Friday, March 30, 2012

Homework for the Weekend and Monday (4/2)


You all have a final test coming up on Tuesday/Wednesday on the texts that we have just finished studying.  Here are some notes and reminders about this exam.

AP English III:

Today we did two pretty big things - we reviewed our motif projects as well as the final exam prompts for our final timed writing.  Let me address the motif projects first and then the timed writing reminders.

For the motif projects you will want to make sure that you follow the instructions on the guide sheet to the letter.  This project will not be due until after Spring Break - but you should be able to complete it before Spring Break if you really work hard.  Remember that the project has three major components - the illustrated quote, the analysis of the quote, and then your motif charts.  Feel free to come see me next week or the week we get back from break to review your work.  This will count as a major test grade.

For the timed writing on Tuesday/Wednesday, I'd remind you that you already have the question - you just don't know which one I'll pick.  Spend your time this weekend marking passages in your novel that you'd discuss with these questions.  Think up arguments that you would want to present, and make sure that you fully understand the prompt.  For Tuesday/Wednesday you will have one hour to write.  You will also be able to use your books.

English I:

Over the weekend your big priority is to prepare for your exam on Romeo and Juliet.  Remember that you can come to class with a cheat sheet made out of a 3x5 notecard.  You can fill that card up with quotes, notes, or reminders.  Take the weekend to review all four prompts and prepare yourselves thoroughly.  You will have the full ninety minutes to plan and draft your essay on Tuesday/Wednesday.  Make sure that you're fully prepared.  This will count as a major test grade for all of you.

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Homework for March 28th and 29th

We're drawing ever closer to Spring Break!  I don't know about all of you, but I'm certainly excited about sleeping in and enjoying a week off.  As we move that direction, remember to stay focused on your tasks.

AP English III:

You all got a big thing off of your plates today - your research papers.  As a reminder, those of you who did not submit papers today are losing points for the assignment being late.  Do your best to get the assignment turned in to me ASAP.  Don't let this get you off to a bad start for our last quarter.

In terms of homework for tonight, I'd like for you to read chapter twenty five - the last "chapter" of Invisible Man.  There is an Epilogue at the very end, but we'll read that together in class.  Next class we'll be preparing for our final exam on Invisible Man - a timed writing of a different sort.  The final exam will be on April 3rd and 4th. 

Lastly, I would like for all of you to review the instructions that I gave you on the final motif project.  We'll review this assignment much more thoroughly on Friday/Monday as well as select the motifs that you will all study.  May the odds be ever in your favor...

English I:

Tonight's homework requires that you complete the rough draft of your review of Romeo + Juliet.  The instructions sheet clearly outlines what you need to have in each area of your movie review and how to construct those elements.  This should be a three paragraph assignment.  Please follow the structure rules specifically, especially the word count.  Bring your rough draft with you to class on Friday/Monday for a completion grade.  Walk in with a complete draft and you will begin the quarter with a 100 homework grade.  Again, get off to a good start.  The final drafts of this assignment will not be due until after Spring Break.

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Remdiners for AP English III - Research Papers


Next class you will be submitting your papers.  I wanted to make a post for you reminding you what you need to submit along with your draft:
  1. Final Draft in MLA format (in class I will give you a rubric and cover sheet)
  2. Works Cited Page (this should be stapled to the back of your final draft)
  3. Your documents from your Writing Conference
  4. Everything goes in your envelope.  If you need to get a new envelope, please do so.  I will not give you another nor will I accept papers submitted without a container. 
Take these final days to prepare and ask any final questions.  I look forward to reading your essays over the next few weeks.  As a reminder, you will not have these returned to you until after Spring Break.

Friday, March 23, 2012

Homework for the Weekend - 3/23 and 3/27

And thus ends another nine weeks.  I appreciate the fact that a lot of you stepped it up in the closing weeks to end strongly.  In our next nine weeks (the last one) it's important that you be consistently hard working throughout the quarter.  Here are your reminders for the weekend.  B-day students, this will be your work for Tuesday night, but it never hurts to be ahead.

