Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Homework for A Day Classes - 27 September 2016

Russian II

Tonight for homework I want you working with the new knowledge around ходить/быть/гулять and our review of cases.  Write five situations in Russian using one of these verbs.  Write a full sentence using the verb and the proper case.  Then, write a sentence which is synonymous with a new verb.  You will have to change cases most likely.  Total, you'll be turning in ten sentences.

Russian III

Tonight you are focusing on dates and times in your life.  First, think about five significant dates in your life and write them out in Russian.  Only use words, no numbers.  Follow the rules in your textbook for cases to use with this.  Then, from these dates, make them more simple and tell me only about a year or month on which the event occurred.

After that, tell me about three moments of your daily routine.  Write the times both in standard format (hour/minute) and then in the Russian way.

Russian IV

Tonight you should finish the exercises on verbal adverbs and study the information in your textbook on verbal adverbs and participles (they are related concepts).  Be able to understand how they are used and the meaning that they carry.  These show up rarely in Russian, but they are good to know.

Russian II-IV:  We will resubmit on the verb quiz next week - use this time to study and review and to ask me for help.

Russian I:

Tonight you should be spending time with your greetings and introductions vocabulary to prepare for our dialogue day next class.  Additionally, you may find it helpful to view this video about the Russian alphabet and the sounds of the alphabet.

Use the video here to help you review.  Remember that you have to find the space for yourself to review and work with the language in order to get stronger.

English II:

Tonight you should take the time to finish any of your missing assignments that you didn't finish during the in-class workshop.  Additionally, we have a question to consider.  From our reading today of Dr. King's "Letter from a Birmingham City Jail" what do you think that King would say to Helmuth about his internal conflict?  Why do you think that King would say that?

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