Thursday, October 13, 2016

Homework for the Weekend - A Day - 13 October 2016

English II

You have your progress reports which are updated up to today's class.  If you are missing any assignments, you have the weekend to get them done and turn them in.  Also, if you would like to use rubles to buy extra points then you can do that too.  Remember that it is 50 rubles for an extra point on a quiz grade and 10 rubles for an extra point on a homework/classwork grade.

On Monday we'll work more on our skits and our scripts before we present them on Wednesday.

Russian I

Over the weekend you should be spending time with your vocabulary.  To do this, you want to write your vocabulary words into categories.  Remember to organize them by gender and animacy and then by other logical categories.  Spend time each day with your vocabulary list so that you are prepared for next week's vocabulary quiz.

Also, spend time this weekend developing your profiles for our class assignment.

Russian II-IV

Over the weekend you should finish working on your profiles so that we can introduce ourselves to each other on Tuesday.  Also, remember that your quarter exam is coming up soon.  Be studying your new grammar concepts and reviewing your exercises so that you are prepared for the exam coming up.

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