Friday, October 7, 2016

Homework for the Weekend - October 7

English II

Remember to be studying your vocabulary: parts of speech, suffixes, and definitions.  You have your vocabulary list from the coloring activity and the  mad lib activity to help you study.  We'll be testing on these soon.

Also make sure you're caught up in The Boy Who Dared.  You should have read and be familiar with at least up to page 67.

AP English III

You need to read and annotate Huck Finn chapters 7-12 for Monday.  We'll be having a graded discussion, so you'll need good annotations and thoughts about the chapters to participate and get a good grade.

Don't forget to talk to Mr. Miller or Ms. McCormick about setting up a time to do a resubmit on your Quest, if you feel so inclined. The grading period ends October 28.

Have a good weekend!

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