Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Homework for the Break - 11/25/2014 - B-Day Students

AP English III

Today we introduced our major project on The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn and satire.  Now you should be moving forward with that.  I would suggest bookmarking the mock-up site which is at https://sites.google.com/site/huckfinnsatiremockup/ - this site goes over what you need on each page and how to set it up.  Make sure that you ask for help regularly if you need it.

Over break, you have two reading goals - you should be reading nightly to meet these goals.  As you read, keep up with your annotations and your vocabulary.

In addition, you have your reading from Oluadah Equiano - this will not be discussed until 12/8 but you may want to get it read now so that you can check it off your to-do list.

English II

As discussed in the post below you have your take-home test to complete on Persepolis.  Use your resources wisely and complete the test by following the instructions.  Remember that this is an opportunity to really boost your grade and show what you've learned so far this year.

Monday, November 24, 2014

Homework for Thanksgiving Break - 11/24/2014

Russian II:

Over the break you should all be ready to take your exam on verbal aspect and telling time in Russian.  To prepare, you should look over your vocabulary as well as your rules about verbs that we've gone over to determine aspect.

If you want more practice, use the UCLA Beginner's Russian Textbook online.  There are chapters focusing primarily on numbers and verbal aspect.  Also, your Schaums books have a lot of exercises there as well.  Prepare yourselves and be ready for your exam!

Russian I:

You also have an exam when we get back from break.  Your exam will focus on verb conjugation of first and second type verbs, the accusative, prepositional, genitive, and nominative cases.  You should be able to write and understand sentences using these cases and these verbs if the sentence has vocabulary from this unit.

If you would like additional practice, please use the UCLA Beginner's Russian Textbook - the earlier chapters have good interactive exercises to review.

English II:

Your homework over break is to complete your take-home test on Persepolis.  Don't forget that it is due on the day we return from break.  Do a bit each day and make sure to meet your goals.  Remember that this should show everything you know about writing and about Persepolis.

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Homework for the Weekend - A Day - 11/20/2014

Russian II

This weekend you need to finish your cheat sheets for aspect and then move on to the creation of your sentences about your day.  Remember that you are writing seven sentences chronicling what you have done on Saturday or Sunday.  Write your times out in words.  Remember your counting rules.  Think about aspect and what you are emphasizing as you write.

Russian I

This weekend now that you have learned to conjugate verbs I want you to work with them.  Use one verb for every sentence and write using all of the four cases that you have learned.  As an example sentence you should be able to write something like:

I read the book of my brother in the library.
Я читаю книгу брата в библиотеке.

This sentence uses all four cases that we have learned and uses them appropriately.  Make sure that you use your notes and check yourself.  I'm planning on using this as a writing workshop on Monday.  Also finish your case cards.

English II

Your projects are due next week!  Finish them and make sure that they represent your best work.  Make sure that you have decided which frame you will present to the class as well as what you will say about that frame.

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Homework for B-Day Students - 11/19/2014 - PLC Day

Happy Half Day Everyone!

Here are your reminders as you prepare for Friday's class.

AP English III

Make sure that you are following through on your reading deadlines on the bookmark I gave you today.  Especially make sure that you meet the deadlines after Thanksgiving Break and after Winter Break.  Don't allow yourself to fall behind in your reading; this is a fun and fast paced novel, allow yourself to get lost in it and enjoy it.

By Friday make sure that you're to the end of chapter six and that you have completed the reading of "Mother Tongue" available at the link in the previous B-day post.

English II

The most important thing that you all have to be working on right now is your project to finish Persepolis.  Please make sure that you are now in the drafting phase - you should be creating your comic, writing dialogue and narration, and drawing your various scenes.  Remember the requirements on the project sheet:  no more than two sheets of paper maximum!

As it says in the post below, start to plan your presentation on your comic.  For this presentation, focus on explaining why you drew something the way that you drew it.  How does your drawing help you to explain more than words alone?

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Homework for Tuesday - 11/18/2014 - A Day Students

Russian II

Tonight you have two key goals as we move forward to Tuesday.  First, begin to learn your numbers from 61 all the way to 1000.  This seems like a lot, but is very simple, all you really need to learn are your tens and your hundreds.  Everything else will be just like it has been before.  Remember that your counting rules still apply.  We'll need this for Thursday as we'll start working on phone numbers and talking about cost of items.

Secondly, make your cheat sheet/шпаргалка on aspect.  Try to codify your rules on aspect and use an index card to simplify the rules.  Put imperfective on one side and perfective on the other.

Russian I

Tonight you need to work on your cheat sheet/шпаргалка on the four cases we have learned so far.  Try to use an index card for each case.  Focus on being simple and clear with how the nouns, possessive pronouns, and pronouns change as they move through the cases.  This is an invaluable study tool for you to use as you are learning and studying.  View this as taking notes on your notes - it will help, I promise.

