Thursday, April 25, 2019

Homework for the Weekend - A Day - 25 April

AP English III

Today in class was really wonderful - we started with chapter presentations up to our most recent part of The Grapes of Wrath and then had a great conversation around "Two Ways to Belong in America" which ended with some excellent parallels between our two texts. Tonight and this weekend we have a few important reminders.

  1. Resubmissions are due. You must turn in your new paper, the original, and your rubric. You may staple all of this together and put it in your envelope. Papers will be accepted all day on Monday. I will leave with all of you at 4:00. No late papers will be accepted.
  2. You're reading the last major set of chapters in The Grapes of Wrath - 27, 28, and 29. Be sure to update your motif charts and your covers. You should also select your quote and article of literary criticism to support your interpretation of the quotation.
  3. Please complete three vocabulary cards with your reading. You should complete one card per chapter.
Next week we'll be working through The Grapes of Wrath on Monday, including some work on our final projects. Then we will have a day focused on AP Skills (multiple choice) on Friday. Don't forget that your guided reading notes for your literary criticism article are also due on Friday.

English IV

Today in class we had a productive day related to our novels and vocabulary. I would suggest that many of you focus on reading your books regularly. You will want to be reading about ten pages a day to make it through your books in time. You have your first final project on your books - the pamphlet project. Look over the requirements and be ready to start working on this soon. You may find it helpful to start by writing a few questions or to put together your summary.

Wednesday, April 24, 2019

Homework for B-Day Students: 24 April

AP Seminar

We have just the final few IMPOD presentations left on Thursday morning which means that on Friday we'll be going to our exam preparation. For that, we'll really work out of the AP Seminar Course and Exam Description. The most important pages in this document are the Glossary of Terms and the Sample EOC A and EOC B. I would recommend studying the terms tonight and finding those most helpful and related to the EOC A and B. We'll have a lot of fun the next few days as we are preparing.

Outside of this your work is on Digital Portfolio. Be sure that everything is uploaded and submitted following the instructions. Also be sure to import your AP Number once you get that from Ms. Oertel.

Advanced Russian

Here we go into Chapter 11. It's a fun chapter with some strange grammar goals all related to adjectives and verbs in some strange fashion. Today we started our work with this chapter by focusing on how Russians use and create words for various nationalities as well as the short-form adjective. Tonight's homework is meant to help with this new concept. Complete the translation exercise related to short-form adjectives. Use your vocabulary list to learn new words. Remember that the adjective has to agree with the noun. Have this work complete so that we can review it on Friday before having our song workshop.

Russian I

We had such a productive day today learning new things! Sorry to those of you who didn't win LOTO today, but remember that we did get some good review of vocabulary done, so everyone wins. Our main goal for today was to understand the way that adverbs are formed and used in Russian. Today we looked at a lot of the basics, next class we'll look at some more complicated bits.

For tonight, you should complete our classwork. Write two additional sentence pairs using an adjective and an adverb. Remember the different procedures for using and writing with these different parts of speech. Also be aware of our quiz next week on adverbs, conjunctions, and vocabulary.

Tuesday, April 23, 2019

Homework for A-Day: 23 April 2019

AP English III

Happy Tuesday everyone! Today in class we worked through some of Steinbeck's arguments as we looked at the trends in the text related to the settings as well as Jim Casy. As I noted in class, it becomes obvious when you aren't reading. The discussion suffers, people don't have their books, and the annotations are light or non-existent. I'll remind you that this is our last unit and we are almost done - books will be due soon as well as motif charts. Remember that we're not finished yet.

For tonight we have a few things to settle. First, a reminder that research paper resubmissions are not due until Monday. I think that many of you will need the weekend, and I haven't been free to discuss anything due to AP Seminar presentations. Come and check in - let's discuss what we need to. I will not collect late resubmissions.

You should read "Two Ways to Belong in America" (available in 50 Essays or on Google Classroom). This is a text about immigrants in contemporary America, but I think that there are clear connections to Steinbeck too. Read the article and see if you can make these connections. You may find it helpful to think about the ways in which necropolitics are coming into play in both texts.

We will also have chapter presentations next class. Chapters up to number 26 will be called. Please share any materials you have made.

Lastly, the guided reading notes on literary criticism are due next Friday. Remember that the criticism is meant to help you with your interpretation of the motif/quotation for your final assignment. Be sure that you find an article which aligns with your own understanding of the motif in the novel.

English IV

Today in class we had our Unit 17 Vocabulary Test as well as a chance to correct our earlier quiz on Lesson 17. I hope that you felt prepared for today's assessment. I'll have them back to you next week for our corrections. I think that this vocabulary work that we're doing is some of the most important work for us because it's so helpful for acquiring new words and being able to work with huge words that are new to you.

Remember that you also now know about the two final projects for the novel you are reading. We have a creative project (the book pamphlet) and then the more formal project (the character essay). I'm looking forward to taking you through these last assignments for the year.

Monday, April 22, 2019

Homework for Monday - 22 April 2019

AP Seminar

We are well on our way to finishing our IMPODS. I am very happy with the work that I saw today, and the level of support that you all have given to each other as we have done this work. Through the week, be sure that you have placed final touches on your IWA and submitted your final. I will also remind you that after you do your AP Pre-Administration (Tuesday or Wednesday) you will then need to import your AP Number. Deep breaths kiddos - it's finished!

Advanced Russian

Today we had our unit examination for Units 7 and 9. Be aware that if you were absent you will need to schedule approximately one hour for a make-up session. Do try to get that done this week so that I can return the exams by Friday.

We are all going to move on together for the end of the year - Please review Chapter 11 (Russian III Textbook) and complete the chapter preview form. Additionally, AP Examinees should be reviewing from Schaum's Russian Grammar in order to prepare and review difficult topics. Lastly, if you see a zero score for the most recent project please check your submission on Google Classroom. If you are not able to submit, please share your work with me and email me to inform me that it is ready to be scored.

Russian I

Today in class we reviewed our former Soviet Republics before we took time to review the usage of conjunctions in Russian. We finished our day with a game of LOTO and some more practice with writing sentences using conjunctions. To finish our learning on this relatively straightforward grammar topic, complete the final set of sentences for Exercise 3.8. Remember to read the sentences, determine if they're more similar or dissimilar, and then to add the conjunction. Check to remove words that aren't needed.

Next class we'll be looking at forming adverbs from adjectives. I also need all tests complete. Wednesday is the last day to finish an incomplete test.