Tuesday, May 21, 2013


Alrighty kiddos - It's exam time.  The exam schedule for all of you is posted on the Jordan website, I'm including a link to the actual document here.  Please be aware that A1 students will not have a formal review period, so I will work in some review time before we begin the actual testing period.

As a reminder, any work which you have not yet submitted must be turned in at the day of the exam in order to get credit.  At this point, fourth quarter grades are ready for nearly all of you so that you can determine your final score for the year if you are exempt.  Remember that no student in English IV can be exempt from the exam as your test is a state test.

If you have any questions, come and see me.  Good luck on your exams!  Be rested and ready!

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

AP English III - Group Photo

If you couldn't make the group photo but would like to be included e-mail me a small photo of you and I will photoshop you in.

B-Day Flannery O'Connor Discussion Board

Please respond to the following prompt by attaching a comment signed with your name. Responses received before 4:00 on Friday afternoon will be considered for extra credit on a previous assignment of either one, two, or three points.

As discussed during the reading of the story, Flannery O'Connor is an expert when it comes to creating and using irony within her stories.  In your opinion, which element is the most ironic in the body of the story?  What is this element's greater purpose in the context of the story?  How does irony help Flannery O'Connor to communicate her greater message?

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

A-Day Flannery O'Connor Discussion Board

Please respond to the following prompt by attaching a comment signed with your name.  Responses received before 4:00 on Thursday afternoon will be considered for extra credit on a previous assignment of either one, two, or three points.

Flannery O'Connor is celebrated as being one of the foremost authors of the Southern Gothic style.  This style relies especially on the use of the grotesque in either characters or situations to clarify O'Connor's greater purpose in the story.  Given that knowledge, what element of the grotesque do you think has the most impact on the story?  What is that impact?  Why is this element of the grotesque and its impact important to the story as a whole?

Homework and Reminders 5/14 and 5/15

We've got a few reminders for all of you in this post.  Please pay attention and read carefully.

AP English IV:  Our final days are upon us - Thursday we have our Character Cafe and then on Monday we have the project presentations.  Be sure that you have completed your entry ticket thoroughly on your character.  I'll announce exemptions for all of you on Monday.  There's no formal review for our exam but I am offering time for you to come in on Tuesday afternoon or during lunch on Tuesday which is the last day of class.  It's not required, but I'd come if you're taking the exam.

Remember for Thursday to be on time as we'll be taking our group photo at the beginning of class.

AP English III:  First, remember that we have The Great Gatsby on Thursday afternoon at around 3:30.  Meet at the Carmike Wynnsong on Martin Luther King Parkway.  Also, we'll be having our group photo on Wednesday afternoon at 2:40.  Please be prompt!

You all have your Character Cafe on the last day of class.  Remember to sign up with me with your character and what you're planning on bringing for the good of the group.  Keep it secret - part of the fun of the game is figuring out who everyone is.  I'll announce exam exemptions for all of you during the Character Cafe.

Lastly, due to the fact that I'll be out this Friday you will have your final chance to tun in your Motif/Calligraphy Projects on Monday the 20th.  This is a final due date for all students!

English IV:  If you have missing assignments you need to get these made up and submitted ASAP.  A-day students have their final projects due on the 16th (Thursday).  B-day students will need to turn in their projects on either the 16th during 4th period or on Monday the 20th before school, after school, or during 4th period.  Again, due to the fact that I will be out, the date has changed.

A3 Denisovich Scripts

A3 Students - Here is the link for your script.


Friday, May 10, 2013

Winding Down the Year

Students!  Happy Friday!

By this point all of you have taken your AP Exams for me and now we just need to move forward to our actual examinations.  AP Students - I'll be announcing your exemptions on the 20th and 21st.  Remember that absences do count as well as grades. 

AP Juniors - Remember that your motif and calligraphy projects are due next week.  This is really your final chance to bring up your grades for the quarter - be sure that these projects show a level of sophistication and style.  I'll be able to collect your projects before school, after school, or during lunches.  Remember that you need to come with your copy of Invisible Man for a quick annotation check when you submit your work to me.  I will not be able to collect projects on the 17th (Friday) due to the fact that I will not be in the building.  Please plan accordingly.

