Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Homework for 15 November - A Day

Russian II-IV:

Tonight you should be working on the revision of your writing assignment.  I saw some great things today in terms of your grammar and vocabulary.  Make sure that you type, check your spelling, and mark stresses in complicated words to make your reading go better.  Practice reading aloud.  Practice your intonation patterns.  We'll present our work on Monday next week.  Monday will also be our day for any reassessments from the previous quizzes.

Additionally, you will want to review the information in your textbook related to the next grammar unit in your chapter.

  • Russian II Students - Look over the information on the accusative case when using time expressions.  This is covered on pages 205-209.
  • Russian III Students - Look over the information on imperative mood.  This is covered on pages 369-374.
  • Russian IV Student - Look over the information on forming comparisons.  This is covered on pages 504-510.

Lots of fun new grammar for us to be learning!

Russian I

I hope that you enjoyed the film about Russia and the different cities in Russia.  Go forward with tonight's homework.  You have a list of cities and a blank map of Russia.  Using Yandex or Google Maps - find these cities and mark them on the map.  Be sure to label your map.  You should be able to read, write, and locate the city.

We'll be doing research with these cities next class - think about which one you would like to study.

Also, we'll be reassessing on grammar and verb conjugation next week.

English II

Please bring back the permission forms for Ms. McCormick so that she can move forward with her project.

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