Thursday, September 29, 2016

Homework for A Day Students - 29 September 2016

Russian II, III, and IV

This weekend you should all spend time reviewing your new grammar that we have been learning over the past few days and familiarizing yourself with your cases.  We'll continue to review next week.  Additionally, you should be spending time preparing yourself for your resubmission of your one stem verb quizzes next week.

Russian I

Over the weekend continue to work on your vocabulary and your dialogues.  Practice reading aloud and speaking with proper stress.  You and your team can create a Google Doc and share it between yourselves to finish your scripts if you need to.

Remember that you also have written homework to do - on the back of the dialogues we studied you should write more of your own, filling in the blanks.  Do the work on your own paper.  Use your handwriting.  Remember to explain how the one dialogue would be different if you were speaking to a different person.

English II

If you have any missing assignments that didn't get in today you need to turn those in as soon as possible - we only have a few weeks left in the first quarter.  Also, we will be getting back to The Boy Who Dared next week.  Make sure that you have read through to page fifty-five and that you have completed your reading guide for the first part of the book.

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