Thursday, November 10, 2016

Homework for the Weekend - A Day - 10 November 2016

English II

Today you had your unit exam on genocides and conformity.  Since we had a test today, there's no homework this weekend.  Next week we're going to start working on your first essay assignment of the year and then go on to our new book, a comic book.

Russian I

Continue studying your verbs and nouns from this chapter.  We will be having a reassessment on verb conjugation next class.  Look over your notes and your first quiz and aim to improve.  You'll need to be able to conjugate first and second conjugation verbs.  You also will want to know how to conjugate a verb like "to write" - remember that it does have a mutation.

Secondly, keep practicing the reading of your poems.  Here are links to youtube videos of the different poems so that you can listen and practice.

Poem One
Poem Two
Poem Three
Poem Four
Poem Five

Advanced Russian

Over the weekend you should work on the rough drafts of your presentations.  Remember that you each have different tasks to complete on this assignment.

For Russian II - You need to make a list of items in the dorm room that would be provided to you to live your life.  Then, a bit of research about the university.  The research questions about the university should be answered in complete sentences in Russian.  Remember, no numbers - all numbers must be written as words.

For Russian III - You need to come up with rules and needs for life on campus.  Three areas on campus need to be accounted for - the dorm, a common area (cafeteria/library), and a classroom.  What's possible or impossible?  What should we do?  What do we need?  Use your modal expressions!

For Russian IV - You need to use your verbs of positioning to tell us what to do with our things in different areas.  Make signs and use commands to tell us what to do.  You need to come up with at least five different rules for each area!

We will conference about your work on Tuesday and do a final presentation the class before Thanksgiving Break.  Make sure to use websites related to Moscow State University as you are researching!

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