Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Homework for A-Day Students: 25 October 2016

English II

Your homework that you received today isn't actually due until next week.  Over the next few days you should finish reading The Boy Who Dared on your own.  As you read, answer the questions to take notes on your reading.  You will be having our unit exam quickly after that.

Next class we will keep moving forward with Anne Frank and we will have our presentations of our skits.

Russian I

You have your new vocabulary list to start learning and now you can work with these words.  With the exception of the verbs that end in ся and the verb писать you need to create a conjugation chart and conjugate these verbs.  Apply your knowledge!

Russian II-IV

Next class you will have your quarter exam.  Be prepared.  Feel free to ask for extra help that you may need!

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