Thursday, September 15, 2016

Homework for 15 September - A Day

English II

Keep thinking this weekend about our final question - Is it ever okay to break the law?  Think about examples of people in your life or in history who have done this.  Why are they doing it?  Were they successful in getting what they wanted?

Russian I

I hope that you all enjoyed the game today with Russian celebrities and greetings.  Keep practicing your new vocabulary - the goal would be for you to learn it this weekend.

If you finished your name poster then you have no real homework for the weekend other than to keep practicing your reading and writing of Russian.  If you have not turned in your name poster, then you would need to finish that to turn in on Monday.

Your quiz on the alphabet and handwriting will be on Wednesday.

Advanced Russian

Over the weekend practice with the various verbs and stems that you have been learning in advance of our quiz on WEDNESDAY of next week.  The quiz will cover transcription, verb conjugation in past and present tense as well as stem knowledge.  You should be using the level specific stems to guide your practice.  If I were to give you a verb with that stem or a conjugation of that verb you should be able to determine what to do with that verb.

Additionally, remember your new vocabulary lists.  Work with these regularly to learn your new words.

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