Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Homework for All Classes - A and B Day - 10/4/2016

I was out yesterday celebrating the New Year (5777) so I didn't post this - here you are!

Russian I, II, III, IV

Next class we have reassessments (alphabet/phonics/vocabulary OR one stem verb system) as well as dialogue presentations.  Be ready for those.  If you're in Russian III or IV, you don't have a dialogue to present, but you have to listen and understand and transcript.

English II

Make sure that if you are missing anything (mostly it's the vocabulary assignment) that you get that done and turned in ASAP because we are going to be doing a lot with vocabulary over the next few classes.  Also, bring your books to class every day!

AP English III

Your papers are due next class.  Make sure that your packet is complete and that you have all of the supporting documentation in the packet.  For Monday, you have your next section of reading in The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn - Chapters Seven through Twelve.  Take the work that we did today in class and make sure that your annotations for Chapters One through Six are complete and thorough.

Special Note for AP - Remember that your argument/thesis is now DEBATABLE.  This means you have to deal with and refute the counter argument at some point in the body of your essay.  Don't forget this very important step!

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