Friday, October 21, 2016

Homework for the Weekend - A Day - 21 October 2016

Next week is the last week of the quarter!  Only Monday and Tuesday will be your day to submit any missing/redone assignments!  Don't be late with this!

Advanced Russian:

On Tuesday we will have our quarter one exam.  For all of you, we will have questions related to case governance with verbs and with the one-stem verb system.  Make sure that you are reviewing all of your stem knowledge as well as your verb knowledge.

Russian III will also have questions related to telling time and talking about dates in Russian.

Russian IV will also have questions related to participles, deverbal adverbs, and который phrases.

Today's readings should have helped you to review the needed ideas for Tuesday.  Remember, if you haven't turned in your profile online, you will have until Sunday to finish and submit it.

Russian I

Today we learned how to conjugate first and second conjugation verbs in Russian.  Congratulations!  Now all you need to do is memorize how to do this!  The homework this weekend will help you to do that.  Complete exercise nine as a reading and translating exercise.  Complete exercise ten as a writing exercise - using the pictures, answer with a positive sentence using Да or a negative sentence saying Нет ____ не __________.  This will help you practice your sentence structure.  Exercise one should be completed as writing - read the sentence, find the verb, fill in the blank with the appropriate pronoun.  Exercise three should be completed as a writing exercise.  Read the sentence, find the subject, and conjugate the logical verb to fill in the blank.

Also, if you haven't finished your profile yet, make sure that you submit it by Sunday to be graded.

English II

Over the weekend you should finish your vocabulary playlist activity.  Remember to state the word, the name of the song/movie that goes along with the meaning of the word, and then explain how the song matches the word.  On Tuesday we will be presenting our skits to help us start wrapping up The Boy Who Dared and our introductory unit.

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