Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Let's Finish Strong! Exams 2017

Today was the last day of First Period (A or B Day), so I'm done with planning and preparation. Here is the schedule about where and when to be for your exam.

A final note pertaining to exemptions - If you are exempt from the exam it can only help and not harm you. If you have any questions related to exam exemption, you should contact me directly. No student may be exempt from the English II EOC - it is a state test. Russian and AP English III exams are teacher made, so you can be exempt from those.

Wednesday, May 31

Exam Period (9:00 - 12:16) - Advanced Russian, 2A - Room 301

Class Period (1:06 - 4:00) - AP English III, 2B - Room 301

Thursday, June 1

Exam Period (9:00 - 12:16) - AP English III, 2B - Room 301

Class Period (1:06 - 4:00) - Russian I, 3A - Room 301

Friday, June 2

Exam Period (9:00 - 12:16) - Russian I, 3A - Room 301

Class Period (1:06 - 4:00) - AP English III, 3B - Room 301

Monday, June 5

Exam Period (9:00 - 12:16) - AP English III, 3B - Room 301

Class Period (1:06 - 4:00) - English II, 4A - Room 301

Tuesday, June 6

Exam Period (9:00 - 12:16) - English II EOC, 4A - Media Center

Class Period (1:06 - 4:00) - English II, 4B - Room 301

Wednesday, June 7

Exam Period (9:00 - 12:16) - English II EOC, 4B - Media Center

Class Period (1:06 - 4:00) - A1 Class/Make-up Exams (Teacher Made)

Thursday and Friday, June 8 and 9

These days are for make-up examinations. Make-up examinations will be run at the discretion of the English/Word Languages Department.

Thursday, May 25, 2017

Official Last Day of Classes - A Day - 25 May

Advanced Russian

Today was our final day of speaking and using Russian in a regular class setting! I hope you enjoyed the time to use the Russian you have and to be a bit spontaneous. Yay for that! Keep in mind that any textbooks should be returned ASAP if they have not been written in.

Your review session is scheduled for the afternoon of May 30th and the exam will follow on the morning of the 31st. If you are taking the exam, I would recommend coming to the final review to review the specific tasks and themes on the exam.

Russian I

I hope that you all enjoyed our final look at Russian culture. One of the most intriguing thing to me about Russia is the way that it is coming into the modern world while it still maintains so many of its connections to the past. They're an interesting people, Russians are, full of contradictions that serve to make them more interesting.

Your review session is scheduled for the afternoon of June 1st - the exam will follow on the 2nd in the morning. Be on time! Don't forget to return any textbooks or other supplies you've been given this year.

English II

I am glad that many of you were able to be productive and finish your final essay assignments. I will have these graded tomorrow and your grades will be finalized for the quarter as well as the semester. Your final grade for the year is the EOC which can still greatly improve or bring down your grade for the year (it counts as twenty percent of your grade).

Your review session will be held on the afternoon of the 5th of June and the exam will follow on the 6th in the morning. Our exam will be in the Media Center.

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Last B-Day of the Year! 24 May 2017

AP English III

I hope you all had fun today. I know that I did. Be aware that the final exams are coming as well as the final review sessions. If you are taking the exam then you should come to the review session. It will be very helpful for you. Quarter grades and semester grades close tomorrow - if there are any last assignments to turn in, please get them in ASAP.

English II

Today we did our final review for the EOC - I hope you liked playing Matchbox. I won't see you again until June 6th in the afternoon for our official review session. Our exam is on June 7, starting at 9:00 am, in the Media Center. Be ready!

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Homework for 23 May 2017 - A Day

Advanced Russian

Next class we will have our Russian talk show featuring the characters from Night Swallows getting together for a bit of a reunion. Remember to have costumes for the show. Have cue cards or notes written to prepare to speak. You'll be doing a lot of Russian speaking on Thursday as a means to show off all the things you've been learning. To prepare, here are the questions that the psychologist and host will be asking.

Questions from Psychologist Marhoul:

1. Do you miss any friends?
2. What were the types of the most stressful moments?
3. What were the good moments in the war?
4. Do you have any deceased family members?
5. Do you regret anything?
6. How do you feel?

1. Сучились каким друзям?
2. Какие у вас были стрессовы моменты?
3. Какие у вас были хороши моменты с войны?
4. Мертвая семья?
5. Что нибудь вы сожалите?
6. Как вы чувствете себя?

Questions from the Host

1. Did you like your Army group?
2. Did you miss your family?
3. Did you like your plane? (For pilots)
4. Did you like the political officer?
5. What was life like in the Soviet Army?

