Friday, April 28, 2017

Homework for the Weekend - B Day - 28 April 2017

It's the end of the month! Huzzah! We've only got a few classes left until we begin our final examinations and review sessions.

AP English III:

Over the weekend you have a few things to do and work on to prepare for next week. First, make sure that you read and annotate the article I gave you today in class called "Two Ways to Belong in America." If you lose this piece, then you can access a .pdf of it at this link.

Second, continue to work on your projects in Google Classroom. Remember that we will only have about thirty more minutes in class to complete research, so putting in time over the weekend is important to do. I would recommend trying to finish one of the slideshows/documents.

Third, remember that we will have our final AP Multiple Choice practice on Thursday. On Tuesday I plan to review some of the more commonly missed questions on this test. You may find it helpful to review these yourself and perhaps doa second attempt to prepare.

Fourth, take a quick read/annotation of Articles Four through Seven in the Constitution. Keep these questions in mind as you read:

  1. What do these articles deal with or accomplish?
  2. Why are they needed?
  3. How do the outlying articles relate to the three main articles of the Constitution?

English II:

There is no required homework this weekend. If you would like to resubmit any assignments as we begin to prepare for the end of the year, please study and review and then schedule a reassessment time. I would recommend before school or during lunch. Keep an eye on your progress reports that I gave out last class to prioritize what you should do. We will soon begin our final major assignment which is an essay.

Thursday, April 27, 2017

Homework for the Weekend - A Day - 27 April

Advanced Russian

For those of you who left for the senior meeting - please pay close attention to the paper I gave you before you left. That states your homework for the weekend. For Russian IV we are working on vocabulary and our synopsis of the story. Russian III is finishing the work on participles and verbal adverbs from the mystery texts. Russian II students are completing the translation exercise (number nine) focused on adverbs of quantity.

Remember that you will have your final quizzes next Friday and then our final unit examinations.

Russian I

Over the weekend you should use the example paragraphs that we reviewed today in class to complete at least three family member paragraphs as rough drafts. Hopefully most of them will be very grammatically correct since we were able to develop them today in class. On Monday we will be in the computer lab to type and upload our work into Google Classroom.

Please do not use translators to do this work for whole sentences. I understand looking up a word or two, but do not use a translator. The translator will show itself because you will be using words or language that I have not yet taught you. Do your own work. Part of the struggle is the process of learning.

You also have your study guides for your Unit Three exam which will happen on Friday the 5th.

English II

I have now handed back all of your work this quarter as well as progress reports. If there is anything that you need to redo or resubmit then you should prepare for that this weekend and be ready to do your reassessment next week.

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Homework for B-Day Students: 26 April 2017

AP English III:

Remember that reassessments of your research paper are due to me on Friday. You will need to turn in the original paper as well as the new paper for me to be able to track changes and see your improvements. I will update grades as I see fit. Make sure that you meet this deadline so that you are able to improve your grade and finish getting feedback before the AP Examination.

Next class we will continue our work through the Articles (up to Article V) - make sure that you are reading and annotating by keeping the key questions in mind as you continue to work through the Constitution.

Also next class we will begin to work on our Amendment as Argument project by completing research. Please read over your instructions form and read your selected Amendment carefully to prepare for our research.

English II:

Today you received progress reports which outline any missing assignments. If you have anything that needs to be turned in or made-up (like a quiz or a test) please make sure that you are working to complete that ASAP. Remember that we only have TEN classes remaining.

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Homework for Tuesday - A Day - 25 April 2017

Advanced Russian:

Tomorrow morning at 9:00 you'll be taking your AP Examination. Good luck! Watch your spelling as you type and think carefully! Use the questions as a guide!

Russian II - Make sure that you have submitted and practiced for your presentations on Thursday on the weather in Durham and in your Russian city. You'll be presenting on one day in Durham and in your Russian city. Your work should be turned in on Google Classroom.

Russian III - Continue practicing with participles and verbal adverbs by completing the reading tasks I gave you today. Read the texts and work through the tasks. Feel free to annotate, underline, or mark up the texts to find your needed vocabulary.

Russian IV - Finish and submit the final draft of your essay on character arcs and Dostoevsky.

Russian I:

We've started on one of our last projects of our year - the family writing project. For tonight's homework you should write two paragraphs as a rough draft. Use the vocabulary we've reviewed and found in class as well as the writing outline. Do not use online translators for this work. Only write using your own skills. If you need help, ask me. Remember that this is one of the main ways that we will be preparing for our final exam.

English II:

No homework today since we had our major vocabulary assessment today in class. Next class we will keep watching Spirited Away and we will begin to transition to literature and culture from India.