Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Homework for Thanksgiving Break - English Students of the World, Unite!

English IV 2A:

Today, we finished reading/watching Twelfth Night, Act I. At this point, you should have just about your entire character chart full of notes. You were also split into groups to begin your "Acting a Fool" project, which we will hopefully complete next Tuesday. If you haven't yet made up your Canterbury Tales test, you need to email me ASAP. We have given you many chances to make this up, and you're coming up on a zero in the grade book if it isn't addressed now. For all of you, have a wonderful and safe break, eat a lot of good food, and come back next week ready to learn!

English IV 2B:

Yesterday, we made more progress on Twelfth Night and learned about elements of physical comedy. When we return, we will finish Act I and begin working on a group project. The advice above to students who have not yet taken the Canterbury Tales test applies here as well. I need you to submit your work, or you're looking at a zero. Have a wonderful and safe break, be smart and responsible, eat good food, and come back ready to push towards the winter!

AP English III:

Yesterday, you all completed the third timed writing of the year, but this time it was a rhetorical analysis prompt. I'll be grading these over the break; when we return I will have a set of rules for good writing to go over in response. You also went over color analysis and new information about Gatsby with Mr. Miller, which I hope opened some more doors for you in terms of understanding the language, Fitzgerald's rhetorical devices, and the text's overall themes. When we return from break, we will go over Chapter 5, so make sure you're reading and annotating thoroughly. Also, please read and consider Langston Hughes's "The Negro Artist and the Racial Mountain." While you are reading, condense Hughes's argument into one or two sentences and take notes on how you feel in response to his argument. We will have a lengthy discussion of his piece in light of Gatsby on Monday. Have a wonderful break, make good decisions, and I'll see you on Monday!

Homework for Russian Students - Thanksgiving Break Edition

С ДНЁМ БЛАГОДАРЕНИЯ! (Happy Thanksgiving!)

Over the break you should spend time daily with your Russian so that you don't forget anything over the break. Here are some things that you should accomplish.

Russian III: Spend time reviewing your information on how to tell time in Russian including the different prepositions, the different ways to tell time, and the different expressions and cases used with time. Completing exercises 8.11 and 8.14 will help to solidify these skills. Additionally, you should be actively working on finalizing the parts of your paper. I've done your works cited page as well as found some good sources for you. Use them and finish your writing.

Russian II: Complete the guided notes sheet about time expressions as you read and study pages 205 to 209. Once you've done this, complete exercises 5.12 and 5.15 to help you review how to use time expressions. We will review all of this new information next week after we return. This is the last goal of this chapter - expect a unit exam soon.

Russian I: By this point you should feel very comfortable conjugating first and second conjugation verbs in Russian. You should be able to write about yourself, a male friend, a female friend, you all as a group, and them as a group. Go through your project and finish your basic sentences where you have just a subject and a verb.

Additionally, this video may be very helpful in learning your conjugations. Use this as an additional aid in helping you to learn. If you are still confused, please come and see me for extra help.

Friday, November 17, 2017

Homework for the Weekend - English Students - 17 November 2017

English IV

Today, we continued our reading of Twelfth Night after a good discussion about physical comedy. Make sure you are keeping in mind the various strategies Shakespeare is using to make us laugh throughout the play! At this point, just about everyone has made up the Canterbury Tales test. If you still haven't taken it, make sure you are prepared and have communicated with me or Mr. Miller about the best way to get it done; we need to have all of these tests complete and graded before Thanksgiving. Also, please consider finishing up the college applications many of you began in the media center this week. Have a great weekend, I'll see you on Tuesday!

Homework for the Weekend - Russian - 17 November

Russian III: Over the weekend put in time and energy toward the report on Russia's annexation of Crimea. Make sure that you are supporting your ideas with source material - either in English or in Russian. Write what you can write in Russian, do the rest in English. I'll come behind you in order to help with the formatting and word choice. By our next class we should have our sources determined and we should be able to fully prove our thesis.

Russian II: Many of you got a lot of great work done today to get your projects done. Make sure that by Sunday, you have completed most of your work on Google Classroom. I'll come in and leave any comments for you to correct before Tuesday. Keep in mind that the project is due on Tuesday. You should also complete exercise nine in Chapter Five. In this exercise you should pick the proper verb aspect based on the clues in the sentences.

Russian I: Over the weekend you should finish your verb cards for our project about ourselves and our friends. You should have six verbs that you and your friends do. The verbs should all be conjugated for all forms. You may want to write the name of your friend in Russian as a practice with that. Next class we will have a small quiz on verb conjugation and we will also put in work to our writing projects.

Enjoy the weekend! Next week will be very short!

Thursday, November 16, 2017

Homework for B Day Students - 17 November 2017

English IV

Today, you all did a great job working through the first two scenes of Twelfth Night, even with the fire alarm interruption! After working through these and talking about jokes that can go too far, we spent the last part of class in the library working through college applications on CFNC. Tomorrow is the last day to apply to North Carolina colleges for free, so make sure you are thinking about getting applications submitted. Mr. Kelly in the library is a great resource for all of you, as are me and Mr. Miller for things like college essays. Remember, college can be an option for all of you, so make sure to do your due diligence to prepare. Have a great weekend, see you on Monday!

AP English III

Today, we began class by completing the JHS student climate survey. If you missed today, you can complete the survey here. After that, we discussed Andrew Carnegie's "The Gospel of Wealth," connecting it to Gatsby and the American Dream. For next class, please read and annotate Chapter 4 of Gatsby, paying close attention to imagery and descriptions of color. Also prepare to submit a set of three vocabulary cards and get ready for an AP Timed Writing (rhetorical analysis prompt). Have a great weekend, see you on Monday!

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Homework for Russian Students - 15 November

Good work today in class speaking and working with Russian. I like that I'm seeing a lot of engagement. Here are your reminders as you go into Friday.

Advanced Russian:

Since we didn't have a chance to do our workshop today, I want to make sure that all of you are continuing to work on your projects. Russian II - Since you got your rough drafts back today, focus on adding more complexity to your sentences. Add prepositional phrases, more verbs, and other vocabulary to help increase the complexity of the sentences. Russian III - Now we have a clear idea of our topic, the annexation of Crimea's effect on Russia's image in the world. Take this and move forward. Finish gathering your sources and start writing.

There are also exercises for you to consider. Russian III should look at exercise 21 on page 345. Russian II should look at exercise 9 in Chapter Five. Do what you can with these.

Russian I:

Tonight for homework you should complete your verb cards for your project. Remember that you want to have six verbs that you and your friends enjoy doing. Additionally, I would like for you to read the Chapter One dialogue, at the beginning of the chapter, and find all of the verbs. You can highlight them or mark them in another way as well.

Homework for English Students - 15 November 2017

English IV

Today, the class did an excellent job pushing through and understanding the first two scenes from Twelfth Night. I was very impressed with how you were all able to engage with Shakespeare's dirty humor. We also spent a good percentage of the class in the computer lab working on college applications through CFNC and the Common App. This is extremely important work, as it has the potential to change your life. I encourage you to keep thinking about applying for postsecondary education, even if it's for something as simple as an additional certification for your career. Have a great night and day tomorrow, I look forward to seeing you on Friday!