Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Grades Complete - Q4

A-Day Students

Your Q4 grades have been finalized. The only grade that you have left to earn is the examination, which counts for twenty percent of your total grade for the year.

Please remember to check in regarding exemptions if you are working to become exempt from the examination. Any student who fails to show for their examination will be given a zero for the exam. Make-ups are very limited. It is in your best interest to show for your scheduled examination time.

Let's Be Ready for Exams

Congratulations everyone! We've made it to the end. Since I will not be here tomorrow for the B-Day Classes I wanted to make sure that this was posted to go over exams for all of the classes.

Be sure that you are where you need to be for your final examination. Remember not to assume that you are exempt from a teacher made exam unless you hear that confirmation from me!

2A - English IV NCFE (No Exemptions)
Students will test on Friday the 25th at 12:00 PM. You will test in our classroom. Be sure that you are on time so that you have time to complete your entire test. Exams will be scored once I receive score reports from the State.

3A - Advanced Russian
Students will test on Wednesday the 30th at 9:00 AM. You will test Room 309 with me.

4A - Russian I
Students will test on Wednesday the 30th at 1:00 PM. You will test in our classroom. Be sure that you have reviewed all of the study materials that you have been given in order to complete this examination.

2B - English IV NCFE (No Exemptions)
Students will test on Tuesday the 29th at 12:00 PM. You will test in our classroom. Be sure that you are on time so that we can complete the examination in the required timeframe. Again, I will receive your scores from the State and input your scores once I receive them.

3B - AP English III
Students will test with me in our classroom on the 31st at 9:00 AM. Be on time. You will have identifications and two essays for this exam. Be sure that you have reviewed all of your notes and texts from the year so that you are prepared.

4B - AP English III
Students will test with me in our classroom on the 31st at 12:00 PM. Be on time. You will have identifications and two essays for this exam. Be sure that you have reviewed all of your notes and texts from the year so that you are prepared.

Exemptions for the AP English III students will be ready on Tuesday after I have graded your short story tests. It is your responsibility to check the class website or to see me for your exemption information. After I return on Tuesday from Boston I will begin to grade your examinations and have your scores finalized as soon as I can.

Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Homework for The End! - 22 May 2018

English IV

Today was Senior Day! Congratulations to our future graduates. I hope that you all enjoyed the day and the festivities that were planned for you. As a reminder - I will not be on campus Thursday, which is your actual last day of class. Many of you were not in class because of the Senior Day festivities. For this reason I will continue to accept any more novel projects - please be sure that it is turned in tomorrow at the latest.

Today was also a day to cash in rubles or Falcon Feathers for extra credit. Please see me tomorrow before or after-school to do this in order to improve your standing at the end of the year.

On Thursday you'll have a substitute teacher and a chance to earn more points on your Frankenstein essays. Attend class, enjoy Young Frankenstein and then write about it. Should be a great last day.

The B2 exam is scheduled for Tuesday the 29th in our classroom. We will begin after lunch. You will have A lunch.

AP English III

Today was a visit from Student Services to talk about planning for next year. Then we had a chance to also talk about what planning for next year is like. As you continue to make your decisions and start your planning, come and talk as you wish. We also cashed in rubles and Falcon Feathers - remember to see me tomorrow with any last cashing-in that you may need to do.

Tomorrow we have our AP Exam! Yay! It's time to cross this finish line! I'll be out there to see you all and give you some of my super early morning energy. Remember to get a good night's sleep and a solid breakfast in you to prepare. Look over your tasks, skills, strategies and notes. Chill out and be cool.

Thursday you'll have your short story exam. Be sure that you have clear understandings of all five of our short stories (Orwell is not on this exam). There will be multiple choice, matching, and a short answer question. In this test you will be challenged with some questions to find the BEST answer. After that we'll have course evaluation time.

Remember that exam exemptions will be finalized on Tuesday of next week after I grade your unit tests. Check in after your grades have been posted.

Monday, May 21, 2018

Homework for the Last Day of Class - 21 May 2018 - A Day

English IV

As the title of the post implies, today really was the last day to submit any assignments for scores. Since I will not see 2B tomorrow for class, those students should see me outside of class tomorrow to submit anything that is left for this Quarter. On Wednesday we will finish watching Young Frankenstein and complete a brief writing assignment for extra credit on your Frankenstein adaptation essays. This assignment on Wednesday will be only for extra credit added to your previous Frankenstein essays. No work will be collected on Wednesday for other scores.

Advanced Russian

For those of you who will be absent on Wednesday it is imperative that I collect your rubric, grammar goals, and written work to replace your grades for Wednesday's project work. Tonight, you should all be actively preparing for our speaking task on Wednesday. Finish writing your statements and questions, use your textbooks to check on your grammar skills, focus on vocabulary! You'll want a bit of a costume that goes with your character (nothing too elaborate) and a good tone of voice to be your person.

We'll spend some time warming up on Wednesday, run through our speaking assignment, and then spend time asking questions related to the final examination. I'll also tell you on Wednesday if you are exempt or not - be sure that you've checked in on your absences before this time!

Russian I

On Wednesday's class we'll be finishing Office Romance and completing the second viewing guide. Many of you did very well on the first one, just be sure that you are always answering all parts of the question being asked of you. We will also have the chance on Wednesday to do a bit of review - as I go through your Начало sheets tonight I'll make a list of topics and go over the more popular topics for you then.

I'll also go over exemptions on Wednesday for all of you. As I said above, be sure to check in on your absences if needed!

Friday, May 18, 2018

Homework for the Weekend - B Day Students

English IV

It is very important that everyone realize that today really was the last day of class because of the Senior Day next Tuesday. On Tuesday we will not really meet because of the Senior Brunch. If you need to finish your final novel project over the weekend, you can and should. Please submit your work to me on Monday or Tuesday outside of class so that I can finish your grades.

I would also suggest that any of you with rubles gather them together. Come and see me to cash-in for extra credit so that we can raise your Q4 score as high as possible. If you have any questions, see me ASAP!

AP English III

I hope that all of you had fun interacting and playing around a bit. I'm happy that I still remember how to tie a toga from a bedsheet. Anyway - the main thing that everyone should be preparing for is your AP Examination on Wednesday morning and your Short Story Unit Examination on Thursday. Tuesday's class will be spent with guidance counselors and finishing up the quarter in terms of ruble exchange and the like.

Remember to look for any books that you may have checked out through the year so that everything is returned and cleared up before the end.