Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Homework for B-Day Students: 17 October 2017

English IV

Next class we're going to be in a hard-core workshop mode in order to finish our The Canterbury Tales character project and then to also complete our resumes. Be prepared for this by having your resume planning sheet complete as well as thinking about all of the ideas we have worked through this year around character analysis and interpretation. Be ready for a productive class tomorrow!

AP English III

Let's talk about the Drama Projects first. In our Drama Project you should find a significant speech or scene to split with a classmate - and make sure to do the analysis of the scene to write your paragraphs. What is the context for this speech/scene? Why is this speech/scene important in the play? Try to get these ideas set out now and get feedback with your writing. In terms of the second part of the assignment - begin to compare and contrast an aspect of your play to The Crucible. Do you want to look at the protagonist? Conflict? Theme? Collect data and start to build your ideas - Are they plays generally similar or different in this focus? Why is that important?

For your reading tonight we have Act IV. How is this part of the play effectively ending the play? How is Miller concluding his arguments? Why is it important what happens to John Proctor? Consider this and other ideas as you annotate the ending.

Once you finish the play - go to Miller's article. Go through his article "Why I Wrote The Crucible" and consider if you agree or disagree with Miller. You've read the play - you're an expert now - what do you think?

You can now redo your Act I and II quizzes - remember you must do it in person. You'll receive your paper back next class and can begin the process of revising to show your strengths.

Monday, October 16, 2017

Homework for A-Day Students: 16 October

Russian I

Now that you have your chart of the possessive pronouns for all genders and all owners, it's time to use what you have. On the back of the chart write ten sentences about items in your home. Who owns the item? Write a three word sentence stating who owns what. Make sure to use a variety of your possessive pronouns.

Also, keep studying your vocabulary, we will have a quiz next week on Chapter One nouns.

Advanced Russian

II - Write ten sentences in English about your Monday. Use a variety of verbs and tenses as you describe your day. Write ten separate sentences. And then, analyze the verbs you are using. Would you use a perfective verb or an imperfective verb? Why? Consider our reasons and descriptors that we worked through today.

III - Complete exercises six and nineteen using the new information and new words that you have learned today. Focus on putting the word in the correct form and then inputting the word into the sentence appropriately. Consider how you can use this information in your own interactions and use of Russian.

English IV

We'll be quickly finishing out the quarter with our resumes and character projects. Make sure that to prepare for our final classes this quarter that you find and have an application that you can work on next class. This may be a college application (Common App), a job application, or an application for the military.

Friday, October 13, 2017

Homework for the Weekend - B Day - 13 October

Happy Homecoming and Friday the 13th! Take a look at the tasks below to move through the weekend.

AP English III

If you did not complete your work on the Salem Primary Sources WebQuest, make sure that your work is complete by Monday evening. The assignment will lock at that time and anything in the document will be graded. As you move forward in your study of The Crucible consider how what you've learned from the primary source documents helps you better understand the actions of the play.

This weekend you should read and annotate Act III. Pay close attention to irony and honesty as you are reading this act. Those ideas would provide you a lot of information to annotate for.

Lastly, make sure that this weekend you spend time on your Drama Project. You should decide on your monologue or scene with a classmate and begin to memorize and study your section. This weekend provides you a lot of time to work through many parts of the independent project.

English IV

Make sure that this weekend you are working on your resume checklist so that next week we are able to quickly move through the construction of the resume. If you have any revisions to work through on your personal essays, that would also be very helpful. There are only two weeks left in the quarter.

Thursday, October 12, 2017

Homework for the Weekend - 12 October 2017 - A Day

Russian I

That was a very productive class! I think that we did a great job reviewing on our rules around masculine, feminine, and neuter gender and then seeing how these ideas connect to the idea of possession and possessive words like my, your, and our. Tonight, practice with these concepts to reinforce the learning in class.

Complete exercise 11 and 12 at the end of Chapter One. For exercise 11, use your notes or the information in your textbook - you can find the chart we made in there too - and fill in the blanks. Make sure to look for and consider gender. In exercise 12 you'll be doing the same thing, but adding in a translating and writing step. If the words are in English, translate to Russian and then write a question and answer like the example. If it's already in Russian, just write a question and answer.

This will help you to do the other thing which is study your vocabulary! Remember our reflection today in class about applying better study habits outside of class. Spend time with this idea and practice. There's also a video you can check out here:

It goes into plurals and a lot of other information if you're interested. You just have to focus on singular.

Advanced Russian

Today we started moving into our new units! Yay! Russian II has a very interesting journey ahead as you start to move into aspect. You all should be focused on the new vocabulary that we used at the end of class today. Look at your verbs in the beginning of the chapter. Use them and learn them. Apply what you have learned about stems to the work you are now doing!

Russian II - You will find it helpful to locate the list of all aspectual verb pairs in Chapter Five. This is within the chapter. With it, you should analyze the poem in exercise one. Do you see an imperfective (one you already know) or perfective (new information) verb? What's the tense? What do you understand about the poem. This is exercise one at the end of Chapter 5.

Russian III - You will begin by looking at the first exercise too. This is a list of questions. Using your vocabulary list answer ten of these questions about yourself. Activate what you know. Analyze the question to think about the case you'll need in your answer.

Both groups should also review the reading at the beginning of the chapter. Mark unknown words and grammar structures. Try to summarize each paragraph, in English.

English IV

Next week is going to be a heavy week in terms of finishing our unit on The Canterbury Tales and personal writing. Make sure that if you want to revise your essay that you have done that. Way to go to those of you who already have. If you've made changes in Google Docs, please let us know via email. Also, we'll have the resume and the personal character project to finish. Make sure that you have done some work related to these two items (our planning sheet for the resume and graphic organizer for the characters).