Wednesday, February 29, 2012

B4 Announcement

B4 Students,

Remember that you don't have the board games assignment. Instead you need to work through the first three parts of the scene and complete your reason guide which I gave you in class. Please make sure that this reading guide is turned into the homework box by Friday morning. We will continue straight on to the second half of III.1.

As always, see me if you have any questions.

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Tuesday and Wednesday (2/28 and 2/29) Homework and Reminders

It's a leap year.  Those people Mr. Leathers announces tomorrow will be turning four, since they've technically only had four birthdays.  Anyway, the business is below.

AP English III:

After today's class you've gotten something big off of your plate - there is one more big thing for this week and then a rather large reading goal moving to next week.  The major thing remaining is your research outline.  I have started to see a lot of movement on these in a variety of ways, keep going.  Please use the rubric as you craft your outline.  Think to yourself, "Am I doing this part of the rubric?"  If the answer is yes, make sure it's done thoroughly.  If the answer is no, you have a major problem.  Outlines are due Thursday and Friday.  You have one remaining day to ask for help - tomorrow.

Looking forward to next week - you have a large reading goal.  Follow your reading schedules closely and get to the end of chapter fifteen.  The novel is going to start being a lot more cohesive here, which is something I'm sure a lot of you have been waiting for, grab on to this plot with the Invisible Man.  Continue to notice the cycles.  On your reading, you will have a deadline/honesty check on your motif charts.  You should be able to get chapter thirteen on your chart.  You'll then need to create one to log chapters fourteen and fifteen.  I'll give you new ones next week.  Remember to do this AS you read; it'll save time.

English I:

You have two things due next class:  a homework assignment and a project checkin.  Your homework is the "Board Games" assignment.  First you must block or diagram the movements of the characters in the key moments of III.1.  Follow the instructions on the sheet.  Give a key to your diagram and use arrows to show movement.  Make sure that each event is clearly marked in your diagram.

You will then answer the three questions listed at the bottom on the back of the worksheet.  As you answer the questions, really try to understand the character.  You'll want to comment on how he understands certain events as well as his emotions.  Be clear and concise in your answers.  Turn this assignment in to the box.

This is your first project checkin as well.  I've been happy that some of you have brought me drafts.  This assignment may also be submitted to the box, or you can bring it to class.  I understand that some of you may need to print during lunch in the library - be sure to get a pass in advance.

See you all tomorrow!

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Notes and Reminders for the Weekend

AP English III:

You all have a lot of things on your plate for this class right now.  Remember not to procrastinate.  The best option you have is to get immediately on your tasks and deal with what you have to do.  I'm going to outline your goals for you in order of importance.
  1. Your takehome test is due on Tuesday/Wednesday.  This needs to be typed and you need to review your answers.  Remember that you can ask questions - but your chance to do that is quickly disappearing.  Use your books - make your answers good.  Follow your ideas to their conclusion and clearly explain yourself.  Remember, you should be able to accomplish this test in a regular class period.  Time yourself, but then take time to review, edit, and perfect.
  2. Research outlines are due on Thursday/Friday.  Some of you have come in and asked for help and even shared drafts.  You have the rubric - follow it.  Research.  Get your sources.  Get it organized.  More time spent on the outline will save you time in your writing.
  3. Read chapters ten, eleven, and twelve in Invisible Man.  We're going to see some big changes for our narrator.  Notice those.  Also, be aware that I will probably collect your motif charts soon.  Get them filled in!
English I:

This is your final weekend to work on your projects before the first part is due.  Work hard, get it done.  Many of you missed your homework check this morning, if you missed that grade, be sure that you get the work done this weekend and sit study hall next week.  Don't let these little grades be the death of you!

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Homework for the Evening - 2/21 and 2/22

This is a bit of an odd week for us what with the delay yesterday and the shortened day yesterday.  Here are your notes about things to take care of before next class.

