Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Homework for A-Day Classes - 16 February 2016

English II

Today we started our work on The Stranger by Albert Camus.  An excellent philosophical book that will make you really think about choices, morals, and the difference between good and bad.  For tonight, make sure to read the rest of Chapter One.  As you read, pay attention to Mersault's character - What type of a guy is he?  How does he respond to the world and the people around him?  Find five good vocabulary words as you read.

Your projects on Latin American literature can be turned in Thursday to Tuesday.  We'll have a bit of class time on Thursday and Friday to work on the projects - if you can turn it in finished then, great!  If not, you will have until Tuesday to turn it in for full credit.

Russian I

Today we had our quiz on adjectives.  Remember to continue studying and preparing the information we learn so that you can keep it in your heads.  For tonight, you should complete your floor plan and writing projects.  Remember that these are due on Thursday.  You'll need your floor plan with five rooms labeled and three items labeled in each room.  You also need your paragraph which states the ownership of the room, describes the items in the room, and explains an action that happens in the room.

Russian II/III

Today we had our workshop for our projects which are due on Monday.  Next class you'll have your quiz on verbs of motion.  Know your conjugations, know your prefixes, know your cases and prepositions.  Be ready!


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