Monday, January 22, 2018

Back to reality...A Day Homework/Reminders - 22 January

It was great to see all of you again today. We were reaching the point of being snowed in where I'd already read a book and was rearranging furniture for fun. Anyway, here are your reminders moving to tomorrow.

English IV

Next class we will have our unit examination on Twelfth Night. You did great today playing our review game and taking notes on your study guides. Make sure that you use the study guide as well as your folders to review all of the information we've learned in the unit. Your test will fall on Wednesday. Be ready!

Advanced Russian

Next class we will have our quiz on Verbs of Motion with no prefixes in present and past tense. For this you'll need to know how to conjugate your verbs, how they're paired with other verbs, their meaning, and how they're used. Today we had a lot of chance to practice and listen with these verbs. You also have exercises you can continue to use to check yourselves.

Be ready with our quiz next class. Also, if you need to complete the viewing guide, please watch the film on YouTube and complete the questions. You can turn that in next class for a new grade.

Russian I

Next class we will finish our Chapter One review before moving on to our quiz on Friday. For the quiz on Friday we're focused on Dative, Genitive, and Instrumental Cases. You'll also be asked about some of the verbs we've worked with today. For tonight, fill your evening with finishing the memorization of your verbs and some work with Exercise Nine. This exercise is broken down by cases so you can focus on one to remind yourself of how to make the changes and what these changes mean.

Friday, January 19, 2018

Snow Day #5 - 1/19/2018

I was hoping we'd be back today, but...I guess I'll finish my book and go on some more hunts.

See the previous posts for ideas of what to do. If you're in AP English III and you're looking for something to read, you'll want to take a look at Invisible Man by Ralph Ellison. If you have a chance - maybe start reading now and annotating. We'll start it as a group as soon as we can (in about three-four classes). In English IV we'll be looking at Mary Shelley's Frankenstein in our next unit. If you have a Kindle app on your device you can download the book Frankenstein for free.

Hope to see you all on Monday for a regular week!

Thursday, January 18, 2018

Snow Day #4 - 18 January 2018

I guess this is when we start just getting ahead on things, right. Continue to work and study as you see needed - I would say that this gives Advanced Russian and Russian I students a lot of time to learn conjugations, vocabulary, and declensions.

AP English III - Be sure that you've caught up and completed your readings! This gives you some good time to go back and review Emerson, Hurston, and move on to Thoreau. Be sure that your vocabulary cards, daily, and week-long reflections are ready for me to collect at our next class.

English IV - We've got our Shakespeare review and then unit test! Be prepared!

I hope to see you all soon, but I think it's probably not going to be until Monday...

Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Snow Day Number 3 - 17 January

I posted yesterday's post, and then DPS cancelled school about twelve minutes later. I think that's the fastest cancellation ever.

See the post below about what you need to do before our next classes. A special note to Russian I, II, and III. If you see a zero for the viewing guide assignment for The Irony of Fate it means that I do not have an assignment from you. When we return to school you will only have one day to turn in a resubmission. It may be a good day to watch the film and make up the time when you were doing something else in class. We will discuss expectations when you are with a substitute at our next class as well.