Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Homework for A Day Students - 1 November 2016

Advanced Russian:

Tonight read over the section of the textbook that covers your new grammar for the beginning of the unit.  For Russian II this really just covers page 209.  Remember that you want to be reviewing and studying your nominative case and genitive case endings.  Don't forget your vocabulary.

For Russian III we have the information on modal expressions which is covered on pages 364-369.  You should focus on the usage of the dative and nominative cases in this section as well as the use of the verb "to be".  You also have vocabulary.

For Russian IV there's the information on verbs of positioning.  This is covered on 501-504.  Remember to study your conjugations of the new verbs - there are some weird stems there.  Did I mention your vocabulary work?

Russian I:

You have a quiz next class on verbs and conjugation.  Remember our study guide that we created.  Focus on your chapter one verbs and notes.  Hopefully the constant practice has helped you to determine what to do with a verb and how to do it to form the present tense in Russian.

English II:

You need to finish reading The Boy Who Dared and complete your questions to prepare for our final exam on this first unit.  Make sure that you are ready for your exam which will be happening next week.

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