1. Вам нравится амейская группа?
2. Вам скучно без семьи?
3. Вам нравится самолет?
4. Вам нравится политический офицер?
5. Как жизнь была в советской армии?

Prepare answers to these questions. Be ready for Thursday. It'll be a fun class!

Russian I

Many of you have textbooks checked out. Please return these books to me ASAP. Next class we will finish our film on modern Russian culture and then continue to prepare for the final exam.

English II

Continue to study your EOC review sheet. Focus on learning your literary terms so that you are prepared to answer questions on them if these terms show up on the EOC. Next class we'll be doing our final EOC preparation. It'll be a good chance to earn any last extra credit for the year.

Monday, May 22, 2017

Homework for Monday - 22 May 2017 - B Day

AP English III

Remember that next class we will have our end of year party! Please be prepared with your item to share for the group, your costume, and your character sheet. Your sheet is due at the beginning of class, to start the party.

English II

If you did not finish your essay today on Google Classroom and hit "Turn In" then you will want to work hard to finish that tonight. Your essays are due by Thursday and are the final grade for the year in this class. Make sure that you are showing me everything you've learned about good writing this year.

Friday, May 19, 2017

Homework for the Weekend - 19 May 2017 - A Day

Advanced Russian

Over the weekend you should all be preparing for our final speaking assignment - our talk show called 20 Years Later. There are specific tasks based on your role in the show.

  • Host - You need to write a brief introduction to the show (introduce the topic, situation, guests). You will also need to write questions for each person during the individual interviews and a few questions for the group discussion.
  • Psychologist - You will need to write questions for each person during the individual interviews and a few questions for the group discussion.
  • Characters - You will want a brief introduction about yourself. You will also want to consider possible questions and how you will answer these - coming up with sentence starters in Russian would be helpful for this.
  • Viewers - Will you be asking questions or giving insights? If so, generate and write those. Will you be trying to create drama? How? Write what you will say to begin the conversations and anticipate possible responses.
On Tuesday we'll work together to prepare for Thursday's final speaking assignment. We'll be writing cue cards - it's important that everyone have work to be checked and developed on Tuesday.

Russian I

Over the weekend you should continue to study and review for your final examination in Russian I. You've been given the study guide which outlines the topics you will be asked to cover. Additionally, you may want to look over your grades on PowerSchool to consider any places you want to reassess or put rubles for extra credit. On Tuesday we will continue speaking and answering questions (which we started today) as well as continue our film.

English II

You should all be working on your essay assignment on Google Classroom over the weekend. You can also work on it on paper at home and type your work when we return. This essay is your final major grade of the year. You also have your study guide for the EOC - focus on learning terms and being able to recognize them so that if you see them on the exam then you are prepared!

Thursday, May 18, 2017

Homework for the Weekend - 18 May 2017

AP English III

I hope that you enjoyed the reading of Flannery O'Connor's short story today in class. Like I said, I think she's one of the best American authors there is. Other great stories by her include "Everything That Rises Must Converge" and "Good Country People". I'd recommend her for the summer - a good author to take a look at, for sure.

Over the weekend, take it easy and relax. On Monday we have guidance coming in to talk about senior year preparations and then on Wednesday we have our final party. Don't forget to prepare by completing your sheet on your character/author and being ready!

English II

I was very impressed by the work that you all did today in class both in terms of analyzing the elements of "Saboteur" by Ha Jin. Over the weekend you can continue to work on your essays in Google Classroom. Remember that we will only have one more class period devoted to working on the essays in the computer lab.

Furthermore, you have your EOC review sheet. You should be studying the literary devices which you don't know and focusing on shoring up those weaknesses before the exam. We'll do more with the review sheet next week as we prepare for the final exam!

AP English III - 18 May 2017 Reading

AP English III

Students - Please use this link to access the digital copy of Flannery O'Connor's short story.

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Homework for A-Day Students: 17 May 2017

Advanced Russian

At this point you should be actively preparing for your final speaking assignment - our talk show featuring the people from Night Swallows twenty years after the end of World War II. For this your preparation depends on your roles.

Audience, Host, Psychologist - You will want to think of questions to ask as well as generate possible answers so that you can predict follow up questions. You may also want to have a few sentence starters handy to help you speak and organize your thoughts.

Characters from the Show - You will want to think of sentence starters to get you started as well as how to talk about yourselves and your situations in Russian. Continue to develop your vocabulary as well as start to write.