AP English III:

Over the weekend you need to read the next chapter in Invisible Man - chapter twenty-four.  There's a huge riot in chapter twenty-four as well as another sexual scene with a white woman.  Continue to move forward with your motif charts and your annotations.  Remember that at this point in the novel you should begin to focus how Ellison is moving to the end of his novel and coming to give the readers messages about his various topics and motifs.

Also, you have research papers due next week.  I went over today what you will need to turn in with your envelopes.  A-day papers are due on Wednesday and B-day papers are due on Thursday.  Take the three day weekend and our conferences to improve your drafts.  Ask for help if you need it.

English I:

We've finished the play!  Enjoy the weekend and relax.  We'll be finishing the films next week and begin some of our final assessments on the play as well.  I would spend the weekend working on reviewing your writing skills - we'll be focusing on writing as we begin our transition to the end of the year and tenth grade.

Have a great weekend, everyone.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Homework for 3/21 and 3/22

I'm going to flip things around and deal with the Freshmen first and then speak to the Juniors.

English I:

Since we had our cumulative assessment today and since most of you are finishing up your projects - you really have no homework to prepare for Friday/Tuesday's class.  Please take this opportunity to rest before we finish our study of Romeo and Juliet.  I would remind all of you that the last day of the quarter is Friday.  If you have something that needs to be turned in, get it done and get it to me by Friday.

AP English III:

The quarter is essentialy done for all of you today as well with the completion of our timed writing.  I will have these graded for this quarter, but you will likely not get them back until next week.  To prepare for class on Friday/Tuesday I would like for you to be to the end of chapter twenty three.  This is a lengthy chapter, but the novel is moving to its conclusion.  Watch how, as we discussed in class, Ellison is making a lot of his very disparate ideas in the novel collide in interesting and symbolic ways.  These collisions will continue. 

Also, I would like to remind you about the due date for your papers.  When I handed out the assignment forever ago the date on there was the 28th and 29th.  This gives all of you the long weekend to finish your essays and collect all of the required pieces.  I am holding to this due date.  I will be available next Tuesday for any last minute help for A-day students and I'll be free on Wednesday afternoon for last minute help for B-day students.  Plan ahead.  Work hard. 

I think that'll do it.  See you all either Friday or Tuesday.  Enjoy the three day weekend.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

I forgot to post...Homework 3/20 and 3/21

Hey all.  Sorry that I forgot to put this up last night.  Here are your reminders to prep you for Wednesday and Thursday.

AP English III:

Next class we'll be having a timed writing.  We haven't done one in a while, so I figure it's a good idea to make sure that your skills are still strong.  We'll be working on an argumentative prompt - so reviewing the essential elements of an argument would be a good idea.  I'll also be collecting your journals next class as well as your redos of the motif charts.  Remember for the redos you do not need to submit the original document again, just turn in what you found that you didn't find the first time.  I will not accept redos late - this is me being generous, don't look a gifthorse in the mouth.

Your next reading goal in Invisible Man is the very lengthy chapter twenty three.  A-day students will need to have this read for Friday's class.  B-day students, you have the long weekend to Tuesday.  Also, we do have research papers coming due very soon.  You would do well to have them ready to be turned in next week. Draft this weekend.  Get it done.

English I:

For tonight I want all of you to continue working on your projects.  To those of you who have already performed, then you're in good shape.  One less thing to do.  If you've missed your presentation slot, make sure that you have a perfect performance when you do perform - you're already losing points for being late, make sure you don't then have a sloppy performance.

Next class we'll be having our next to last district test.  We'll be focusing on poetry in this test.  So study those elements that we've been going over in Shakespeare.