English II

We've finished reading Persepolis so now you need to finish up on your projects.  Make sure that you are working hard to have everything complete for your project presentations next week.  Remember that you will have to present on what you are communicating through your drawings so try to plan out what you will say in this part of the assignment.  Feel free to prepare an index card or two of notes so that you're not stumbling over what to say.  You should be drawing and creating your comics.  Feel free to ask me or Ms. Gerdes for help or to read over everything for you.

Monday, November 17, 2014

Homework for B-Day Students: 11/17/2014

AP English III

Tonight AP students you have two big goals.  Make sure that you accomplish them by the dates listed.  First, for Wednesday you will need to aim to be to the end of chapter three for our class discussion.  Make sure that you have been adding to your annotations especially under motifs, characters, and satire.  You'll need to be to the end of chapter six by Friday, so if you want to keep reading tonight, go ahead.  Don't forget as well that you need to keep up with new vocabulary - there's a LOT of slang in here.

Secondly, make sure that for Friday's class you have read, annotated, and considered thoroughly the ideas brought up by Amy Tan in her piece called "Mother Tongue" which is in 50 Essays or available at this link.  As you read this piece - consider the link between language and identity as well as language and power.  These will be major ideas we will continue to discuss as we move through Twain.

English II

Your homework is the same as the A-day students below.  Make sure that you have finished reading the chapter called "The Shabbat" and then completed your character changes chart.  Follow the instructions on the graphic organizer and have that ready to be handed in on Wednesday.  In addition, you'll need to make sure that you're feeling solid on the information as you will likely have a quiz coming soon.

Lastly, don't forget that your projects are due next week before Thanksgiving Break - we'll be in the computer labs the next few days, but make sure that you're working hard to complete this due date.

Friday, November 14, 2014

Homework for the Weekend - A Day Students - 11/14/2014

Russian II

This weekend you need to study for your quiz on telling time and numbers in Russian.  Review your questions, cases, and prepositions used to tell time.  Also make sure that you have learned all of the vocabulary for this unit.  If you could do today's homework review easily you will be in good shape, just make sure to know the other prepositions and phrases!

Russian I

This weekend spend some time researching your cities if you can.  In addition, complete the genitive case exercises.  Put all of the words in parenthesis in the genitive case.  Remember to not do the ones we crossed out in class as you don't know the genitive plural yet.

English II

Read the chapter on the handout called "The Shabbat" - after you've read the chapter, complete the graphic organizer charting how two characters have changed.  Remember to follow the instructions clearly.  Use your notes and readings to help you do this!

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Homework for B-Day Students: 11/13/2014

AP English III

I will have your tests back to you ASAP, likely at the end of the weekend.  For this weekend you have two things to accomplish:

  1. Get a copy of The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn.  Make sure that it is a complete copy and has not been abridged, you want an UNABRIDGED version.  If you can find one that has the original illustrations, even better.  That will add a lot to your understanding of the text.
  2. Watch an episode of Saturday Night Live, Family Guy, American Dad, The Simpsons, Colbert Report, or The Daily Show.  Take notes as you are watching on the following topic:  What is being ridiculed or mocked?  How is this humor accomplished - through what rhetorical/literary devices?  These notes will help you in our work beginning TAoHF next week.
English II

Your homework is below.  Make sure that you have all of the preparation work done so that you can be super productive in the computer lab.

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Homework for Wednesday - A-Day Classes

English II

Tonight you should work hard to finish all of your preparation work for your graphic memoir projects. You should go us on planning your frames and writing any narration and dialogue. Next class we will be in the computer lab to type and create. Make sure that you have everything fine so that you can be productive in the computer lab. 

Russian I

Tonight you have exercise number fifteen to complete. Remember for each exercise you need to write the question starting with the proper form of ЧЕЙ followed by the answer using the genitive case. Review your endings. Create a chant and memorize these endings. Remember that this is the main chunk of Russian grammar. 

Russian II 

Tonight you have two main goals. First be sure that your presentation on aspect is ready.  You need to have your situations ready and proofed. If you want me to read over your work, please let me know. Outside of this you have your review sheet on telling time. Be sure that you can do this whole sheet. 

Monday, November 10, 2014

Homework for B-Day Students - 11/10/2014

Remember everyone that there is no school tomorrow!  Thank a veteran for your day off.  I always give thanks to my dad.  Here's what you need to accomplish.

A-Day Students:  Your reminders are below; be sure that everything is done.

AP English III:

You have your exams on The Great Gatsby next class.  Be sure that you have your annotated copies of the novel with you next class so that you are ready for your books to be checked.  Remember that you will have quotation identifications, short answer questions, and a rhetorical analysis.  All that we have done over these classes is meant to prepare you and this exam should show what you have learned in this unit - be sure that it does.

English II:

Continue to work on your projects.  We will be going to the computer labs over the next few classes to work on these pieces a bit more thoroughly.  Have your timeline done as well as your drafting done so that you can work efficiently in the computer lab!

Saturday, November 8, 2014

Apologies! Homework for the Weekend! All Classes!

That was a lot of exclaimation marks up there.  Sorry for not getting this out to the website until now.  Here is what everyone needs to accomplish before next class.  A-day, remember that I won't see all of you until Wednesday so you have a lot of time to prepare.  I expect that all of you will be prepared.