All of you should start to write cue cards for yourself with sentence starters or questions. Next class we will start to prepare more for speaking and listening in this type of way.

Russian I

Today I gave you the final exam study guide which goes over all of the topics that will be covered on the exam. Tonight would be a good night to sit down with your work and to see where your problems lay. I would say that many of you should probably focus on vocabulary and case declensions. Take this time to organize your notes and prioritize your areas to study. I'll continue to give you chances to review and study in class as we prepare for the final.

If you did not have your family project ready for me today, make sure that it is ready and submitted ASAP. Remember that the gradebook will close for the quarter on the 25th of May.

English II

I'm pleased with the fact that so many of you were able to get a lot of good work done on your essays today. Next class we will continue to work on those and develop the body paragraphs before going on to the conclusion.

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Homework for B-Day Students: 16 May 2017

AP English III

I think that many of you will be happy when you see your grades from today's work on the Amendments to the US Constitution. I was impressed by your clarity and the way in which you were able to discuss the relevance of the amendments in the past and also in current society. Hopefully through your study of this important document you are able to have more ownership of your role as a member of our nation.

For next class, I would like for you to do some preliminary research on Flannery O'Connor. She's an American author from our neck of the woods - she's actually for Mississippi, but the south is the south. Do some light research on her so that you are aware of what type of author she is. This will be helpful as we read and discuss one of her stories next class.

English II

We began the drafting of our essays today in class. Remember that by the last class you should have your essay complete with all of the paragraphs. The assignment will remain in Google Classroom until the last day of class - each day we'll continue working on another paragraph.

We also continued the reading of "Saboteur" today to get through part two. Continue to track the characters and their development as well as the conflict. These are the key details that Ha Jin is using in order to show the theme he is presenting.

Monday, May 15, 2017

Homework/Reminders - A Day Students - 5/15/2017

Advanced Russian

Make sure if you need to that you watch a few other episodes of Ночные Ласточки on YouTube.com in order to continue building your characters. You can access the whole season on YouTube - we've watched episodes one through four.

Additionally, tonight you should study the vocabulary on the first page of the packet and read through the dialogues a few times so that you can understand what they are about, generally. You should be able to locate vocabulary being used within the dialogues.

Russian I

Today in class we finished the film I Walk Around Moscow. The link to the video is here. If you were not in class then you should finish watching the movie in order to complete your viewing guide. Additionally, remember that next class you will be presenting one of your family members to me. Practice your reading. Make sure that your writing is solid and has been checked for grammar and vocabulary errors.

English II

Today in class we began the study of our last short story "Saboteur" as well as the work on our essays. Next class we will be in the computer lab to begin typing our essays and to do our EOC Online Tutorial. If there is any work that you would like to resubmit or redo to raise your grade at the end of the quarter then make sure that is all in to me ASAP. My gradebook will be closed on Thursday the 25th of May.

Friday, May 12, 2017

Homework for the Weekend - B Day - 12 May

AP English III

If you did not finish your teaching aide for Tuesday's class please make sure that it is complete and turned in on Tuesday for the presentations on the amendments. Remember that you should go over the:

  • context for the amendment
  • purpose of the amendment
  • significant language from the amendment which informs the purpose
  • changes the amendment brought to the Constitution (if any)
If you complete this work online then make sure that it is shared to me. Remember that your aide may not be bigger than a single piece of paper.

Tuesday we will go through the amendments and finish our unit on the Constitution. Thursday we will have our literature circle on one of my favorite short story authors. Monday the 22nd we will have Student Services come to speak about senior year preparations; I will give you some pointers for the college essay. On Wednesday the 24th we will have our end of year party. Don't forget to complete your Character Sheets for the party.

English II

At this point of the year you should continue to study and prepare for the EOC. Additionally, if there are any assignments that you are missing or would like to resubmit to me, then you can do that at your leisure. I'm available in the morning, at lunch, or quickly after-school.

Thursday, May 11, 2017

Homework for A and B Day Classes - 5/10 and 5/11

Sorry for not getting this posted yesterday. With the AP Exam in English III and the field trip today for Advanced Russian, I got a bit behind.

AP English III

Boom! You did it! You took the test! Yay! Now we can move on to finishing up our unit on the Constitution of the United States. On Friday we'll begin to end our unit by looking at our amendments and preparing for our teaching and study of them as a group. Be ready to work in class on Friday to prepare your teaching element. It'll be a poster/visual that we'll use next week as we study the amendments as a class.

