Friday, December 16, 2016

Homework for the Weekend - All Students - 16 December

With my early departure for last night's swim meet I forgot to make this post.  Sorry.  All classes can see their announcements and reminders for the weekend ahead.

B Day - AP English III

Over the weekend you should focus on reading and annotating Act III.  There is a lot that happens in this act to many of our characters.  I would think that your annotations on your character as well as within the text will be highly productive and thorough.  This is also a good chance to check in with your back cover annotations to collect ideas about themes, motifs, symbols, settings, and the allegory.

Additionally, if you didn't finish your Puritan tabloid assignment, have that ready for Monday.  If you missed class due to theater, your assignment for make-up credit is in Google Classroom.

B Day and A Day - English II

The next chapter of Persepolis that we are going to read is called "The Trip."  If you'd like to earn some extra rubles, read the chapters leading up to "The Trip".  We'll review these chapters on Monday and Tuesday before we begin on this chapter.

Also, make sure that you've completed your essay as well as your hero planning and paragraphs.

A Day - Advanced Russian

Over the weekend you have different things to do based on your different classes.  See the notes below:

  • Russian II - You have the new work on aspect to do.  Study the list of imperfective and perfective verbs in Chapter Five.  Then complete exercise two where you analyze the verbs for their tense and aspect.  Also, you should study your quizzes and review your feedback for reassessment of the time quiz as well as for your writing projects.  Writing is due next week.
  • Russian III - Writing is due next week.  We can do the performance of the dialogue before school.  You have exercises 15, 16, and 19 focusing on the new information/grammar.
  • Russian IV - Please finish reading "Prisoner of the Caucuses" and studying for new vocabulary and roots.  Additionally, complete exercise 16 about using the particle ли in Russian.
I enjoyed our talk today about Russia and learning Russian.  Remember, it's a journey for a lifetime.

Russian I

Over the weekend I want you to read in your textbooks about the new three cases - Genitive, Dative, and Instrumental.  Think about how these cases are different from the ones we've already learned.  We'll go over them on Tuesday.  Also, if you need to keep studying to reassess based on today's quiz, make sure that you do that.  You have to know how to count before you can add.  The same principle works in foreign language.

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