Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Homework for B-Day Students: 17 February 2016

AP English III

With the snow day on Monday we've had to make a few shifts to the calendar, so pay attention to the information below.

  • ACT PreAdministration will happen on Friday during 2B.  We will not have a normal class on Friday because of this.  3B students should bring resources to work on research outlines.
  • Research outlines are due on Tuesday.  In the outline you must have your argument, your topics, your research (quotations/paraphrases) with MLA citations and commentary which explains the importance of the evidence.  You must also have a final Works Cited page which includes all of your sources.
  • Any resubmissions of Huck Finn are due on Friday.  It doesn't matter that some of you won't have me on Friday.  Get it turned in if you want a new grade.
  • I need to check your blogs.  Please post a comment to this post in which you give me your blog URL.  This is a must for ALL groups.
  • Reading of Invisible Man has shifted a bit.  Your next reading goal is Chapters Seven, Eight, and Nine.  These are due on the 25th of February.  Your analysis post for these chapters will also be due on this day.
  • Right now I have your synthesis timed writing planned for the week of the 29th.
I'm available Thursday afternoon for extra help on outlines and research.  See me if you need to!

English II

I was so glad that so many of you had such strong reactions to Mersault today in class.  Keep this up as you keep reading.  For tonight, make sure that you have finished Chapter One and that you have collected your five vocabulary words.

Next class we will be finishing our Latin American Literature examinations and working on our projects as well as working through Chapter One of The Stranger.  Make sure that you are prepared to work on your projects - bring a rough draft if you have one.  Remember that projects are due from Thursday to Tuesday the 25th.  After Tuesday I will not accept creative writing projects for full credit.  Also remember that projects count the same as a test - this is a way to help your grade, not hurt it.


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