different tenses and focusing on cases. We'll go over these Monday.

Russian IV - Read the fourth section of White Nights and translate the passage in your journal. You should also answer question one. This gives you a chance to add more to your graphic organizer about the main character, do that.

Russian I:  We have now reviewed how to work with adjectives and possessive pronouns in the nominative, accusative, and prepositional cases. This weekend, complete the three exercises as practice. Remember to answer the questions. Change your endings to show the proper cases. Attempt all of the questions in the exercises.

Also, don't forget to keep studying your vocabulary and grammar notes!

English II:  If you did not finish the one-paragraph response today in class then that is due next class. We have read Cortazar and Borges. Next we'll watch a film and then prepare for our quiz on these stories.

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Homework for B Day Students - 25 January 2016

AP English III

With today being a PLC Day we didn't have the chance to delve into DuBois the way that I wanted to. That's okay though because he lines up really well with Hurston (the reading for tonight). Take time to read Zora Neale Hurston's "How It Feels To Be Colored Me" - it's in 50 Essays or at this link.

As you read, try to find elements of Transcendentalism. Do you see how she is working through the idea of double consciousness? Try to relate her to DuBois and the others.

Also, I will collect your final reflection on Transcendentalism next week. Continue the experiment to Friday and take the weekend to reflect and write about the process of simplifying.

English II

No required homework for tonight. Enjoy the end of the semester!