Monday, February 1, 2016

Just another manic Monday...1 February 2016

Between covering a class this morning and coaching swim practice before school even started it has been a crazy day.  Phew.  Here are your reminders moving to tonight.

Russian II/III

Please make sure that you are nightly reviewing your conjugations of the verbs of motion.  This is key as we keep going through the unit since the verbs are the key goal we have within the unit.  Make sure that you can conjugate both prefixed and non-prefixed verbs of motion in both aspects/types.  For homework tonight there is a different assignment for each group:

Russian III - Make sure to finish the prefixed verb of motion assignment we began to review today in class.  Then, make sure to finish the selection exercise that I gave you today.

Russian II - Now that you know about the prefix по added to unidirectional verbs of motion you have an exercise where you must select the proper verb for a given situation.  Translate, look for key words, and remember that there are certain rules to follow when making your choice of verb - try to internalize these rules now.

Russian I

Continue to focus on learning your adjective and noun endings for Nominative, Accusative and Genitive cases.  These three are our first goal as we begin the adjective unit.  To help you do this we have our vocabulary project.  For tonight, do some planning work.  Select the five rooms from your vocabulary list that you would like to make in your floor plan and then make a list of the three items that are in that room.  Use adjectives to describe the items.

We'll start the writing and planning for this next class.

English II

There's no homework to complete tonight for a grade.  Make sure to review your notes on sonnets, odes, and Pablo Neruda in case we have a warm-up quiz next class.

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