Friday, February 23, 2018

Homework for the Weekend - 23 February 2018 - A Day

Russian I

Over the weekend you should spend time working on your family projects. You have two things to accomplish. First, locate your assignment on Google Classroom. There you'll find the online Russian keyboard as well as the instructions for the document.

Identify your family members. Write their names - first, middle, and last in the Russian way. Remember that you have to write about four generations.

After you've done this, take time to write a rough draft of one paragraph. Make sure that you use the outline provided.

Turn in this work on Google Classroom or share it with me daniel _ miller @ dpsnc . net (no spaces) so that I can mark this as complete and give you feedback.

Advanced Russian

I will not see many of you on Tuesday because of the ACT testing for Juniors. Because of this - the work discussed here will be reviewed on Thursday. Now that we have finished watching The Irony of Fate we can apply what we have learned about Verbs of Motion to the film. We did that today in class related to Ippolit and Zhenya - over the weekend, write about Nadya.

Use a variety of verbs of motion to write about Nadya. Be sure that you consider where she is when she ends the film and your point of view on the actions as you write.

Russian III students should use verbs of motion with prefixes as an extra practice - you may also want to activate your hypothetical and conditional mood for extra review of that too.

We will have our unit exam after next week. Please make sure that if you have any missing work or work to be resubmitted that you have handled this over the weekend.

English IV

You all did a great job today working through your vocabulary quizzes as well as our reading of Mary Shelley's Frankenstein. I know that the text is difficult, but that is why it is important to work with it. Make sure that you focus on what you understand and use that to make sense of the parts you don't quite understand.

Over the weekend you don't have any homework to complete for me. If you have missed something, it is important that you get that done over the weekend!

Thursday, February 22, 2018

Homework for the Weekend - B Day - 22 February 2018

AP English III

I think that you are all doing a pretty wonderful job of working through Invisible Man and understanding some of the very large and real questions that Ellison is exploring through the text. Over the weekend you have a few important things to work on and complete.

Make sure that you have read and annotated Chapters 5 and 6 in Invisible Man. As you do this, consider your motif charts and your vocabulary requirement. In Chapter 5 you will have the story of the Founder - it's a story within a story - the reverend will tell the story while TIM is listening. Stay focused on the character of the Founder and some of the fallacies that are in his story. Chapter 6 will show you a new side of Bledsoe. Pat attention to him closely - what accounts for his change?

You also have your instructions on how to complete your outline for your research paper. Be sure that you are formatting your outline using the rubric as well as your sourcepack. See me if you have any questions.

English IV

On Monday we will have our vocabulary quiz on roots one through ten. Make sure that you can identify the parts in words as well as knowing your parts of speech (noun, verb, adjective, adverb). Hopefully you are using your study guide to review words and the ways in which meaning is built when word parts combine with each other.

Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Homework for A-Day Students: 21 February

Our next classes fall on Friday! I'm excited to show you all my new Friday t-shirt...

English IV

On Friday we will have our vocabulary quiz on the first ten word parts in our lesson. Make sure that you have learned the meaning of the word parts, the alternate spellings (if any), and the ways that the words come together with different parts to form meanings.

I've given each of you a study guide with sample words for this quiz that you should use to prepare.

Advanced Russian

On Friday we will finish our film and begin with our summaries of The Irony of Fate using verbs of motion. Tonight you may want to think about the action that we have seen so far. What verbs of motion can we use to describe actions in the film? Where did they go? From where?

Tonight you should finish your translation work (Russian II) or your dialogue work (Russian III). Be sure that you are using this as an opportunity to review concepts and important vocabulary before we have our unit examination on these ideas. That exam will be coming after next week!

Russian I

Today we focused on family member vocabulary as well as some culture related to Russian names. All of this is to help us complete our next vocabulary project - a family tree. For this you are focused on four generations of your family - remember that you can use your actual family or you can make up members of your family too. All of the people need to be named in Russian (first, middle, and last). You'll write paragraphs about two of the people in your family.

We'll only work on this for a bit before I collect it! Also, some of you are still missing your floor plan projects. Make sure that those are turned in ASAP.

Be sure that you are studying and working on your project. You will have a spelling quiz on Friday!

Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Homework for B-Day Classes - 20 February 2018

AP English III

Very good work today going through what is a difficult chapter in Invisible Man. I was happy to see the way that you all were engaging thoughtfully with the text and considering the larger connections between the events of Chapter Two and the other events in the text. I thought that you all did a wonderful job of picking apart the symbols through the chapter to understand some of the larger ideas that Ellison is presenting.

For homework tonight you have Chapters Three and Four. Chapter Three takes place at The Golden Day (a bar and brothel) - pay close attention to the Vet and what he has to say to TIM. Also in Chapter Four we have more time with Dr. Bledsoe and around the campus. Pay attention to your motifs, your vocabulary cards, and your blogs. Remember that if the motif is not seen in the blog, then you will want to still account for that by saying so.

Down the road we have our Research Paper Outlines due on the 2nd of March. Work through your sourcepacks and begin to create your outline. I'll review formatting and requirements for the outline in class on Thursday. We've already written them before, so this should be an easier task than it was before.

English IV

Your homework is the same as your classmates in 2A. Begin studying for your vocabulary quiz. Make sure that you have learned our ten word parts thoroughly and that you can analyze words for their important parts. This is an important skill that will pay off so much for you in so many areas.

Also, if you have any missing assignments - be sure that you have started to get them made up.