AP English III:

Today I gave you two very important assignments.  Let's deal with them in the order that they'll be collected.  First, you have your take-home examination.  I want to remind all of you that this is due on the 28th and 29th of February.  These will not be accepted late.  At all.  You have a week, use it.  You should spend a lot of your time this weekend completing this.  I would like for this to be typed, if not typed, please make sure that it's written in ink.  Follow all of the instructions listed on the sheet, be sure that you complete all parts.  Please feel free to ask any questions, but be reminded that I will not look at any drafts.  A final reminder:  Any evidence of cheating, sharing answers, or consulting sources other than your notes, books, or minds will result in a very bad thing.  Be honorable, do your own work. 

Other things:  Your outline rubric goes through what you need to complete for this assignment.  Remember that outlines are due next week on Thursday and Friday.  Feel free to do your outline on Google Documents and share it with me for faster feedback.  If you do this, please title your document FirstName LastName Research Outline Class Period.  This will help me organize my files. 

Lastly, please make sure that you've thoroughly read chapters seven through nine of Invisible Man.  We'll discuss these on Thursday/Monday and then begin moving on to chapter ten.  If you'd like to begin readig chapter ten, that's a good idea, but I would definitately work on your other assignments first.

Lots to do AP kids, see me for help if you need it.

English I:

Tonight I'd like for you to finish reading Act II.  Please read Act II Scene 5 and 6 - complete your who, what, where, and when notes for both scenes.  Also, at the end of the act please answer questions one through five to check your understanding of the Act.  These questions are on page 843.  Keep your notes in your notebooks and your question answers as well.  I will probably check Act II notebooks next class - be prepared!

Also, don't forget that your first check-in on your project is very soon.  None of you have yet asked me for any help, so I assume that everything's fine.

Monday, February 20, 2012

A Substitute Day - Reiterating Some Things

I hope that your day, B-day, with the substitute was productive.  I know that with the two-hour delay some things got pushed around or shortened; let me take this time to reiterate a few things to you all so that you're prepared for Wednesday.

AP English III:

I'll give you the results of your partner practice test on Monday of next week.  Wednesday's going to be a bit packed with the business of the day which is chapters seven through nine of Invisible Man.  Make sure that you go through all of the quotations on the handout thoroughly and that each is annotated.  You should be able to draw these to major motifs, character development, as well as other linguistically interesting things (diction, syntax, tone, and so forth).  You'll also want to make sure that you've read the chapters in the book thoroughly.

Also next class I'll be giving you the rubric for our research paper outlines.  This is our next major step in developing these argumentative essays.  It is imperative that you have begun to research in order to complete the outline.  Don't delay on this.  Find your sources and begin to have a conversation with them.

English I:

All of you today should have watched the more modern version of Romeo and Juliet as well as the more traditional one.  We will continue to watch these two films as we study this play.  You will continue to make observations in preparation for a writing assignment regarding the adaptation of Shakespeare's tragedy.  For tonight, you should continue working on your projects.  Remember that you do have some goals to start meeting very soon.

4B - You should all take some time to complete the grammar packet as well.  I'll be reviewing that with you on Wednesday's class.

I think that should do it.  Please come see me tomorrow if you have any questions.

Friday, February 17, 2012

Work for the weekend and Monday night


I will not be here on Monday due to the fact that I'll be at a workshop at UNC Chapel Hill all day.  I'm looking forward to spending the day at my alma mater reconnecting with a few former professors of mine.  B-day students will complete their tasks for the day with a substitute.  Here are your notes on what you need to complete at home.

AP English III:

You have several big reading portions to take care of.  By Tuessday/Wednesday you'll need to be to the end of chapters seven through nine.  By Thursday/Monday (27th) you need to be to the end of chapter ten.  Chapter ten is a bit on the confusing side, but given the fact that you've been reading this book for some time I think that all of you will be able to handle it.

Please complete your quote analysis sheets at home if you didn't have a chance to thoroughly read an annotate all of the passages.  We'll use this as an anchor for our discussion of chapters seven through nine on Tuesday/Wednesday.  Also, don't forget that you have an outline for your research paper due soon.  You should be researching now in preparation for this deadline.  Remember - procrastination kills.  Be ahead.

English I:

I hope that you are enjoying these films.  As we continue to read, we'll continue to watch.  For this weekend, spend some time getting ahead on your projects.  Remember that we have a deadline coming soon.  Next week would be a great time to see me with a draft and ask for help.