English IV - Please work to complete your final projects on A Day in Your Life.  Consider your presentation and your commentary as you work.  B-day students, I will need to change your due date due to my absence next Friday.  I'll be sure to find a plan that will work for you all and be fair.

Freshman Focus - Next week we will be constructing our children's books.  Remember to bring any materials that you may need.  I'll have the basics of colored pencils, markers, glue and colored paper - but you will need to bring clip art or collaging materials if you're not hand drawing your illustrations.

Lastly, if you have any materials or books from me please start bringing those back!  I don't want to hunt you all down at the end of the year.

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Homework and Reminders - 5/8 and 5/9

By this point in the year all classes really just have their final projects to work on and complete.  Be sure that you're working on these so that your final projects show a level of sophistication and that they complete the task that you have ahead of you.

Remember - AP students, those of you taking the exam, I'd like to see you before you test.  Come see me for one last hype-up!

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

AP English III Homework - 5/7 and 5/8

Like I said, this week the B-day students are ahead of the A-day students due to AP Testing; we'll all catch back up with each other by the end of the week.  For tonight I would just remind you that you have your final projects due next week - Remember that you can turn them in all week before school, after school, during C lunch on A-days and during all lunches on B-days.  I will be spot checking your annotated novels during this time - so make sure that you have everything that you need to have when you come to submit the project.

You've got your exam this week - for those of you taking it - be sure to rest, eat a good and filling breakfast with protein and carbohydrates before you test, and don't be stressed.  You're all amazing!  You'll do wonderfully.

Monday, May 6, 2013

Homework Reminders - 5/6 and 5/7

Cross another day off of your calendars everyone.  We're only FIVE A-days away from the beginning of final exams.  Make sure that you're studying and preparing as well as portioning your time wisely so that you can get all of your tasks completed.

AP English IV

At this point your priority is to finish your projects related to Ivan Denisovich - our presentations of these projects will not happen until the 20th of May (LDOC) but remember that in order to fully show me a complete project you can not rush this at the last minute.  Review your assignment sheets and make sure that your moments which you present show me what they need to show. 

AP English III

Today was not a real class as we had only six people here.  To those of you who were taking an AP Exam, I hope you felt prepared.  Check back tomorrow for your update.

English IV

Many of you are missing assignments or missing parts of assignments which are bringing your overall grade down.  Remember that I will be checking your journals next class to see how you've done with the reading of this text as we've been working.  Be sure that you don't have any missing entries or that you don't have gaps in the earlier entries.  You also have a final project which is coming due at the end of the next week.  Be ready for this!

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Homework and Announcements - The Beginning of the End - 5/2 and 5/3


We're now at a point in the year where we are really focused on wrapping up and preparing for exams, or two rounds of exams for AP students.  Below are some reminders going into AP Exam week and also as we move in to May.  Remember as always to ask for any help, especially if you're falling behind or have been absent.

AP English III and IV

Next week you all have your AP Exams, many of you will be absent on Monday taking your AP science exams so the schedule and lessons will be a bit discombobulated.  Remember that you should be focusing on your review at this point.  Go over strategies, learn and review vocabulary, maybe a practice set or two.  We'll continue talking about the writing tasks in class over the next few days.

Don't forget about our photos.  Your respective exams are at the end of the week and you have morning exams.  I would really enjoy seeing all of you before you march in to do the deed, one last cheer perhaps.

AP English III - Remember about your motif and calligraphy projects on Invisible Man.  I will spot check your novels when you submit your project to me.  Thus, there will be times for you to come by during the week of the 13th.  Prepare yourselves accordingly.

AP English IV - Your final projects are coming due at the very end of the quarter.  Right before your Senior Breakfast day.  Stay tuned on Monday for more fun surprises at the end of the year!  If you've not finished Ivan Denisovich make sure that you do!

English IV

Many of you today asked me in class about your Shakespeare final presentation grades.  If you need to make up part of this assignment, please see me during your lunch period to get this settled.  You all also have your final project which should be occupying your time outside.  Think about your day, think about your daily routines.  Remember the idea of introspection and reflection - What does what you do say about who you are?  How can you express this with various voices?

And onward to next week!  Happy Friday!