Thursday, November 3, 2016

Homework for the Weekend - A Day - 3 November

Advanced Russian

You will have a vocabulary quiz next week focusing on the new nouns that you are learning in this unit.  For Russian IV this deals with body parts and health vocabulary, Russian III has food items and Russian II has words related to time and counting.  Learn your new words!

Additionally, spend time tonight reviewing the new grammar that we are learning.  Russian IV and III have exercises to complete related to the new topics.  Make sure that as you complete the exercises you are using your notes and your notebooks.  Russian II - you have writing to practice to finish your learning on the Genitive Plural.  Remember that you are writing about five times of the day and what you do at that time.  Write out all numbers as words, don't forget your counting rules.

Russian I

If after today's quiz you feel like you need to reassess on this content, then make sure that you are actively practicing so that you are ready to reassess next week.  Today, we started learning the real meat of the Russian language - cases.  The textbook does a good job of reviewing this information - you may find it helpful to read over pages twenty six through to thirty seven for an overview of cases.

There is also this video taught by a Russian lady named Nadya to overview what we did in class today.  She has some funny examples to help you understand.

English II

As I discussed today we will have our unit exam next week!  It'll cover Hotel Rwanda, The Diary of Anne Frank, The Boy Who Dared, and The Wave.  Start studying now to prepare yourself.  Next class we will have our review game, start on our final essay for the unit, and work on our reading project!  Big days ahead!

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