English II

We have read some early Chinese literature with the maxims and teachings of Confucius and next class we will go on to some more modern Chinese literature with one of my favorite authors, Ha Jin. This will be our last reading of the year. We will also continue to work on our essays by finalizing our introduction paragraphs and going to our first body paragraphs. Remember that every day of class we will be completing one of our essay paragraphs.

Russian I

I hope that you all enjoyed the beginning of the film today and were able to get a lot of work done with your family projects. You should have all five paragraphs in a slide show format so that I can check on your work and give you any needed feedback. My goal is that we will have maybe one more session in class to work on these before they are due next week. Remember that with one of your family members I will want you to speak aloud to me. Practice this now.

Advanced Russian

You should take the time this weekend to complete your profile on your character for the final speaking assignment. Given what you have seen about the person from the episode, what is the backstory that they'll be coming into on the talk show? If you're viewing or hosting or acting as the psychologist - then what is your motivation? What are you trying to find out? Use the questions on the viewing guide to structure this.

Also, remember that you should include ten words that your character would use on the show. Give me the words in nominative case forms or in their infinitive (if a verb) - I'll give you any notes on usage or tips with using them.

I think that's all for that. Enjoy the weekend (A Day) and see you tomorrow (B Day)!

Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Homework for A-day Classes: 9 May 2017

С Днем Победы!
Happy Victory Day!

I hope that all of you in Russian class enjoyed celebrating the holiday today. Below are your reminders for our next class day.

Advanced Russian:

Either using you notes from today's episode of Night Swallows you should be building your character for the final speaking assignment. You should write a paragraph in English that discusses your person: Why are they on the show? What tension do they have with others? How will they act or dress? Make sure that you are drawing your character off of the episodes. Keep in mind, all of the episodes are available online.

You should also find ten words in Russian that would be used by your character. Write these with their translation at the bottom of your paragraph. I'll be able to give commentary on if the words are accurate or not.

Russian I:

Next class we will begin watching our final Russian film of the year and complete our PowerPoints related to our families, in Russian. Next class you'll have half of class to finish uploading your writing to your PowerPoint presentations. I'll check the PowerPoints this weekend and give any feedback to you on grammar.

Remember that one of your slides/paragraphs will be presented to me, aloud. We will do this next week on Wednesday. Be ready for that with all of your writing done!

English II:

You've gotten back a lot of your work and I've given you progress reports. If there is anything that you would like to resubmit or continue to revise in order to get a stronger grade, please do that before the end of the quarter. Next class we will begin writing our essay, starting with the introduction paragraph. Be prepared for that.

Monday, May 8, 2017

Homework for B-Day Students: 8 May 2017

AP English III:

It's time to do the big dance, for real. Be on time (7:30 at the Church). Be well rested (remember you can't really study too much). Be well fed (have a nice breakfast). And do all the things!

I'm looking forward to hearing how it goes. 2nd period - I won't see you. 3rd period - I will see you. Take A-lunch, report to class by 12:48. We'll watch some episodes of The Simpsons and talk about satire.

English II:

You all have your final essay assignment which we will be working on every day in class from now to the end of the year. The idea is to finish and submit the final essay on the last class of the year. By doing this intensive writing work, we will be ready for the writing goals on the EOC. You should continue to study your vocabulary words from "Rama and Ravana" in battle as well as take care of any missing assignments from your progress report.

Next class we'll start our final few readings of the year which will come from China. First we'll get to know Ancient China through the writing of Confucius - then we'll see modern China through the writing of one of my favorite authors, Ha Jin.

Friday, May 5, 2017

Homework for the Weekend - A Day Students - 5 May 2017

Advanced Russian:

If today's assessment came as a surprise to you today, then please take the time over the weekend to study and prepare for a reassessment on the topics which troubled you. We have pretty much finished with the new grammar and topics for the year - for the rest of our time together we will be reviewing and preparing for our final speaking assignments.

Also, please make sure to fill out your permission slips and return them to me ASAP. I have already contacted your teachers to let them know about the trip - you need to follow up with them.

Russian I:

Same note as above to you on the exam today. Think about the particular topics or areas of the test that gave you trouble and spend your time preparing and studying for a reassessment if you need to. You also need to make sure that all of your paragraphs are uploaded into Google Classroom by Tuesday's class so that we can begin to end our final project of the year and move into our final film study for the year!

English II:

Make sure that over the weekend you are studying your vocabulary crossword from "Rama and Ravana in Battle". Your final vocabulary quiz of the year will cover these words. Next week we will start to read our final story of the year and begin to work on our final major writing assignment.

