Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Homework for A-Day: 13 September 2016

English II

Given what Ms. McCormick and I saw today about reading outside of class, I think that we're going to follow through on Thursday about making sure that everyone has read.  Tonight you need to read from page twenty-seven to forty-one.  You'll want to pay attention to how things are changing for Helmuth and for Germany as a whole.  Take notes as you read - write things down as you notice these changes.

Remember to keep drawing what you say about the characters and events by tying your ideas back to what the book actually says.

Russian I

On Thursday I'll be handing back your handwriting packets and we'll spend some time looking at a few places where we need some improvement (hooked letters are a bother).  Don't forget that we'll have our first quiz on Monday which will cover the sounds of the alphabet and handwriting.

Tonight, you should keep practicing your reading and writing with our new vocabulary words.  You have words which are useful for names and around school as well as phrases.  Write each one at least once on your handout or in your notes (or both).  Mark stresses.  Read.  Use the words with your family and friends.  Add a Russian keyboard on your phones!  Listen to Russian music on Spotify and read the titles.  Use the Russian you're learning.

Advanced Russian

We started moving on to the new topics to cover in this unit (reviewing our last unit for Russian III and IV) and getting our new vocabulary together.  Tonight, we've got a few things to do with our vocabulary and with the new grammar.

Russian IV - Read the passages and hunt for participles.  Use the ending chart to organize them by types.  Work backwards.  What are the verbs?  What are the который phrases?  What do these things mean?  Where are cases?  Also, start reading Толстой - check out the first few pages.

Russian III - Complete the exercises on reflexive pronouns.  Remember to write out the sentences to practice fully with the grammar.  Translate and understand what is being said.  What cases are being used?  You may find it helpful to diagram the sentences and find the subject when using reflexive pronouns.

Russian II - Complete the verb work we started looking at today if you did not finish it already.  Also the exercise B which we nearly finished reviewing today.

All Classes II-IV - With your new vocabulary you will see verbs and their stems identified.  Hopefully now you are able to fully make sense of what the glossary is telling you.  Work with four new verbs, try to work with four different stems.  Do what we have been doing with our examples - What's the stem?  What are the endings?  How do mutations come into effect, if at all?  What is the meaning of the verb?  What are some cases we use with this?

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