Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Homework for A Day Students - 20 December

Advanced Russian:

Tonight I want you to get ready for our final class of the year.  Prepare your exercises on new grammar for Thursday's class.  For Russian II, this is exercise five, filling in the blanks.  Think about the types of verbal action that you've learned today.  For Russian III and IV this is a translation activity.  Make sure that if you need to look up a word that you make a vocabulary card for those words.

On Thursday we'll finish collecting projects, watch some holiday movies, and work on our New Year tree!

Russian I:

Tonight you have case work to do which reviews all of the cases.  Work through the words and fill in the blanks for the proper cases.  Be able to translate the sentences that you create.  Hopefully on Thursday we'll finish Doctor Zhivago and make some ornaments for our tree.

English II:

A lot of you got some good work done in class.  Keep going.  If you want to, keep working on your narratives.  Plan and write!  These will be due after break!

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