Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Homework for B-Day Students - 16 November 2016

English II

A few of you were absent on the day we started Persepolis.  Today might not have made too much sense, but the book we're starting is from this country, Iran.  Tonight there's no homework to complete.  If you still have your copy of The Boy Who Dared bring that back.  If you have Ms. McCormick's permission slip, get it signed and bring it back.

For those of you who missed it - see us to get your work from the first chapter of Persepolis.

AP English III

You have your major exam on The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn on Friday as well as a novel annotation check.  Be sure that you are prepared.  The exam's sections have been revealed to you and you've practiced and received feedback on all of these types of thinking.  Use that feedback to prepare yourselves.  Do not forget your books or any annotations you have made on Friday.  That would negatively impact your grade.

On Tuesday (day before break) we'll have the presentations of the website projects.  A lot of good discussion was going on today in class - make sure that you follow through on your plans and hold each other accountable.

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