Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Homework for A Day Students - 11/30

Russian II-IV

Tonight you should be working on the rough draft (черновик) of your new writing assignment.  Follow the directions on your sheet.  Remember that in some cases (Russian III) you will need to do some research to know what to write for your dialogue.

I expect to see a good faith effort at a draft on Friday so that I can conference with each of you.  Remember that these assignments are meant for you to get your final practice with these concepts before your quiz next week.

If you have any missing quizzes or work then you need to settle that soon.

Russian I

Tonight you have two texts that use the prepositional case so that you can get more practice with this case in Russian.  Read the stories.  Use the vocabulary to help you understand what is going on.  Then, answer the questions as best you can and fill in the blanks.  We'll go over this soon.

Next class we have half of our city presentations.  Those of you presenting, make sure that you have submitted your final project on Google Classroom.

Russian Students - Keep Singing!

English II

Next class will be our last class in the computer lab to work on essays.  Hopefully you will be able to finish a complete rough draft of your work by then.  Tonight, you need to do some reading in Persepolis.  Read the chapter called "The Party" and look at the whole-page panel.  Like we did in class, try to draw out at least four inferences from this panel.  What do they help you to understand about the story?

Also, please return your permission slips.

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