Monday, November 28, 2016

Homework for A-Day Students: Welcome Back - 28 November

Russian II-IV

Tonight you should focus on summarizing what you've been learning so far this unit into a simple to read study guide.  Make sure to account for your grammar units so far in this section as well as useful vocabulary related to that grammar.  Additionally, if you did not complete the writing assignment over Thanksgiving Break then you should complete that work for me so that I can see how your writing is doing in Russian.

Russian I

Tonight for homework you have two exercises focused on reviewing the grammar you already know.  In the first exercise on Accusative Case you can only do three of the questions.  Answer the question and state the item in the Accusative Case.  In the second exercise you're working with verbs.  Read carefully, understand, and fill in the blank with a logical verb.

English II

We are going to continue working on our essays over the next few classes.  Keep doing that work.  For tonight, remember to bring back your permission slips for Mr. Miller and to read from Persepolis.  You should read the chapter called "The Letter" and find one panel to record your observations and inferences.

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