Enjoy your weekend!  Oh, and Juniors, you have progress reports coming out on Tuesday/Wednesday.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Homework for Wednesday/Thursday - 2/15 and 2/16

Alrighty kiddos, here's what you need to do.

AP English III:

Your next reading goal in Invisible Man is to read chapters seven through nine.  This is where the Invisible Man moves off to New York and begins the next phase of this novel.  I would like for all of you to attempt to have this done by Friday/Monday.  However, we won't be discussing these chapters until the 21st and 22nd.  So, know that you have a bit of leeway in your reading.  Since you do have that leeway, you should be continuing to do your research and move forward with your papers.  Remember that we will have another checkin on these papers due very soon.  In about two weeks you'll need to submit your outlines - remember that in order to outline you need to already have your sources.  Remember not to slack.  Slacking leads to bad things.

Finally, you're going to have your first assessment on Invisible Man on the Prologue to Chapter Six.  Prepare.  Be ready.  Ask for help if you need it.

English I:

Tonight you're taking a break from Romeo and Juliet and spending time with your projects.  Remember the goal to have the reading done by the end of next week.  Our first deadline is March 1st and 2nd.  Don't miss this deadline, remember that it's a quiz grade.  You should start coming to see me soon to get extra help or for me to edit your projects. 

Monday, February 13, 2012

And we have another Monday...

And so it is, another week.  Though next week we've got only four days, so that's something to look forward to.

AP English III:

Tonight you need to finish your reading of chapters five and six of Invisible Man.  A lot of you who are ahead told me that you were really confused about chapter five.  That's to be expected.  As I said in the last post, it's entirely stream of consciousness.  The goal here should be to get through the chapter, develop questions, and bring those with you to our discussion on Wednesday/Thursday.  Personally, I haven't made sense of everything in that chapter yet.  I'm hoping with your help that we'll discover some things together.

After today's class you have all gotten your research topics back.  It's time to start researching and writing your thesis.  Remember that by the last week of February/first week of March you should have your outline completed with your sources.  I'll be giving your a rubric for your outlines soon which will outline (heh) what I'm expecting.

Lastly, we're having another timed writing Wednesday/Thursday to prepare for the ACT.  It's an argument, so I think that you'll all do fine.  Just review what a good argument is made of.

English I:

We're two-thirds of the way through the balcony scene.  We'll finish it as a group tomorrow.  Tonight for homework you need to read over Act II, Scene 3 and take your notes on Who, Where, When, and What.  As you read, I also want you to keep track of the various opposites in this scene.  As you see opposites, you'll want to write down the line numbers as well as the opposite words.

We will also be having a warm-up check next class.  It would be a good idea for all of you to make sure you get the reading done thoroughly and that you've reviewed your grammar.  As you've seen, the warm-ups are getting trickier, the later we move into the year.

Lastly English I kids, we've got quiz corrections available this week on the Act I Quests.  You can come after school or during lunch on Wednesday and Friday.  This opportunity doesn't come often.  Make sure that you take advantage of it.

With that, I'm off to grade your homework.

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Homework for the Weekend - 2/9 and 2/10

Cheers to the weekend!  As I paraphrase Rihanna, please look below for your reminders for this weekend.

AP English III:

Your next big reading goal will be the 15th and 16th.  You've got to move through chapters five and six.  Chapter six ends the college section and will be where we'll have our first major assessment on Invisible Man and other pieces that we've read up to this point.  Chapter five will probably be pretty difficult for most of you.  This is where the Rev. Homer Barbee gives his sermon and the Invisible Man listens, letting his mind wander.  Remember the idea of stream of consciousnessLook closely at this section, read carefully.  Chapter six is a punch in the gut, and it's pretty short too.

Since you have a bit of extra time, I would like for you all to begin researching and coming up with some sources.  You'll really begin researching in earnest next week after you've gotten your topics back, but doing a bit of leg work this weekend will be useful.  Remember that you need a mixture of primary and secondary sources; print and non-print sources.  We'll talk about what all of this means on Monday/Tuesday.  I'm also hoping that on Monday/Tuesday we'll also have a chance to look at a few more passages from Invisible Man that I think are pretty noteworthy.

