Friday, October 14, 2016

Homework for the Weekend - B Day - 14 October 2016

Happy Pep Rally Day, B-Day Students.  Here are your reminders for the weekend:

AP English III

Over the weekend you should make sure that you are up to date on your reading in The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn as well as reading and annotating Malcolm X's "Learning to Read".  This article is available in 50 Essays or at this link.  As you read the piece, you may find it productive to concentrate on the ideas of learning, power, and language.  Consider the role of Jim as you read this as well as Huck - their power as well as their abilities in the society.  This is also a very good piece for you to use for your vocabulary bookmarks.

On Tuesday you'll be getting back your essays on In Cold Blood as well as your timed writings.  Timed writing assignments are not available to be resubmitted; however, your essays can be resubmitted if you are not happy with your performance.  Some of you may find it helpful to conference with us before moving forward on your resubmission.  It is important that everything be settled by Monday the 24th as we need to finish the gradebook for the first quarter within that week.

English II

Next class we will be returning to the computer lab to finish working on our skit scripts, costumes, props, and backgrounds.  You may continue to work on this over the weekend if you feel like you need to.  The main priority that you have over the weekend is to use your progress report to finish any missing assignments.  If you have been absent and there are assignments that you need to complete, those have been marked with zeroes.  Please make sure to get the assignments from us and get them turned in no later than Monday the 24th so that we can finish your grades for the quarter.

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