Saturday, December 17, 2016

Olympiada of Spoken Russian 2017

Russian Students:

In the spring Duke University will be hosting the Carolinas Olympiada of Spoken Russian.  There will be students from Enloe High School in Raleigh, Lexington High School in South Carolina, and Jordan.  There are four competitions:

  1. Poetry recitation.  You memorize and present a poem to the judges.  Increasing levels of Russian must memorize poems of increasing length.
  2. Speaking about yourself.  You prepare a short speech about yourself, your family, your interests, your hobbies.  Speech length and complexity increases with increasing levels of Russian.
  3. Reading and answering questions.  You will read a text and then answer questions about it.
  4. Cultural Competency.  You will be asked to discuss elements of Russian culture in Russian including but not limited to geography, politics, literature and music.
On the day of the competition there will be a Russian cooking demonstration as well as several different Russian language activities.  You'll also get the chance to meet professors and students from Duke and other Russian language students from around the region.

This is a great thing to work for and to begin preparing for over the winter break.  We'll talk more about it this week!

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