Thursday, February 18, 2016

Homework for the Weekend - A Day - 18 February 2016

English II

Your next reading checkpoint is Wednesday when you have to be to the end of Chapter Three.  For the weekend, make sure that you've read through Chapter One and keep going on to Chapter Two and Three.  If you get into the book, keep going.  It's good to be ahead.  Keep looking for vocabulary.

Your main goal for the weekend is the creative writing project.  These are due no later than Tuesday at 3:00 for full credit.  Remember that you can present a part of your project for extra credit.

Russian I

Some of you have projects that you need to submit.  Please make sure that the work that you do is your own and that you are using the vocabulary in the textbook that you know.  Evidence of Google Translate will not only result in a bad grade, but it will also result in you not actually learning Russian.

You also have your review exercises to complete with adjectives.  You are expected to complete the homework in the packet and have it ready for Monday.  Remember that if you are late with the project but have the homework done I will waive the late penalty.  If you turned in the project today and have the homework done, I will give you extra credit.

Russian II and III

For the weekend we have the task of continuing to write on our verbs of motion projects.  Please spend time drafting your writing so that I can help you if you need it.  We'll present these projects on Wednesday.

For homework there are different things for the different classes:

Level II Students:  Complete Exercise 10 on page 252.  Begin to study and learn your other verbs of motion (flying, swimming, leading, running).

Level III Students:  Read the information on hypothetical and conditional statements on page 419-21.  Then complete the translation exercise, number 13.  Do the best you can with this as we will work through it on Monday in class.

Again, the expectation is that you will have written homework to show on Monday.  Don't let me down.

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