Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Sorry for the oversight - B-Day Homework - 11/29

Apologies for not posting this last night before I went home.  Then I got home and visited with my Russian friends and went to bowling and then it was bedtime...anyway...

AP English III

We'll be starting our study of The Crucible by Arthur Miller next week.  This week we're focusing on some necessary skill development and getting some context for Puritan America.  Read Jonathan Edwards's "Sinners in the Hands of an Angry G-d" and annotate it heavily.  Look especially at how he is able to use rhetorical devices to suit his purpose.  Identify these and comment on them.  When you've finished, construct two rhetorical triangles for two different audiences.  Remember that he has a specific audience as he is giving his sermon:  How would they respond? How does he appeal to them?  What's another audience?  How does he appeal to them?

Please also secure a copy of The Crucible.  If you don't have one next week we can issue one to you.  We would prefer you buy the Penguin Edition.

English II

Please read "The Party" from Persepolis and draw inferences from the whole-page panel in this chapter.  What is going on in this panel?  Why are these details important?  How do they help Satrapi (the author) accomplish a purpose and send a message?

Next class will be our last class to work on our rough drafts.  You've been doing very well with this work!

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