Wednesday, September 21, 2016

A Day Homework - 21 September 2016

English II

We will have some time to finish up our vocabulary study on Monday.  For tonight, you should all focus on the rewrite of your paragraphs.  Take what comments I gave you and what I discussed with you during the conference to rewrite and resubmit your paragraph for a new grade.  Remember to use the statements, our class activity, and our example paragraph to help you with your rewrite.  You'll turn these in on Friday and get new grades before progress reports.

Russian I

Today we had our quiz on the alphabet.  If you need to resubmit or redo a part of it, start studying and reviewing now so that you can resubmit next week.  Keep reading and working on your vocabulary!  Next class we'll be watching a film.

Russian II - IV

You should be continuing to work on your Global Simulation character and developing him or her.  Don't forget that you will be working with new vocabulary next class and watching a Russian television show to develop your listening skills.  If you need to keep working on verbs and stems, keep up that work and see me next week to resubmit your quiz.

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