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Homework for the Weekend - Spring! 3/15 and 3/16


As we move forward into spring and all that it offers, remember that we're quickly coming to the end of this grading period and the beginning of the final grading period of the year.  Continue doing all of your assignments and doing them well, don't allow yourselves to fall behind.  If you are behind, catch up.  See me for help.

AP English III:

We're a bit off right now between the two classes, but we'll be back together next week.  Over the weekend, everyone will need to make his/her way to the end of chapter twenty-two of Invisible Man.  Keep up your motif charts and continue to analyze and interpret the text as well.  We are moving to the end of the novel and I am so excited for us to finish this circle.  This section will provide a big change in the character of Brother Tod.  Pay attention to the narrator's reaction and your reaction as a reader.

I plan on giving you all progress reports at the end of the nine weeks as well as a list of any remaining assignments.  As a head's up - I would expect a timed writing in the final week of the quarter.  And now that we're discussing writing, let's talk about papers.  Research papers should be into the drafting phase.  You must conference either tomorrow or next week.  If you haven't signed up or seen me about an alternate time, you will be at the whim of the schedule.  When you conference, you must come with all required documents.  Failure to do so will not be tolerated.  Do not miss your conference time by any means necessary.  Use your smartphones smartly - program a calendar reminder and then make that thing go off.  You have to foresee any potential conflicts.

Sorry to harp on this, but I'm a stickler about scheduling and punctuality.

English I:

We are moving to the end of our study of Romeo and Juliet - I hope that you all enjoyed what we've been seeing and learning in our study of this play.  Over the weekend, those of you who haven't done your presentations yet will want to get highly prepared.  As with the Juniors, I'm fully booked this week and all of you are scheduled.  If you can't go on your day, you will be docked points and you will be expected to go on the next day.  Remember that everything is due the day you give your speech.  Anything not submitted when you present your speech will be assessed with a late penalty.

Special congratulations go to the students who presented on the very first day.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

B Day Discussion Board - Plato

Please post your responses to the following question below.  Use refrences to Invisible Man and "Allegory of the Cave" where applicable.  Make sure that you answer all parts of the prompt.  Posts will be graded after class on Friday.  No late posts will be accepted.

Throughout the text of Invisible Man we see that the narrator continues to oscilate between his own reality and the reality of society.  This text complicates the idea of society because there are two socities within the text, African American society and White society.  There are, of course, multiple socities within these larger socities as well - complicating this overall question.  However, according to Plato's allegory, which society that we have seen within the pages of our novel is the one more responsible for keeping the Invisible Man within the cave and constricting his vision?  Has the Invisible Man broken free from this bondage?  Does he think that he has?  How does our role as readers in this text further this question.

As you answer, make sure that your response is your own.  Do not submit something similar to a previous post or it will not be considered for credit.  Come up with an argument and prove it.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

A Day Discussion Board - Plato

A day students.  Please post a comment to respond to the following prompt.  Draw on your knowledge of Invisible Man as well as your understanding of Plato's "Allegory of the Cave" to answer the following questions.  Use textual references where necessary.

Plato raises the idea in paragraph forty of transitioning between the world of light and the cave and that these transitions each affect the vision of the human.  Plato says as well that these "bewilderments...from coming out of the light or from going into...[are] true of the mind's eye, quite as much as of the bodily eye."  I would argue that the Invisible Man has suffered from these bewilderments multiple times throughout the text.

Which moment of the text do you think is the has provided the most significant bewilderment to the Invisible Man?  Is this a moment of going out of the light or going into it?  Which of his eyes is this effecting?  What is the overall importance?

Be thorough but concise in your answer.  Show me that you've read the book and tell me something coherent - edit before you hit submit.  Make sure you're focusing on the prompt.

Homework for All Classes - 3/13 and 3/14

No time for pleasantries here - let's just get straight to the business.

