Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Homework for A Day Students - 5 October 2016

Russian II - IV

Today I gave all of you exercises which will review the new grammar we have been learning.  You should start to work through these exercises, aiming to complete the ones you can and develop questions for me so that we can work together next week on the ones that are confusing to you.  Next class you will have time to work on these some more, but they should show a good faith effort at completion by Tuesday the 11th when we review them.

Russian I

Today we learned more about Russian words including gender and animacy.  You may want to apply this knowledge to the words that you have already been learning.  Those of you who didn't present dialogues today will do that on Tuesday.  Remember that on Friday you will be finishing our film and working on your Russian Facebook pages.

If you are missing any work - it is time to turn that in ASAP.  Especially if it is your name poster assignment.

English II

Tonight you are going to do a bit of research on KRISTALLNACHT.  Use your notecard.  On the lined side, write the Internet address of the youtube video you watch on the top line.  Then, write five facts you learn about KRISTALLNACHT from the video on the card.  We'll collect this next class.

Also, study your mad-libs sheets.  We'll be testing with our vocabulary soon!

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