Friday, November 16, 2018

Homework for the Weekend - B Day - 16 November

AP Seminar

Today in class we worked hard to finish our IWA Planning Document. I'll be assessing these over the weekend. Make sure that it is shared to me (daniel _ miller @ dpsnc (dot) net) or turned in on Google Classroom. If you didn't finish in class, you have the rest of the day to complete your work. Be sure it's ready for me tomorrow morning.

After this, it was on to the IWA. On Google Classroom you'll find the slides from our analysis of the rubric as well as the sample IWAs and scoring commentary. I think that it's important for you to take a look at these documents as we begin moving into the drafting phase.

For the weekend, be sure that you are keeping your final task in mind. Keep researching, keep finding sources, but start writing too. Now that you've seen some samples, you should have an idea of what you need to submit.

Advanced Russian

The main task this weekend is working on the essay and visual. We'll also take a quick look at vocabulary related to time expressions on Tuesday as well - be sure that you're studying your new words related to your new grammar. You should know days of the week, words related to time, months, and prepositions. It'll be connected to what you're learning, so be ready.

Russian III students should focus on writing this weekend. We have the structures for the argument and the topic sentences. Keep moving if you can. Structure your essay, build your title page, abstract page (already done) and then section off your paper. Don't forget to include your references.

Russian II students should focus on those visuals this weekend. What's the visual? How does it connect to the paper? What's being shown? Use your language and reflect on aspect as you are writing. Put the visuals in the context of your group's essay topic.

All of this will come together for our big project grades this quarter. We'll be using the visual and the paper as a rehashing of our comic strip assignment.

Russian I

Today we focused our class completely on verb conjugation for regular first and second conjugation verbs before we moved on to a bit of Doctor Zhivago to end our class. At this point you should know several things in Russian including:

  • identifying part of speech in Russian
  • identifying gender for nouns
  • stating/talking about ownership in Russian
  • identifying verb conjugation pattern (first or second)
  • conjugating verbs based on pattern (first or second)
To finish our study of regular verb conjugation, we have the exercises I gave you today. These are for practice and will not be checked. If you would like to use them to review with me, that's a great idea. One of the exercises is available for extra credit on your quiz. Complete these, especially if you've been struggling to learn your conjugations. If you would like to come in next week to review, I am available for that.

Remember that on the 27th you will have a quiz on verb conjugation - you'll probably see some other questions on there too related to other skills. Review and study and ask for any help that you may need.

Thursday, November 15, 2018

Homework for the Weekend - A Day - 15 November

AP English III

Today in class we had our timed writing/reassessment on rhetorical analysis. I think that this one was a relatively straight forward one to flex our muscles and show that we all understand how to complete an analysis. I'll have them scored and grades posted/updated by the end of the weekend.

After that, we worked through a quick discussion of a few of our poets as a way to reflect on our understanding of the ideas of double consciousness and the veil from Dubois's From the Souls of Black Folk. These concepts are highly important as we move into Beloved since we'll be seeing these ideas (as well as others) being used by Morrison to communicate her arguments about slavery and racism as it pertains to women.

For tonight, you have another fantastic author - James Baldwin - who will explore his own experiences with the veil and double consciousness through his piece "Notes of a Native Son." The article is in our Google Classroom page. You're reading only the first section. As you read and annotate consider where you see the veil, double consciousness, and family. Consider how family is part of Baldwin's overall argument related to racism/the veil/double consciousness. This is a very angry text - I hope that you'll be able to appreciate why Baldwin feels the way he does. Here's a clip from a documentary about James Baldwin called I Am Not Your Negro which gives a bit more insight into him.

Be sure to bring Beloved with you next class as we will begin our study of the novel.

English IV

Today in class we worked through a bit more of Act III, focused on vocabulary work, and then we began developing our projects in class. Hopefully you were able to finish our planning and make one of your project choices. Next class we'll be focusing in on this project more!

Additionally, some of you are missing a major assignment. It's important that this assignment is completed on Monday or Tuesday. Please come during lunch if you are missing the Act I Quiz.

We'll be done with A Doll's House in the next few classes. You should review your notes for our final test on the book and you should be working on the three elements of your project. Remember that your project and your test will have the same amount of points, so a good project score is a way to outweigh a bad test grade.

Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Homework for B-Day Students - 14 November

AP Seminar

Today was our last full day in the library for preliminary work and research related to our IWA. Next class you'll have half the period to finish your work. Then we'll come back to class to look at a sample IWA and discuss the writing goals that we will need to accomplish for this type of essay.

Tonight you should be working hard to complete your document. Remember that I am looking for your finalized research question, your argument on this question, and the sources that you are planning to use. With each source I should have a formal citation and a reflection as to how the source will be used - this could be like what you did for your annotated bibliography, or this could be more of an outline - be sure that there's a record.

Advanced Russian

Today in class we checked in on our exercises and we took some time to work on our aspectual situations tasks. Remember that these situations should be reflective of the work that you are following in your research reports. I want to make it that most everything we're doing in class is devoted to helping us on our essays and presentations.

For tonight, be sure that you have your argument and topic sentences in English for the essay. Next class we'll have a chance to start transforming these into Russian. From there, keep working on your comic - be writing, finding vocabulary, and developing your language related to your research topics.

Lastly, finish your exercises. I want us to have a final check of these exercises on Friday. Keep studying your vocabulary - there will be a reassessment on unit vocabulary soon!

Russian I

Over the last few classes we've been focusing on our verb conjugation patterns. Hopefully you've started to learn this process and the steps for how to do a proper conjugation. If you need more review, look over page 45 so that you can see the endings and a review of the process.

Tonight, you've got homework to review this process. It's all about conjugating verbs. Complete Exercise 3 - practice conjugating the verbs отвечать / спрашивать - remember these are first conjugation verbs. Then move on to Exercise 7 - practice conjugating a first and second conjugation verb.

Remember as I said today in class - this is information you have to memorize. Work hard to know your endings.

Tuesday, November 13, 2018

Homework for A-Day Students - 13 November

AP English III

I think that today's class led to some big breakthroughs about writing and completing projects. It's important not to wait until the last minute and to ask questions along the way. If the answer you get doesn't satisfy you, then you need to ask again until you understand what's expected. Additionally, it's important to consider the specific task that is being asked of you - if you don't accomplish the task, you'll get no points. I know that based on today's class that many of you will be able to accomplish a rhetorical analysis next class - showing improvement will result in a change of your scores on your website projects.

Outside of developing your skills with rhetorical analysis we have some poems. I want you to look at three or four of the poems that you have in your packet. All are from African American authors through different historical periods. Can you see similar ideas between Dubois and these authors? How? Where are they developing his idea related to the veil and double consciousness? Where do we see issues of racism and prejudice and the effects these have on people?

Next class we'll have our timed writing as well as a bit of a discussion related to the veil and double consciousness which will be helpful before reading James Baldwin.

English IV

Today we got through a lot of review of A Doll's House as well as the beginning of Act III. We also reviewed our vocabulary skills as well as some significant literary devices that we've encountered so far in the play. At the end of class we spent time reviewing our final project on the play. Next class we'll use the film to understand the interaction between Kristine and Nils as well as jump into the project more thoroughly. Be ready for our eventual test (Acts I-III) and for days to focus on our projects in class.