Thursday, November 17, 2016

Homework for A Day Students - 17 November

Advanced Russian

On Monday we have the reassessment on our previous quiz as well as our writing projects.  For the projects, make sure that you have a written artifact to use for your presentation.  Everyone will be speaking aloud - make sure that you've practiced.  You have your rubric, use it to prepare your final drafts.

In terms of other homework, make sure that you are working with the exercises on our new grammar topics.  You should do either the odds or the evens in the exercises to prepare for Monday.  I'd like for us to work through some of the more difficult ones.

Russian I

We now know how to work with two cases - the accusative case and the nominative case.  The exercises will have you practice with these cases.  You should complete exercise one, three, and six.  In exercise one you should translate and identify the subject and the direct object.  In exercise three you should complete the sentences using verbs.  In exercise six, you are given the beginning of a sentence and then items - put those items in the right form to complete the sentence.

Write out your work.

On Monday you will also be reassessing on your verb work.  Hopefully what we've been doing the last few classes has been helpful with that.

English II

If you have permission slips for Ms. McCormick please turn those in to her as soon as you can.

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