Wednesday, January 16, 2019

Homework for B-Day Students: 16 January 2019

AP Seminar

Today we had our first of two writing workshops. You should be developing your IRR and working with your teammates to review and revise your work as you are developing it. I think that this is a great opportunity to begin the process of collaboration and communication which is really at the heart of the TMPOD.

At the end of class on Friday you'll be asked to submit your IRR First Submission to your group mates. Your group will read, score, and comment upon your work. On Tuesday we'll gather and begin to move forward toward the team portion of this assignment and task.

Advanced Russian

Today in class we completed an assessment which is already in the gradebook. If you are not satisfied with your performance, continue to study and review your cards and return for a resubmission. You may resubmit this quiz any time until next Friday (which is the close of the grading period).

Tonight you should submit your poet research project (I can't promise more time in class to work on it). If you don't finish it tonight, then definitely have it done for Friday as I'll be grading them this weekend. You should also work through the exercises I gave you today in class as a review of key skills and related language.

Russian I

Today we took a quiz which I should have in the gradebook shortly for you. You may come back and resubmit this assignment anytime this week or next (before the end of the grading period on Friday). Make sure that you are reviewing the content on Google Classroom in order to practice. You should also be sure that you're reviewing older skills if you are weak in those (like verb conjugation).

For homework tonight you're focused on the genitive case. Write your sentences about possession - three sentences for what you have and three for what you're lacking. Then, complete Exercise 1.8B - work through your declensions. Lastly, don't forget about your poet project (I can't promise more time in class to work on it). If you don't finish it tonight, then definitely have it done for Friday as I'll be grading them this weekend.

Tuesday, January 15, 2019

Homework for A Day - 15 January 2019

AP English III

Today in class we focused on our projects and the AP Examination before doing a quick check-in on some major ideas and trends in Chapter Nineteen. Here are your reminders as we move forward to next class.

Make sure that you've read and annotated Chapters 20-22 for next class. These chapters present basically the same content in three different ways, through three voices. Look at what makes these voices different. What does each talk about? Why is this important? As you read, don't forget to go back and consider Chapter Nineteen with the notes from today's class.

Additionally, remember that we'll be doing another multiple choice section next class. Practice with the skills and strategies today, and don't forget to start learning any terms from that sheet which may be new or unfamiliar to you.

Lastly, the dates for presenting your final project will be the 28th and 30th of January. Remember that you'll only have about two minutes to present. The final product is due that Friday, February 1.

English IV

Today in class we focused on learning some new literary devices often seen in poetry before going on to trying our hand at making or interpreting the devices. Many of these literary devices are used in poetry as well as in other types of text, and I would bet that you'll see these devices referenced on your NCFE at the end of the year. After that, we went back to our documentary on slam and performance poetry.

Next class we'll be looking at studying poems and identifying these various literary devices in them. It is also important to think to yourself about the way that these devices are used by authors to put together their themes or main ideas. Take a look at your poet's poem and see if these devices are being used to support the theme.

Monday, January 14, 2019

Homework for B-Day - 14 January 2019

Russian Students - You all have quizzes on Wednesday. Be aware of what you should do in order to prepare as well as the topics for your quizzes.

Russian I - Your quiz will focus on the use of nominative, accusative, and prepositional cases. You should be able to explain why a case is being used and how to change the ending of a word in order to show that it is in a particular case. Practicing with our exercises (1.8A and 1.8D) as well as reviewing our classwork today would be very helpful with this.

Additionally, if you are missing any work or need to redo any tests you only have this week remaining for that. I will not accept any reassessments past Friday of this week.

Advanced Russian - Your quiz will focus on our first four verbs of motion (which really means eight verbs of motion). You'll be asked to define, use, translate, and identify. Know their meaning as well as their usage. You should also be aware of how to use various cases and prepositions in order to clarify the destination or origination of an action.

Keep in mind the same note about missing projects, tests, or the desire to complete a reassessment this week.

AP Seminar

Today we turned in Annotated Bibliographies. I'll assess these this week and enter your scores in PowerSchool. Through this week, you should all be focused on developing your IRR. With your IRR, be sure that you are using your sample documents (found in Google Classroom), the rubric for the IRR (found in Google Classroom), and your groupmates. Keep in mind that there are three submissions for the IRR - we should continue to refine and develop these works as we keep going through the process. Your first submission is due on Friday.

Saturday, January 12, 2019

A-Day Homework for the Weekend - 11 January 2019

Sorry for posting this late everyone! From my training all day Friday, then to the swim meet, and finally home. Here are your reminders.

English IV

We'll be getting back to our poet/poetry projects on Tuesday. The goal will be to finish our research and to begin studying our poem. I'll take you through a model of poetry study that is really helpful at finding and discussing themes. Make sure that you've found your chosen poem and read it several times. Consider what you think the meaning of the poem is.

Also, if you didn't finish the film, we'll get back to that on Tuesday too.

AP English III

If you did not yet share or submit your vocabulary cards, please do so. The envelopes feel a bit light...

For the weekend you have two assignments to complete - reading and writing based. On the reading side, move in to Part Two of Beloved and complete Chapter 19. This is a longer chapter and will take you some time to read; there are several breaks in the chapter - use them to your advantage. As you read, look at how things are new and different for Sethe and her daughters. You may find it useful to compare to the opening of Part One. What's the same in terms of the structure of the chapters? What's different?

In terms of your writing, be sure that you have your outline for peer review on Tuesday. The outline should consist of the four elements in the slides from class on Wednesday (Google Classroom). I will collect your Works Cited page and mark errors in citation. Be sure that you have a hard copy of this or can share one to me and that it has at least five clear sources.

I think that's everything! As always, be in touch with any questions or concerns you may have.