Friday, February 5, 2016

A Day Homework - Weekend Edition - 5 February

English II

There's not too much for all of you to do this weekend; it mostly has to do with your projects and your exam.  You'll want to study the literary devices and the vocabulary we went over today in class.  Next class we will finish our review game and then have some serious time to work on projects in the computer lab.  So that you are able to use the computer lab time wisely next class, make sure that you put some work in on the planning and selecting of the project over the weekend.

Russian I

You all will have your quiz next class on adjectives and nouns in the nominative, accusative, prepositional, and genitive case.  You should be able to talk about ownership and possession (have/has), location, and you should be able to describe things.

For your vocabulary, focus on colors and the rooms and items located in a house.  Working on your project this weekend will definitely help you in preparing for your quiz.

Russian II/III

Your quiz is coming on Thursday since so many of you were taking the practice AP Exam today.  For next class spend time working on your verbs of motion exercises, especially the ones using the verbs ходить/идти, ездить/ехать, носить/нести, возить/везти.  For Russian III students you also need to keep track of your prefixes and the way in which these join in to verbs of motion.

Don't forget your projects too - you should be working on them regularly.

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