Friday, September 16, 2016

B-Day Homework - Weekend Edition - 16 September 2016

English II

No official homework this weekend, but do spend time thinking about our final question today related to breaking the law in order to do the right thing.  Do you know anyone who has done this?  Maybe in your social life or in history?  Why would someone do this?  Will we see Helmuth do this later?  Think and ask - and remember to keep reviewing the work we do in class every day!

AP English III

Every one should be submitting a new outline on Tuesday to me and Ms. McCormick that shows how you are already progressing as a writer.  Make sure to take our commentary into account as you are making your changes.  Many of you had great ideas and great evidence, you were just presenting it in a way that didn't go far enough or didn't connect clearly to a main idea.

If you need help, please see one of us on Monday.  Everyone should have something new to turn in on Tuesday - if you need additional time, that works, but make sure that you have something new so that we know you are working forward in good faith.

Also, we will soon be starting our study of The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn - you may want to get your copy now to give time for shipping.  You can get any edition of the text you would like, but make sure that it is unabridged and complete.

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