Monday, November 21, 2016

Homework for Thanksgiving Break - A Day - 21 November

English II:

There's no real homework for you to complete over the break but you should keep reading and writing and thinking.  There's an online version of Persepolis if you're interested in that.  You can find it at this link.

Advanced Russian:

Over the break you need to write a brief story using the new grammar (time expressions, imperatives, comparisons), but don't forget what you've already learned.  There's a length requirement based on the different levels.  Twos should write eight to ten sentences.  Threes should write twelve to fifteen sentences.  Four should write twenty (or more) sentences.  Feel free to write about anything that you want, but make it logical.

I'd recommend planning in English first.  Remember to keep it simple.  No translators.

Russian I:

This break I want you to write ten sentences using the nominative and accusative cases.  Use exercise six as a jumping off point.  Use a variety of verbs and items, but be able to understand everything that you write and say.

No translators.  Use the vocabulary that you know.

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