Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Homework for B-Day Students: 14 September 2016

English II

Tonight we have our next section of reading to complete.  Please read pages twenty-seven through to forty-one in The Boy Who Dared.  As you're reading, you may find it helpful to take notes about how Germany is changing as Hitler comes to power.  What is happening on the streets?  What is happening to Helmuth and his family?

Continue your reading!

AP English III

Today we have started the long and arduous process of developing our writing into college-ready writing.  Take all that you were taught today about arguments, topics, evidence, and explanation and apply it to your summer assignments.  Resubmissions of outlines will be collected on Tuesday.  You'll want to either retype and resubmit with the original, or mark changes on the original.  Make sure that your updates are clear to me and Ms. McCormick.  This will be our final step before we move on to developing these outlines into drafts.

Also, for Friday we have our vocabulary slides due (Google Classroom) and our reading of Welty (see the post below).  Make sure that you are ready for this.  If you need additional help revising your outline, please let me or Ms. McCormick know.

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