English I:

This weekend you're going to continue moving forward on your projects.  We'll be doing a lot of Act II of Romeo and Juliet in class simply because it's probably one of my favorite acts.  This weekend I want you to continue reading your plays, but I need you to turn in some evidence of your reading. 

Honors and Standard students:  You will construct a venn diagram comparing and contrasting the play that you're reading with Romeo and Juliet.  Be sure that you identify the title of your play.  I'm going to be looking for ten points of contrast (differences), and five points of comparison (similarities). 

Honors students:  You will then take that venn diagram and write me two paragraphs comparing and contrasting your play and Romeo and Juliet.  As you write, you may want to focus on just one or two similarities and differences, explain them thoroughly, and show why these similarities and differences are important.  Remember to follow good writing rules, use clear details from your plays, and fully explain your ideas.

This assignment is due to the box Monday (A-day) or Tuesday (B-day).  Also, Standard students can do the writing assignment to earn some extra credit on a previous homework assignment.

To all:

On Monday/Tuesday you'll be getting a good amout of work returned to you.  Just giving you a head's up.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

I don't know any songs about Tuesday

So instead of talking about that, I'll just let you know of your homework.

AP English III:

You've got two more chapters to read, three and four of Invisible Man.  These two chapters are linked to chapter two in a strong way.  We have only begun to scratch the surface of chapter two!  We will go a lot deeper with chapters two, three, and four during class on Thursday/Friday.  Please make sure that you have read and thoroughly annotated these chapters.  Chapter four is relatively short, and provides a good place to pause before the next slog to the end of the college section.

Your first major assessment with Invisible Man will happen after we've discussed chapter six.  Make sure that you're preparing by being a good reader.

On to research - If you did not submit your research plan today before our timed writing then it is due at the beginning of class on Thursday/Friday.  Don't slack on this.  You may find that you need to do a bit of research before you can actually can write your question.  Use your sheet and answer all parts, thoroughly.

English I:

Today we had our first assessment on Romeo and Juliet, covering Act I.  Things will continue to develop and get intense as we move into Act II.  This is where Shakespeare really turns up the intensity and the complications and foreshadowing abound.  Tonight, take a break from Romeo and Juliet, but spend your time on your play for your project.

You should spend an hour or two reading over the next few days.  I gave you the goal in class today of having your play read by the 24th.  This is a realistic and good goal for all of you.  Remember your first due date with this project is March 1st and 2nd.  Honors students will have their scene translations due at this checkin.  Standard students will have the adaptation assignment due.  Be sure that you have read and understand the instructions.  Misinterpreting the instructions will lead to a poor score.  As always I'm happy to look at drafts and provide feedback for this project.

Have a good evening!

Monday, February 6, 2012

Monday, Monday...

That's a song by The Mamas and the Papas.  Great group, great songs.  Just a few quick reminders and announcements for those of you out today on the ski trip.

AP English III:

We were missing a lot of people today due to the Physics field trip as well as just a few absences.  Today we discussed "Notes of a Native Son" as well as the SYNTHESIS prompt.  There's a lot of information about the synthesis in the previous post.  I would highly recommend that those of you absent today come to see me tomorrow about this type of writing.  I don't want you being blindsided by your timed writing on Wednesday.

Be sure that you've read to the end of chapter two.  It's difficult, but get through it.  Just keep swimming with your eyes focused on the shore.

English I:

All of you that were present today have gotten progress reports.  If you missed the Queen Mab worksheet you must come to study hall tomorrow to get credit.  Some of you are really underperforming due to the fact that you're not submitting homework.  Remember that this quarter you get the grade you earn - no more sixties.

To all of you:

Homework is definitely something for a lot of you to step it up on, AP kids, you too.  Doing homework as class begins is unacceptable and wont earn you a lot of credit.  Don't be lazy.  Don't procrastinate.  Done.

