Monday, November 7, 2016

Homework for 7 November - A Day

Remember that with tomorrow being Election Day there is no school.  Our next A Day will be on Thursday.  Also, remember to remind your parents (and anyone else you know over 18) to vote.  You can all volunteer to get out the vote!

Advanced Russian

On Thursday you'll be having a vocabulary quiz.  It won't focus at all on grammar, just the spelling and meaning of your new words.  Be prepared for this!

Russian I

You have five poems to begin reading and studying.  Practice regularly and develop your fluency.  All of the poems can be found on YouTube which will definitely help your speaking go up!  Also, remember to prepare for your reassessment on verb conjugation.  Play with your dominoes!!!

English II

Next class we will have our unit examination on Holocaust narratives and conformity.  Make sure that you are studying your notes and your study guides to prepare.  Also, you'll need to bring in your copy of The Boy Who Dared - I'll be collecting those next class.

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