Thursday, October 27, 2016

Homework for the Weekend - A Day Students - 27 October

Advanced Russian

Today we had our quarterly exam.  I'll have the grades posted as soon as I can for you so that you can see how you've ended the quarter.  Over the weekend, focus on your new vocabulary.  Learn your nouns and be ready for an upcoming vocabulary quiz!

Russian I

After today's class you now know everything there is to know about conjugating verbs (for the time being).  Keep applying this knowledge and practicing.  There are a few exercises in your textbooks on verbs that you can do for extra practice if you need it.  Over the weekend, you should study and practice your verbs in advance of a quiz on Thursday.  Here's a good online exercise with conjugations!

English II

Keep moving forward in your reading of The Boy Who Dared.  Remember that you need to finish the questions and the reading by Thursday, the 3rd of November in advance of our unit exam.

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