Friday, August 30, 2013

A-Day Homework for Labor Day Weekend - 8/30

AP English III

Over the weekend for homework I would like for you to read Lars Eighner's "On Dumpster Diving" - it is available in 50 Essays or at this link.  If you use the online version you will want to have some post its as well due to the fact that there is not a lot of space in the margins for annotating.  As you read continue to look for the elements of rhetoric we have discussed as well as participating in your own analysis of the piece.  Look for elements of writing that Eighner uses and consider how these elements contribute and strengthen his overall argument. 

This is a really enjoyable piece - pay special attention to his use of TONE - it varies throughout, notice the shifts.  I look forward to a thorough discussion on Wednesday as well as more work on The Working Poor - be sure that you have your copies with you on Wednesday.

Russian I

Today in class we finished learning all of the letters in the Russian alphabet.  Congratulations!  Now we can move forward with our study of the grammar and the more high-level elements of the language.  I'm putting below links to several .mp3 files to help you with your pronunciation of the sounds in Russian.  Over the weekend it should be your priority to memorize all of the letters and become more fluent in your handwriting.  Use the worksheet I gave you in class as well as the notes we've taken over the past few days to practice more. 

Study!  Then study some more!  Your first quiz is coming soon!

Here is the link to the files on the alphabet.  Use the file names to download individual letter sounds or the whole alphabet.

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Homework for the Weekend - 8/29/2013

B-day Students -- I won't see you all again until Tuesday so here are your reminders to get you prepared for our next class.

Honors English II

Tonight for homework your key task is to complete your vocabulary log with at least five words from the opening half of Nadine Gordimer's "The Train from Rhodesia".  Remember as you complete this that you need the following information in your log:
  • the word
  • its dictionary definition
  • a synonym
  • a sentence using the word which you've come up with yourself
Also, since we didn't get to peer editing today we will do that for sure on Tuesday.  If you did not complete your writing assignment, make sure that you have it then.

ESL English III

Please have your parent contact sheets filled out on Tuesday with a phone number for you and for your parent or guardian.  Also, continue to consider your first writing assignment - How can you add more detail and explanation to explain your idea of what it means to be an immigrant.

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Homework and Announcements - 8/28

AP English III

Apologies for not getting to the peer editing of our introduction pieces today in class.  I just got so caught up with "On Compassion" and the elements of RHETORIC that I lost all track of time.  For next class you will definitely want to arrive with a complete version of your rough draft.  I'll be available next week for conferencing if you would like.  In addition, I would like for you to complete the multiple choice practice for "On Compassion" - give yourselves just ten minutes to complete the questions.  It is open book, so use the text.  In addition, be sure that you mark any words that are new to you so that you can begin your vocabulary logs. 

Lastly, I want you to reread the Introduction and the chapter called "Harvest of Shame" from The Working Poor.  As you reread and reannotate these pieces I would ask that you apply what we learned today in class about the rhetorical appeals:  How do you see ethos, pathos, and logos at play in Shipler's writing?  How does this help to make his argument more effective?

Russian I

At this point in class we have reviewed letters in groups one, two and three.  You now know the majority of the alphabet.  Next class we will finish with our alphabet study and begin working on writing words.  Tonight for homework I would like for you to complete the "Pre Lesson" handout to improve your handwriting.  As you write, make sure to fill the line with the writing and also be sure that you are saying the letters, sounds and words as you write them.  Saying as you write will help you to remember the sounds. 

As a head's up - be aware that you will have your first quiz at the end of next week on the alphabet.  Prepare yourselves accordingly.

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

The First B-Day of the Year 8/27

By this point I've met all of you and I'm pleased to say that given how we've started this year I think we're going to do some amazing things.  Please be aware of the following assignments and reminders to get you ready for our next class together.

All Classes

Please use the link in yesterday's post to access the online parent contact form.  You can also submit a paper copy.

Russian I

Your assignment is listed below.  I will post Russian I homework on the A-day post for the year.  Be aware of that.

English II Honors

Tonight for class I would like for you to complete your first writing assignment of the year in which you reflect on your personal culture.  Remember that this is a maximum one page response, and it is an introductory piece.  Make sure that as you explain what your culture consists of that you focus on one specific element and include a lot of detail to clarify your ideas.  Remember to stay focused on your main idea which is explaining your personal culture.  Bring your rough draft with you to class on Thursday for peer editing.

ESL English III

Tonight I would like for you to spend some time finishing your brainstorming on the idea of an immigrant which we began discussing today in class.  Think of specific examples from your life or the life of people around you to help you to explain your personal definition of what an immigrant is.  Remember that you need to make your idea clear to me which means that you need to really explain things thoroughly.  Remember to use your words as weapons to explain!

Monday, August 26, 2013

The First A-Day of the Year

Hooray for getting over the first day of the year; however, boo to alarm clocks which have to go off at 5:30 in the morning.  Anyhow, I hope that all of you have enjoyed your day and gotten the year off to a great start.  Here are your reminders for the first day of class.

All Classes:

Please submit either the paper or online contact form.  If you choose the online form, please return the paper version with a note saying that you have done this online.  This will help to ensure accurate and timely communication throughout the year.

Parent Contact Form

AP English III

If you did not submit all of your summer assignment today and you have not already made arrangements with me then you are already falling behind in class.  Remember that one of the key tools for success in AP classes is communicating honestly and proactively with your teachers.  Please see me before our next class to talk about anything that you need. 

For tonight, you will need to complete your introduction draft assignment as well as complete the reading of "On Compassion".  The article for tonight's reading can be found in the 50 Essays anthology or at this link.  No matter how you complete the reading, be sure that you come to class with notes and annotations and that you are prepared for a seminar on this piece in which you will be an active participant.  In addition, you will need to bring your copy of Shipler's The Working Poor as we will begin our work on this text during class on Wednesday.

Russian I

Добро пожаловать в русский мир!  Welcome to the world of Russian!  I hope that today's class was helpful for you in reviewing the policies and expectations for this class as well as getting you interested in our developing language study throughout the rest of the year.  For tonight, you need to make sure that your parent form is completed as well as continue your practice with the "Group One" letters which we studied today.  Practice writing both lowercase and uppercase versions of the letters.  Make small words or combinations of letters so that you can practice your handwriting and begin developing your style.  Remember that as you write you will want to say the sounds that you are writing so that the sound sticks.  Lastly, do not make English sounds when you say Russian letters.  Focus on making a pure Russian sound so as to begin working on your American accent.

See you all Wednesday!  B-day Russian students, your assignments are posted with the A-day post.  B-day English II and III students can expect your update tomorrow.