Russian I:

Be sure that you use the phonetics work that we have done over the last two classes to really know your alphabet sounds as well as be able to say them more clearly, confidently, and with less of an American accent.  Think about tongue and lip position as you go through each letter and sound.  The mirror technique is a wonderful one to watch yourself as you speak.

You do have a grammar worksheet to complete.  The front side has you identifying words in cases and the bottom exercise has you putting words into the accusative case.  The back has you doing writing in the prepositional case.  Work hard and ask questions on Monday if you need me.  I'm available at all lunches.

Oh, and here's our new song for today!  It's karaoke version so you can review your lyrics as the song continues.

Russian II:

You've got your sentences still ahead of you and we'll get back to doing that work on Wednesday.  If you can continue to work on these over the weekend, please do.  When you feel as though you're ready feel free to share the work with me so that I can see and give some feedback.

Make your focus your numbers and your work with time expressions.  You have two exercises to complete on telling time - we started all of these in class so that you can continue the work on your own.  WRITE OUT ALL NUMBERS!  This is key in helping you to learn the spelling and the vocabulary words.

English II:

You don't have any reading homework over the weekend but you should be working on your project.  Some of you are moving forward on to the drafting phase of your work - this is wonderful!  Make sure to have your planning done first, before moving on.  Make sure that your timeline is complete - that you have clearly broken up this important moment in your life to the key parts of it.  The closer your focus, the more specific your detail, the better your piece will be.

We'll be finishing Persepolis soon - start reviewing things like vocabulary and notes regularly to prepare for quizzes and the like.

AP English III:

You have your presentations coming up on Monday!  This weekend this is your focus.  Get these presentations polished, have your scripts, have a run-through of your piece.  Remember that you have a ten minute limit to your presentations and that Ms. Gerdes and I will require a copy of your script.

After the presentations we'll review for the exam.  Make sure that you have annotations complete throughout your novel.  Develop any questions you have for this review.

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Homework for Wednesday Night - 11/5/2014

Russian II

Tonight for homework you have a few goals:

  1. Start learning your numbers - you need to really focus on zero through sixty so that we can focus on telling time.
  2. Complete exercise fourteen - make sure that you're working on your prepositional case and returning to the months of the year.  Answer the questions using the months.
  3. Preview the other exercises.  We'll look at those next class.  Consider what you need to know to complete those.
Russian I

Spend a bit of time tonight reviewing and practicing your phonetics.  Read what we went over in class.  Try to talk about drinking lemonade!  Also, you have your song to continue to study.  Follow along with the lyrics and sing along.  Practice your pronunciation.  Watch the video a few times and sing along.

For homework - complete the worksheet on cases.  The front side is accusative case, the back is prepositional case.  You have to do the writing on the back - practice, practice, practice!

English II

Tonight spend time working on your projects.  As a goal - try to complete your timeline of your event.  Break it down into the specific moments of that big memory.  Put them in chronological order.  Think about what was said or done, how it made you feel, what was going on around you.  All of these parts will make your comic that much better! 

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Homework for B-Day Students: 11/4/2014


Now that that is out of the way, let's move on to homework.

AP English III

Your homework tonight is to focus on your Woolf/Petrunkevitch tone compare/contrast assignments.  Make sure to structure this in MLA format with your header at the upper right, your title centered, and your quotes/paraphrases cited with either a page number or paragraph number.  Remember that your question is:  How does the tone of the author help him/her to achieve his/her purpose.  Tie the tone clearly to the purpose and through your explanation and analysis of details, prove that this is what happens.  I would recommend a three to four paragraph organizational structure with your argument, a paragraph on text one, paragraph on text two, and then a conclusion.  This ensures that you deal with both texts thoroughly.

In addition, remember that your presentations of your skit will occur on Monday.  Work on these.  Practice over the weekend.  Your test on The Great Gatsby will fall on the 13th of November.

English II

Continue working on your projects tonight.  Brainstorm your moment and consider how you will tell that story in the format of a graphic novel.  How will you draw yourself?  The other people in the moment?  How will you communicate your feelings?

Monday, November 3, 2014

Homework for Monday - A Day - 11/3/2014

Russian II

Tonight complete your writing work on Бриллиантовая рука using the handout we started in class.  Write sentences describing the action in the film which you noted.  Think about what you are trying to emphasize as you look at your sentences - the process or the completion or both?  Work on conjugating the verbs accurately.  We will look at some of the new verbs on Wednesday as we finish the sheet together.

Also - don't forget that I want your study plans.

Russian I

For homework tonight consider what you would like to work on during our Phonetics Day next class.  To prepare yourselves, complete the reading which I gave you.  Practice reading clearly and fluently with your proper intonation patterns.  This will be a lot of what we will be doing on Wednesday.

English II

Homework for tonight is to finish your first goals for the project.  First, decide on a moment for your focus.  Second, begin to brainstorm details you want to include - begin by sketching out a timeline for the memory that you'll focus on.