Friday, February 12, 2016

Homework for B-Day Students: 12 February 2016

English II

Today we had our examination on Latin American literature.  If you didn't finish your test, don't worry.  We'll have some time to make sure that everyone is done on Monday and Tuesday.  Feel free to come in before or after school or during lunch.

This weekend you should all spend time working on your projects since we will go to the computer lab on Tuesday to work on typing these projects.  Be sure that you have some work done so that you can be productive on Tuesday.  The projects are due on Thursday.

AP English III

This weekend you have the reading of Chapter Five and Chapter Six of Invisible Man.  Remember that in Chapter Five there are a few motifs that you will not see; however, in Chapter Six they are all present.  For Tuesday's class you should complete your first three blogging posts - the introduction post, the post covering the first three chapters with vocabulary, and then the post covering Chapters Two through Six.  After this, we will be caught up and the expectation is that you will have your post complete when the reading is due.

Make sure that you have shared your blog URL with me either via email, sharing, or via this post.  You can leave the URL as a comment so that I can find it.

Also, don't forget to look over your information on synthesis (both the AP prompt and the research paper assignment).  You should be completing the building of your argument and outline this week.  We'll go over what I want for the outline on Tuesday, but you already know what it is - remember your summer assignment redone outline.  Follow that format to get off to a good start with this assignment.

Lastly, don't forget about our upcoming ACT.  Study and prepare!

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