Thursday, February 4, 2016

Homework for B-Day Students: 4 February 2016

English II

Great discussion and energy today in our work on doppelgangers and the story "Borges and I" as well as with Twilight Zone.  For tonight, I noticed a lot of you take your Marquez writing with you - please resubmit that with attention to the comments that I gave you on the assignment.  Further, make sure to pay attention to the creative writing project on Latin American writers.  You should pick one of these three projects so that we can have a productive workshop next class.

AP English III

Also a very great discussion today of the Battle Royal and chapter one.  As you continue into the weekend, there are a few things to settle.  First, make sure to keep up with your reading bookmark and your motif charts.  Chapter Two will have all of the motifs present, so keep this in mind as you are reading.  Furthermore, be on the lookout for good and meaty vocabulary that you would hope to investigate for a future set of vocabulary cards.

Read over the motif blogging project and consider the people with whom you would like to work in this assignment.  We'll begin on the project next week - make sure that your Google account is working!

If you have time, try to read and annotate Part Two of "Notes of a Native Son".  Here is a link to the text if you need it.  You'll need to scroll through the first article to find "Notes of a Native Son".

Lastly, don't forget to continue your research for your papers.  I will get you your topics back next class with feedback.  Make sure that you start to find and consider sources now so that you are ahead of the game when you receive your topics.

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