Friday, February 3, 2012

Homework for the Weekend and Monday

AP English III:

Today we've begun the process of unlocking the SYNTHESIS prompt.  I'm attaching a link here that has a lot of information on doing the SYNTHESIS.  Use this link to look at the sample prompts, sample responses, and guidelines for scoring.  You won't have one of these prompts for your timed writing (that'd be too easy) but remember that the skills are the same no matter what.  Spend some time this weekend reviewing and thinking.  Work on your skills.

Also this weekend you've got to finish reading chapter two of Invisible Man.  Focus on the character of Jim Trueblood.  He's quite symbolic.  Think about what's going on there.  Also, pay attention to the rape of the daughter and the idea of dreams.  We're hitting a lot of information about dreams.  Notice the trends.

Lastly, your research questions and topics are due next class.  I'd like for you to phrase your questions as thoroughly and specifically as you can.  I'll take some time to read over these and give you some feedback to help you make things a lot stronger.  We'll be moving on to developing arguments and starting the research next week.  Tuesday/Wednesday I'm planning on us looking at just chapter two and doing that synthesis prompt.  It'll be a big day!

English I:

Over the weekend you all need to prepare for your first Romeo and Juliet quiz.  In order to prepare you need to first review your notes and make sure that your notebook is well organized because I will be checking those notebooks on Tuesday/Wednesday during your quiz.  This quiz is going to focus on a few different elements of the play.
  1. The questions are going to focus on your comprehension of the events of the play.  Do you know what the major events are?  Can you put the events of the play in order?
  2. What have been our major literary devices that we've seen in this play?  What is the purpose of these literary devices?  Can you read Shakespearean language and recognize them?
  3. Do you know all of the characters in the play?  Can you tell me why they are in the play?  Are they symbolic?
  4. Honors students - you're going to have quote identifications.  Remember that you'll need to tell me who said it, when it was said, and why the quote is important to the play.
  5. Standard students - you're going to have short answer questions.  Focus on the major ideas we've seen in the play.  Opposites, irony, the prologue, the conflicts, all that good stuff.
Study hard.  Also, with your progress reports.  If you need to make up the Queen Mab worksheet, you need to come to study hall on Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday (only for B-day) to get that credit.

Ask me no questions, I'll tell you no lies.  Enjoy your weekend!

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Invisible Man Help Sessions

AP Kids,

Now that we're getting into Invisible Man we are going to hit some really rough water.  Some scenes will be very troubling to you on a lot of levels for a lot of reasons.  Remember at all times that Ellison is doing this for a purpose.  Mood is a key element of good literature.  Consider what you feel and why you feel it.  Investigate the language.  Take your time with this book and go in deep.

On that point, on Fridays and Wednesdays I invite you to come and discuss certain passages with me.  A small reading group is always useful to discuss particular areas and work through the rough spots.  This will invariably help with your writing skills as well (good readers are good writers), so come and have some tea and read.

Keep swimming.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Homework for 2/1 and 2/2

AP English III:

I was very pleased with our conversation today regarding the first chapter of Invisible Man.  Remember that this will take some time to get used to.  Keep reading.  Your next checkpoint is next week and you need to be to the end of chapter two.  This is a long chapter and will take several attempts to get through.  Be smart, chop up the reading, and do a little bit each night.  Make sure that as you're reading you do fill out those motif charts.

Tonight as well as starting the reading of chapter two I also want you to do a bit of writing for me.  I'd like for you to take a group of sentences from our sentence combination activity on the Battle Royal and create a thorough paragraph using those sentences as your starting point.  Remember to include details from the text and push those sentences to a clear conclusion.  I'll collect this from you at the beginning of class on Friday/Monday.

Other reminders:  Your research questions are due on 2/7 and 2/8.  This is not that far away.  You either need to share a Google document with me or you will need to turn in a hard copy of your question that day. 

English I:

We're nearly done with our first act of Romeo and Juliet.  I hope that all of you are enjoying it.  You will have your first quiz on Act I on Tuesday/Wednesday next week.  Your quiz will be based heavily on your notes - please make sure that you're organized and prepared.  For tonight's homework you need to finish the Queen Mab worksheet that I gave you today in class.  Make sure that you follow the instructions thoroughly.  This worksheet is due to the box on Friday/Monday.

I think that does it.  See you soon.