AP English III:

Tonight for homework your priority is to complete your reading and study of Plato's "Allegory of the Cave" - this can be found in 50 Essays or at the following link.  I would reccommend that all of you take a look at that link because it has a good illustration of "the cave" where Plato sets up his philisophical discourse.  I'm also putting in a film which I think may help you all to understand some of the intricacies of the story.

Please read this thoroughly as it does highly connect to Invisible Man.  After you've finished reading the piece by Plato - please respond to the prompt in the discussion board located above this post.  Make sure that your post is completed by the time you walk into class on Thursday/Friday.  I will grade them after class on Thursday/Friday.

In terms of other things to get done, you need to be to the end of chapter twenty-two of Invisible Man by next Monday and Tuesday.  We're quickly moving to the end of the novel and I'm excited to take you all through what happens to our friend.  Also, we are starting paper conferences.  Follow the schedule and be drafting.

English I:

For tonight you all should finish your studying for your Act II and III Examination.  This test will have multiple choice, quotations, and short answer questions.  Be sure that you are very ready.  Remember that this counts as a test grade and will highly affect your grade either positively or negatively related to your score.  We also have presentations and the end of our drama projects coming up.  Be sure that you're ready to present and that you have all of the final elements of your project ready.  Lastly, we will present Act III.5 projects next class (Thursday/Friday) -- be sure that every member of your group is ready to do their part!

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Weekend Reminders and Homework


Apologies for leaving early on Friday. I was having some really bad sickness and needed to get myself in bed ASAP. I hope that your day with the substitute was productive. Here are your reminders.

AP English III:

Over the weekend you all need to focus on getting to the end of chapter nineteen in Invisible Man as this is your next big check-in. Also you should all be moving into the draft phase of your research papers. I'll be putting up the conference sign up sheets on my door Monday morning. Conferences will begin on Wednesday and stretch on to next week. Remember that the expectation is that you come to conference with fifty percent of your draft done.

Also, don't forget about your motif charts. I hope that our review helped you to really understand this assignment.

English I:

Your homework is a writing assignment which was outlined for you on the back of the group worksheet. Next class you'll have a bit of time to work in your groups before we move on to a quick study of Act IV. Please make sure that your homework gets turned into the box.

You should expect your test on Acts II and III on Thursday and Friday of this week.

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Homework for Wednesday and Thursday - 3/7 and 3/8

Here are your homework reminders for tonight.

AP English III:

Your next big chunk of reading will be due next week on the 13th and 14th.  You'll need to be to the end of chapter 19 by that point.  Now that you have your new motif charts you should be keeping up with your chapters as we will be turning this motif development into one of your final test grades on this novel.  Furthermore, now that you've gotten back your outlines with my comments you should begin drafting your essays.  We will begin our first round of writing conferences on the 13th of March.  I will place a sign on my door with slots for appointments.  Please sign up for an appointment and bring the required documents.  WRITING CONFRENCES ARE MANDITORY.  You will be graded on this, failure to show or sign up for a confrence will be given a zero with no chance to recover the credit.

English I:

A-day students, you've signed up for your recitation slots.  Those are the calendar events that you see in the right hand window.  B-day students, I have to be gone for a doctor's appointment during your classes today so you will sign up next week for your spots on Monday.  This means that B-day students will have only a week to prepare.  You should begin your preparation this weekend to make up for this lost time.  Remember that when you give your presentation you will turn in your paragraphs about your speech and HONORS students will also turn in their mini-essays on definitions of comedy and tragedy.  Read your assignment sheet carefully for these instructions.

For tonight, Freshmen, you need to finish reading Act III.  Read III.4 and III.5 and complete your notes on Who, Where, When, and What for each scene.  Keep these notes in your notebooks for a notebook check on Friday/Monday.

All - I'll be available Friday afternoon for any questions or concerns.  Please see me then if you need me.

Monday, March 5, 2012

Homework and Announcements for 3/5 and 3/6

Students!  Some very important news for all of you today concerning tomorrow.  Please pay attention to the announcements as well as the homework reminders.

