Monday, February 15, 2016

SNOW DAY #4 - 15 February 2016

I guess that Lincoln and Washington really wanted us to have today off.  Here we are on another snow day - I've not gone outside yet this morning, but it certainly does look slick on my street.  Here are your reminders going into our next class.

Russian II/III

We will have our quiz next class on verbs of motion.  Be prepared for that by doing the following:  know your conjugations of your eight basic verbs of motion, know the prepositions and cases paired with these verbs to indicate going to and coming from, know the English equivalents of these verbs. Russian III, make sure that you know the meaning of your prefixes and the way in which the prefix joins to the verb, especially with идти/ездить.

Russian I

You will also have a quiz next class on adjectives and agreement.  Make sure that you know your endings, your changes, and the meanings of these cases in terms of grammar.  You've plenty of exercises in your textbooks and there are some great ones online too.  I recommend:  this one  on the nominative and this one on accusative from UCLA.  Once you've gone there you can feel free to explore this site for more on Russian grammar and exercises.  A great resource!

English II

I'm spending my morning planning out our unit on Africa - we'll be reading our main novel of the year and several short stories, poems, and articles about the continent.  Next class we will begin on our novel and try to finish up our creative writing projects.  You should spend your day today doing two things to prepare for our next class:  first, make sure to review your notes since you'll have a few minutes to check your multiple choice section on the Latin American Literature exam; second, draft your creative writing project - have ideas down on paper and as much of your assignment done on paper or on the computer.  If you work on the computer, try to get an electronic copy by sharing in Google Docs or e-mailing the document to yourself.  Remember the importance of completing long-term assignments on time and well!

AP English III

I will see all of you on Wednesday, I hope, with your blogs completed up to Chapter Six.  I've seen a few blogs and I really like what I am seeing.  Remember that your entries don't have to be over complicated right now - this is a slight increase of the motif chart (with a bit more explanation).  We'll be coming up on our first synthesis posting soon, and I'll go over in class about those and the requirements (they'll be beefier).  For our next class make sure that you've completed the reading up to Chapter Six, that you have annotated thoroughly, and completed your motif charts for the reading.  I would also recommend going through and taking a look at some choice vocabulary.  You'll have a set of cards due soon.

Additionally, take a look over the information I gave you related to the synthesis prompt.  We'll be completing one of these soon.  Don't forget about your outlines for the research papers.  They're still due next week.  Use today to get ahead on those!

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