Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Homework for B-Day Students: 19 September 2017

English IV

Keep in mind that on Google Classroom you now have drafts of your essays as well as feedback from Mr. Bernhard as to how to develop your ideas in to full drafts. Before Monday of next week make sure that you address these comments so that you can quickly revise and print your draft to turn it in to us.

AP English III

On Thursday we will have our first timed writing opportunity and it will be an argumentative prompt. To prepare for this complete the assignment on Google Classroom. To do this, follow these steps:

  1. Go to http://classroom.google.com. Login using your DPSNC credentials which are first-last@dpsnc.net and the password is your computer network password.
  2. Enroll in our class. 3B is 0xpab07. 4B is 69gnon6.
  3. Once you enroll you'll see the Quick Argumentative Outline Assignment. Create a Google Doc, give your argument on the prompt, at least one topic with evidence and explanation, and a clear refutation with evidence and explanation.
  4. Turn in the assignment when you're done.
Additionally, bring your copies of In Cold Blood on Thursday if you would like a new grade for annotations on the text. If you have any resubmissions to turn in, those should come in too.

Remember that you will have a rough draft workshop on Wednesday, not Monday. This is a change.

Monday, September 18, 2017

Homework for A-Day Students - 18 September 2017

English IV

Good work today on your characters everyone. Next class we should have a chance to finish up the first portion of the Character Project and continue reading more of The Canterbury Tales. For tonight, it would be most important for you to revise and check-in on your essays. Mr. Bernhard went through your work on Google Classroom and left comments for you all. Go in and revise your essays to address those comments. We will print and submit drafts on Friday - so it's important that you finish these revisions before that.

Advanced Russian

Next class you will have a quiz on the One Stem Verb System. You will be expected to know:

  • how certain stems operate.
  • how to tell stems from each other.
  • how truncation and addition function in past and non-past forms.
  • how mutations are triggered.
  • how to transcribe infinitives, non-past, and past tense forms.
Hopefully our workshop in class today was helpful in addressing these areas. You should work with the verb handout I gave you as well as the textbook in order to discover more about stems.

Additionally, continue to review our work on cases as they are paired with verbs. Complete exercise 7A, numbers 1-10. Read and analyze the sentence, then change the verb and case in order to make a synonymous sentence. We'll review this work on Wednesday, after the quiz.

Russian I

You also have a quiz next week that will focus on your knowledge of the Russian alphabet and handwriting. You should know:
  • the sounds that each letter makes.
  • the shape of the letter in print and in handwriting.
  • the cognate vocabulary from English.
On the quiz you will be asked to listen to Russian and write what you hear, to write words given to you in print, and to explain what cognates mean. Study and be ready!

Also, keep in mind that handwriting packets and name projects must be turned in on Wednesday or they will become zeroes.

Friday, September 15, 2017

Homework for the Weekend - B Day - 15 September 2017

AP English III

Today was such a productive day! We've got some of the big conceptual understandings now about how to approach argumentative writing. Remember that over the weekend you have a major task - the revision of your outlines. All revised outlines should be turned in no later than Thursday the 21st. This is so that we can give you feedback to develop rough drafts. As you revise follow the steps:

  1. Edit your argument so that it passes the DADS test. It's gotta be Debatable, Analytical, Defensible, and Specific!
  2. Reorganize your textual support around clear and specific topics. Generate topic sentences that explain the connection to your argument.
  3. Develop a refutation from the evidence in the text.
  4. Explain all of your evidence in the context of your argument. Show how this relates and why it is important.
You have everything you need to improve your standing (aka revising outlines and questions) in this class and in your approach to writing. It's time to get it done.

Also, read Eudora Welty's "Listening" for class on Tuesday. There's a link to the article here. As you read, annotate the piece to discover what Welty's argument is.

English IV

If you have not completed your draft of "The Me You Don't See" spend time this weekend developing that so that you will be ready to submit your draft on Thursday next week. On Thursday we'll go back to the lab to do final checks before submitting.

Thursday, September 14, 2017

Homework for the Weekend - A Day - 14 September 2017

Russian I

Over the weekend you should be focused on finishing your handwriting packets for the alphabet if you haven't already turned that in and received a grade. If you have a grade then you can work on revising your work for a new grade if you would like.

Advanced Russian 

Over the weekend you should be focused on the reading passage at the beginning of Chapter Four; it's found on page 143. As you read determine the main idea of each paragraph. Find all of the verbs that you can. If the verb is not already in its infinitive form, then derive the infinitive based on your knowledge of stems and conjugations.

Russian Students - Don't forget that you will have your first quiz of the year on the 20th.

English IV

If you have not completed your first draft of your "The Me You Don't See" essays then spend time this weekend to have those completed. You'll be getting feedback this weekend as we begin to turn these into final drafts across the next week. Remember to access these drafts you need to go into Google Classroom using your DPSNC accounts.