Make sure that if there are assignments on your progress report that you would like to redo or reassess on that you prepare for that this weekend!

Thursday, May 4, 2017

Homework for the Weekend - B Day - 4 May 2017

AP English III

I will have your AP Multiple Choice forms ready for you tomorrow morning if you would like to pick them up in advance of the weekend to prepare for your exam on Wednesday.

Over the weekend you should continue working on your assignments in Google Classroom related to annotating the amendment(s) that you are studying as well as the historical context and development of the amendment(s). I would seriously consider the outline assignment as you are working on your close reading and research. Remember that for your timed writing you will be presenting your interpretation of the meaning of the amendment(s) through analysis of the actual language as well as inclusion of facts from research. As I said, it's a bit of an analysis and a bit of a synthesis. You'll have access to these documents for your timed writing.

Continue as well studying and preparing for Wednesday!

English II

You should spend time this weekend reviewing your vocabulary crossword puzzles in advance of the final vocabulary quiz of the year.

Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Homework for A Day Students - PLC DAY - 3 May 2017

Advanced Russian:

Many of you have been absent this week due to AP Testing. I hope that you've felt successful there. Remember that on Friday we'll have our second quizzes for this most recent unit. Your study tips are below:

Russian II - Plurals in all cases for all parts of speech, double negatives, adverbs of quantity and some vocabulary. Make sure that you are prepared by reviewing your exercises, notes, and especially your work with cases.

Russian III - Participles and verbal adverbs will be the focus of this quiz as well as work with который phrases related to this.

Russian IV - Review of "White Nights" in full including writing and vocabulary skills.

Russian I:

Next class we will have the Unit Three exam. It'll cover a lot of your foundational skills (alphabet, cases, gender) as well as the new skills from unit three (singulars/plurals, adjectives/adverbs, conjunctions). Make sure that you study your previous quizzes and keep working on your writing to study and review for this assessment.

If you are working on your writing, I will check them again before Tuesday's class. Make sure that you've corrected your previous work and that you have finished all five of your paragraphs!

English II:

Today we finished Spirited Away and I collected viewing guides. This film is going to be one of the things that you can analyze for your final writing project on character analysis. I'll have the guides returned to you soon. Remember that there are now seven classes until your exam. I hope that you're preparing yourself well.

Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Homework for B-Day Students: Tuesday, 2nd of May

AP English III

Next class we will have our last AP Multiple Choice practice to prepare for the examination. It'll be another full-length test from a previous year. To prepare for this make sure that you have reviewed your previous multiple choice practices and begun to fully learn some of the vocabulary that may have caused you to stumble before.

Additionally, you may want to continue working on your research/close reading of your amendments to the US Constitution. We will be closing that assignment on Thursday and I'll be checking your work to prepare for your timed writing.

English II

Good work today finishing up Spirited Away.  Next class we will continue to read "Rama and Ravana in Battle" as well as get started on our final writing assignment - a character analysis!

Monday, May 1, 2017

Homework for A Day Students - 1 May 2017

Happy May Day! С Первым Мая!
For those of you absent due to AP Testing - please pay close attention. You are still responsible for what we do in class, even when you are absent.

Advanced Russian:

You will have your final quiz on Friday which will cover the more recent topics in this unit. Make sure that you are studying and preparing. Russian II's quiz will cover plurals, adverbs of quantity, and double negative expressions. Russian III's quiz will cover participial phrases, deverbal adverbs, and который phrases, Russian IV's quiz will cover "White Nights" and vocabulary analysis.

Russian III - Please complete the translation of the two mystery texts from our reading practice.
Russian IV - Please submit your essay via Google Docs on "White Nights"
Russian II - Please continue working on your writing assignment - the short story about your items using adverbs of quantity. The prompt is copied here:  Think about your items in your bookbag, or in your car, or perhaps in your bedroom at home? What do you have a lot of? What do you have little of? What did you have much of? What will you have little of? What do you never have a lot of?

Russian I:

Your rough draft space is available on Google Classroom. Please ensure that by Wednesday you have completed your first three paragraphs as a rough draft. I will read them, mark comments, and then we will continue to revise and move toward a final draft in Google Slides (with images).

Also, we have our unit examination on Friday. I hope that you are preparing by using the study guide I prepared for you.

English II:  If you are missing any assignments or would like to resubmit any assignments, please turn those in or work with me during lunch, before or after school to complete the reassessment.