Friday, September 9, 2016

Homework for the Weekend - 9 September - A Day

Russian II-IV

First things first we will have our first assessment on transcription and verb stems on Monday, September 19.  Make sure that you are preparing for this assessment.  To help you prepare and finish your learning on this concept, we have our homework this weekend.  Only complete parts A and B in the instructions.  We will continue to work on these verbs next week.  Remember that you have to complete the verbs for your level and below you.  My recommendation is to do each verb on a card, that way you have a study card for each type of verb stem.  Use your overview sheet to help you complete this.

Also, continue working on your Global Simulation work in Google Classroom.  Try to have that submitted if you can, if not, we'll have a chance to finish it in the computer lab soon.

Russian I

We also have Global Simulation work to try and finish if possible - you should be deciding on your Russian name as well as settling the debate between Moscow and St. Petersburg.  These assignments are in Google Classroom.  Beyond this, you should spend your weekend finishing your handwriting packet and practicing your reading of cognates and sounds.

I will be collecting your handwriting on Tuesday for a grade.

English II

Today we started reading our novel, The Boy Who Dared - we completed the first fifteen pages and discussed the main character (protagonist) and his family.  Over the weekend, read pages fifteen through twenty-seven and complete your reading guide as you do this.  Remember that if we have a quiz in class for our warm-up, it will cover these pages.  You may use your reading guide on the quiz if we have it.

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