Tuesday, September 20, 2016

B-Day Homework: 20 September 2016

English II

Wonderful job today everyone!  Great writing!  Great thinking!  Great discussing!  Keep it going.  Tonight you should start reading in The Boy Who Dared to page fifty-five.  We will begin working on the book more next week.  This reading will be due on Wednesday.

AP English III

If you did not submit your resubmission of your outline today, please get that in ASAP so that we can get you your feedback.  On Thursday, we will begin working on rough drafts and developing introduction paragraphs.  On Monday, you will have your assessment on In Cold Blood as well as the pieces by Didion, Welty, and Erickson.  You'll want to bring your copy of In Cold Blood if you need your annotations checked or re-checked.

This assessment is going to focus on the rhetorical triangle and the rhetorical appeals (ethos, logos, pathos) with each of the texts we have studied in this introductory unit.  We will discuss more on Thursday to prepare you.

Lastly, we'll be starting Huck Finn next week - you may want to get yourself a copy sooner rather than later.

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