Monday, December 12, 2016

Homework for A Day Students - 12 December 2016

I just realized that it's 12/12.  Is there a special thing for this?  I don't know.

Advanced Russian

I hope that all of you felt prepared for your quiz today.  I'll have the grades posted to PowerSchool as soon as I can.  If you want to reassess, we will settle that next week.  Also, if you want to do ruble exchange for extra credit, we can take care of that next class.

For homework tonight you should be reading from your textbook (or from your textbook as well as your short story [Russian IV]).  Take notes and generate questions as you go through the new content.  It's my hope that next class we will have a chance to finish our work on the recent episodes of Night Swallows as well as begin on the final portions of this unit.

Russian I

You all did very well today during our review work on grammar.  Tonight, make sure that you have finished your sentences about yourself and generated images that pair with those images.  Develop the sentences further if you want by adding more details (locations, et cetera).  You have a major quiz on Friday on the grammar we've been learning, prepare yourself accordingly.

English II

Your final drafts of your essays will be collected on Friday.  Make sure that you have a finished draft from today's class with some feedback so that you can meet your final deadline.

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