Monday, September 12, 2016

Homework for 12 September - B Day

English II

Tonight for homework you have the next section of our book The Boy Who Dared to read.  You'll be reading from where we stopped on page fifteen on to page twenty-seven.  As you read, take note of the reading guide and complete it.  You have work to do on the characters and then assessing the positives and negatives of Hitler's leadership in Germany.

Remember that if we have a quiz on our reading, you'll be able to use the reading guide.

AP English III

You have nothing due next class.  Everything in this post is due for Friday's class.  First, please finish the work that we began today in Google Classroom - upload the rest of your word slides and have them finalized for Friday.  Remember to use your resources - and  You should consider yourself a bit of an expert on these words by then.  Additionally, please read and annotate Eudora Welty's "Listening".  You can find it in 50 Essays or at this link.

Next class we will begin the process of revising our essay outlines for new grades.  Be ready for some heavy lifting!

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