Tomorrow we'll be having the ACT administered and I'll be giving it to some of the Junior class.  AP English III - tonight I want all of you to prepare mentally for this exam.  Look over some math.  Crunch some vocabulary.  Maybe review your notes on constructing an argument.  But don't stress.  Get a good night's sleep and eat a good breakfast tomorrow.  Lots of protein.  You'll need to make sure to arrive on time tomorrow.  Have pencils and a calculator that can be used.  For the exam, you'll be in the same room as where you pretested.  Good luck!

English I students in my 3B class will report to Ms. Thelemaque's room, 110.  It's across from the Dell Lab.  You'll be having C lunch tomorrow.  4B students will report to me.  B-day students, you still have homework due tomorrow.  Make sure it gets turned into the box.  If you're turning in a late project, please make sure that this gets to the box as well.

Now, let's talk about homework.

AP English III:

I'll be giving you all back your outlines and take-home exams on Wednesday/Thursday.  We'll then talk about the next phase of the paper process.  But you all know what's coming.  For tonight and tomorrow you need to focus on Invisible Man.  Be to the end of chapter fifteen by our next class.  We will be discussing these chapters thoroughly.  Your motif charts will be due this day as well.  Remember that you will probably need to attach a separate sheet of paper for chapters fourteen and fifteen, as your chart will only have space to thirteen if you do a chapter per row.  Have them thoroughly completed.  If you have a specific question, see me tomorrow or Wednesday after school.  You could also all see me tomorrow at C-lunch since we'll all have the same lunch.

English I:

Tonight's homework requires you to move to the next phase of our drama projects.  It's time for you to get up and perform.  Tonight you need to decide on your speech and begin crafting your paragraphs.  Your first paragraph will need to locate the speech in the context of the play.  What is going on when your speech is said?  Locate it in terms of other major events.  You will also need to tell me about your speech's importance.  Why is your speech important to the overall play?  Does it add to a character's development?  Show the climax or turning point?  Emphasize a particular mood or theme?  Use your literary vocabulary!

Remember that if you are not doing a monologue then you and your partner need to get clearance from me for a dialogue.  You need to get this clearance no later than Thursday.  Also, you MUST perform the full speech.  Do not select a speech and only do an excerpt.  This will not bode well for your grade. Please see me if you need help or coaching with your performance.  Remember, it's a performance - not just a recitation.

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Homework for the 1st and 2nd of March

It certainly feels as though spring has sprung.  What a beautiful day!  I hope that you all get a chance to go outside and enjoy this weather.

AP English III:

Next week is going to be a bit strange due to the fact that Tuesday will be ACT day.  Your reading - to be to the end of chapter fifteen - is going to be due on Wednesday and Thursday of next week.  Monday - for A day students - is going to be more of an enrichment day than anything else.  As you finish your reading assignment, you will need to make sure that your motif chart is as completed as you can make it.  This will count as a major homework grade - so be sure that it reflects your best work.  You can feel free to combine some chapers - but I would prefer that you use one row for each chapter.  This will require that you do chapters fourteen and fifteen on a separate sheet of paper.  I'll give you another motif chart next week so that you can finish the book and keep your ideas logged. 

That's all you need to do this weekend.  I'll give you back your outlines, tests, and anything else next Wednesday and Thursday.  Then we'll move to the next phase of our papers - the actual drafting and confrences!  Feel free to start early.

English I:

For the weekend I would like for you all to do a bit of writing for me.  You are a lawyer and you are pressing charges on one of the characters in Romeo and Juliet for the murders that have occured in III.1.  You can choose to blame someone in this scene, or you may choose to be a bit more abstract - blaming someone that wasn't even in the scene.  Regardless of whom you blame, be sure that you present a clear case using at least three to four specific examples from the play to support your case.  You need to focus on only one character; your legal brief should be no longer than one page.

This is due to the homework box Monday/Tuesday.